sunshine cleaning, (2009) Hollywood



The Movie Is Something Meaningful
Clearly Shown Us As Its Hard To Surviving In This World Without Proper Job,
And Now A Days The Money Is The Everything,
Amy Adams Really Did Good Job, ...
Before I Thought It'll Be A Comedy Treat But Its A Dramatic Movie Which We Have To Learn Few From It


eeram(wetness), (2009) Kollywood


Thriller / Crime / Romance / Horror

Yes Its A Horror Movie But Not A Scary Movie
The Story/Concept Is New In Indian Cinema
Technically Rich And Music Is The Highlight/Advantage ...
And Ofcourse Its A Shankar's Production, So The Expectations Goes Up,
& Also From Debutant Director Arivazhagan Did Nice Job
The Movie Deals With Eeram/Wetness As Its Basic Element Throughout The Movie,
A Must Watch To Refresh Soft Horror Movie



In The Time Of The Butterflies, (2001) Hollywood


Crime / Romance / Drama

Amazing Movie And Also A Saddest Movie
Salma Hayek's Performance Is Tremendous ...
I Really Don't Know About Who Is Rafael Trujillo Until Watching This,
But In This Flick Showed His Ruled Kingdom Without Justice & More Violence,
Ending Is Heart Touching,..



Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Directed by: Billy Wilder
Genre: Film Noir

This is the first Billy Wilder film I've seen and it is a superb piece of work and one that is still fresh nearly, even 60 years after its release. The 1930-50 is claimed to be the period of "Noir" films and it's absolutely right because there have been so many masterpieces like The Third Man (1948), M (1931) etc. But this film is right up there with greatest films of all time. Its focus is mainly on the relationship between Joseph Gill (William Holden), a struggling writer and Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) (she gives a great performance). This film practically exposes Hollywood in those days. Great Acting and superb writing make this a must watch.


(500) Days Of Summer

Ok.. It has never happened that I have become crazy for any particular romantic movie..

actually this genre never worked quite well for me.. Most of movies in this genre are silliy , unrealistic for me except some special ones!!

"People always say “start at the beginning,” but we didn’t know at the time it was the beginning. "500 Days of Summer" is a movie that works that way..
As Summer, Zooey Deschanel sees Tom with a level gaze and is who she is. It’s Tom’s bad luck she is sweet and smart and beautiful — it’s not an act. She is always scrupulously honest with him. She is her own person, and Tom can’t have her.In romance, we believe what we want to believe. That’s the reason "500 Days of Summer" is so appealing.
Tom opens the film by announcing it will not be your typical love story. Are you like me, and when you realize a movie is on autopilot you get impatient with it? How long can the characters pretend they don’t know how the story will end? Here is a rare movie that begins by telling us how it will end and is about how the hero has no idea why." This portion was cut from Roger Ebert some words of mine!!

..Face It.. I think most of youngsters like me would have fall in love with a gal and found that she wants you to be only as a frnd!! urrghh!!! well... while watching it.. I felt like I was watching my own story.. It had not happened before.. This movie perfectcly predicts Highs & Lows of Love!!

well.. as it is different in the story aspect.. it is also different in story telling too!! I just loved direction by Marc Webb.. one particular scene in which we see expectations of Tom on left side and Reality on right side of split screen.. this particular scene is enough to get amazed by his innovative talent..
talking about acting.. Joseph and Zooey are perfect for characters!

Loved it! 09/10


Cross of Iron (1977)

Considered by many to be the director Sam Peckinpah's last masterpiece, Cross of Iron is yet another great war film which was marred by the troubled production that ultimately denied the film's entry among the greatest war films of all time. With a chilling montage of people showing and the nursery rhyme being played in the background, this film was destined to be great from start to finish.

Even hard to believe is the fact that this was the first and the only war film which Peckinpah directed. Judging by the skillful work of the camera and those trademark slow-motion movements during the action sequences, this film also succeeded in showing the morality of the warfare directly from the eyes of the central character of the film, Sgt. Steiner (James Coburn).

Plot: With the opening credit's montage ending with the German reconnaissance camp set in the middle of the Russian battle front, the story of the soldier's struggle during WWII begins; and in the end does enough to show that not everything is monochrome in state of war, not with the German soldiers anyway.



Kelly's Heroes ( 1970 )

Starring Clint Eastwood as kelly ,it is one of the very few war movies which is unique in its own way . I said unique because you can't see a war movie which has a touch of robbery in it !
A bunch of US soldiers lead by Kelly decides to steal $16million worth of Gold from Germans .The gold bricks are 30 miles beyond enemy lines . Kelly & his heroes have limited ammunition & men . The gold bricks are safely guarded in a bank by 3 Tiger tanks supported by German infantry . They have to cross the enemy lines to get the gold. Are they going to succeed sneaking into their territory & get gold from the bank ? If so , who gets it ? Don't say "Ofcourse its Kelly , the one & only legend , Eastwood " :-D .
Do watch this movie & enjoy !

Expenables Trailer!!!

i cudnt stop myself from rvwing this 3 min trailer...The Expendables will be by far the most awaited movie of 2010....atleast for me its the most awaited movie ever coz! im a die hard action movie lover..i worship guys like stallone,van damme(will be starring in expandbles 2) ,dolph lundgren...

Stallone even at this ages such dedication n hunger for direction n making good movies wd the best star cast..kudos to him take a bow!! the part whre dolph lundgren fights with jet li(mind u both are famous martial artist)..miickey rourke..well a legend..veteran action star..original action man....jet li..i think he is the comic relief apart from the fact that he displays his extraordinary talent..and of course the superdude jason"transporter" statham..he is one smooth player..aint he? ..great actor..does gr8 action..delight to see him in full flow..and other notable action stars too..cant remembr their names but seen a lot of em...

the icing on the cake is some one who is a certain Arnold i wud love to see both the legend together on screen..arnie i think wud b doina gues appearance but still its a dream come true for many arnd the world...they like shdve worked wd each other when they were at their peaks!! Fish !!! cant wait for this movie..sly n arnie in the same frame...i hope i wont faint!!

The Ugly Truth (2009)

Mayn whataa movie!
Gerard butler is so F-ing awesome in the movie n so is Katherine Heigl.. Was waiting to watch this one for so long n finally got to watch it (thanks to SM's BR).. N i wasn't disappointed atall..

Awesome movie in my perspective.. I'l rate it 4.5/5


london dreams

London Dreams are not shattered actually. I loved Salman's endearing
performance.Watch out for his trip from Bhatinda to London.
Kudos to Vipul Shah to have
got such an amazing performance out of him.
Ajay is good but Saif in
place of Ajay could have been a better choice for a Rock band singer.
Asin will have a new media name - chennai
express. Music is a let down. Poorly written climax.
Wont work for aam

with a Big star studded cast & big Director on the Hot seat u xpect Big .. & aftr watchin promo's of dis particular movie it seemed 2 b fullfilin those expectations..


it's a simple + different story of Two buddies . both want something frm life .etc etc

~ No Spoilers Cast :~ salman was good cause he did wht he is best @ ..Asin has been wasted .. totally ..*why she accpted dis muvie .. datz wht u'll think ..of*

Rannvijay + Aditya r nice in dere respective roles

But Star of the Show is Ajay Devgan or Devgn .. ~ total + COMplete rock star perforance by him ..!!

Director has done nice job ..!!~ nuthin more

Watch it ..!!


Khamosh (1985)


one of the best hindi thriller i had ever seen..
vidhu vinod choprda rocks
it is film ahead of its times. In the 1980's making a suspense thriller with such a well knit plot, without any typical Hindi film song & dance and a great climax was a magnum opus by itself.

Must Watch


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