GI JOE the rise of cobra,  (2009) Hollywood


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

For Me Its A One Of The Best Movie After "Revenge Of The Fallen"
Technologies Of Future Is Brilliantly Used ...
Atleast A Little Love & Emotional Needed To Attract Family & Youths
And It Has Both With Limits To Save The Pace Of The Movie
I Loved The Chasing Scene In Pari ...
And I Am Expecting Its Sequence
Every Character Has Equal Performance In It
Anyway Great Movie, Must Watch In Surrounds Speaker

GI Joe Is The Private Military Operation Controlled By General Hawk.
The Aim Is To Stop Arms Dealer McCullen From Destroying The World With Warheads With Nanomites Tech.

The Secret Of The Magic Gourd,  (2007) Chinese


Fantasy / Drama

We Can Say Its A Chinese Version Of "TZP"
Here Also He Is Poor At Studies ...
TZP Is Complete Drama With Emotional
But This Flick Is Mixture Of Fantasy & Drama
Merge Of The CG Characters Is Very Well Done
Its A Disney’s First Chinese Film
Not A Great One, But Some Message Is In It
"There Is Nothing Comes Easily Without Effort"
Recommended For Kids,

An 11 Year Old Boy Named Xiao Bao Is A Poor Student In His Class ...
One Day While Fishing He Finds Magic Gourd Is A Super Powerful Who Can Give Any Wish

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Khani
yesterday my exams were over
so we friends think watch this movie
its really good, refreshing movie
ranbir is too good and some punches r really very good specially the dance scene
all over a good movie
Recommandation: i recommand this movie, u should watch this...

House MD

season 1 episode 1

what a brilliant show with a lot of medical terms and a lot of witty humor. I think its a perfect start to the series. The concept is real nice. i love the way the Dr. House is like real straight forward with a lots of sarcastic humor. All the docs were pretty good. The show is a right mix of humor and intense moments. Definitely gonna watch the second episode tom


You Kill Me,  (2007) Hollywood

Crime / Romance

Good Drama With Single Line Story
'Love Can Make Anything Possible'
The Movie Is Little Bore Coz Of Slow Pace
Some Who Loves Dramatic Flick May Like This
Ben Kingsley Is A Fantastic Man As An Actor
His Performance Is Tremendous In This One ...
And I Am Expecting His Upcoming Flick "Prince Of Persia"
Coz I Saw Its Trailer, Its A Visual Treat ...

Frank Known Only Job Is Killing Peoples, And He Works For His Uncle.
One Day He Messes Up A Critical Task Given To Him That Makes His Uncle Business In Danger...
So His Uncle Decide To Send Him To San Francisco For Few Months Upto Behave Normal.

The Rebound -

starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Bartha. It delves into the blossoming relationship between a recently divorced, 40 year old woman with 2 children and a 25 year old man who works in a coffee shop near her apartment and whom she hires as a nanny for her kids.

Watch it for the chemistry between Jones and Bartha, the chirpy storyline and the witty dialogues. IMDB gives it 6.9/10.

Perfect movie for a date night !

Orphan (2009)
A brilliant film..near about everythng was in order...a slow start then it accelerated big time..the pacing was good..and so was the screenplay...terrific!....horror factor nuthn as such..but a highly engaging and tense physco thriller...the best part about this movie is the acting...the performances from each and every actor was higest quality....the lead girl(the orphan) wow! cud she perfrom such a demanding role...i knw we have seen such movies before like Omen,The good Son,Mikey but this one really takes the cake.! great watch!

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