Watching Movies: Good OR Bad

Hi……to all readers. Today I am going to discuss my thinking on watching movies.

Do you know me ? Come on try to know me who I am ? I am teacher for new generation peoples. I am teaching you how to smoke, drink, waste money, make enemies, make money etc. Again I am asking do you know me ? Yes my name is movie.

Every Friday when we are wicking up from sleeping first we are watching news paper and finding that which new movies are realized in this week. And then we are deciding which movie I will watch today. We are bunking our college, office, school and taking some friends or girlfriend going to multiplex and wasting our valuable money on tickets. Yes its true that we are wasting our money after enjoying and know something. So lets know what type of knowledge we are getting from movie. Is it bad or good?

When we are enjoying movies at that time we are learning some bad things. One of the bad thing is we are bunking our valuable college days and school days, we are definitely suffer for that and at that time one of the region will be watching movies. We watching in movies hero is smoking in different different style, after watching that we are trying that and many little children’s smoking habits are due to this movies, many people are learning to smoke from movies. We are watching hero is drinking, taking drugs and we are learning that. We are watching fighting and different types of stunt, action peoples are inspired from  that and they are trying to do that action to show that to their friends or impress them. They also fighting with other peoples for small things. Girls are watching actresses small dress, style, makeup and jewelries. Then girls wearing that type of dress, doing makeup and style to impress others. Many husband- wife problems are generated due to these movies.

Due to movies like horror, investigation, murder in movies, robbery many problems are generated in our nation. Bank robbery are somewhat due to these movies. Little wars between peoples is also due to movies. Rape cases are increasing, somewhere movie are responsible for this. Now a days chain snatching  cases are also increasing some bikers coming speedily and snatching chain. Accident case are also increasing due to these, peoples are not wearing helmet for fashion and for maintain their style of hair, they also driving fast bikes like they are heroes and by doing these they are doing accident. They are going to hospital for these style and taking other with them whose not any problem, they are not even knows that person. Girls are wearing small dress, doing style and makeup then some stupid boys are teasing them. Now tell me who is responsible for this girl, boys or movies which is teaching these to do. We all knows Some boys saying to girls romantic things like in hero style and girls starting to trust on them and doing whatever boy says, then boy shooting her clips and blackmailing that girl. I think all above things are due to movies.

Not all movies are bad some comedy, family and god’s movies from which we are learning some good things, our culture and about god. These type of movies are good.

Very less peoples will tell you that movies are bad for you because about 40% business is depend on movies. Multiplex, cloths store and  food canteen, bars are running due to this.Now I hope you can understand that movies are good or bad for you.

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