Good morning, all and a Happy Republic Day! Go watch the parade NOW and humor me with some pretentious patriotism.

Today is a dry day. And I didn't stock up last night so all I'm having right now is a cup of regular coffee. By now, you must've guessed my trade secret, that which keeps the funnies rolling at a steady pace (sometimes when the drink is REALLY spiked, I do ridiculously detailed analyses of gibberish and actually make sense out of it) My point is, today I have lesser lols to give to the world, so I'm going to start with some irrelevant observational humor, which I should've written last week.

Did anyone notice the shirt Rannvijay was wearing last week during the pool task where a brick was submerged in water and the Roadies had to submerge themselves and play underwater tetris. And then he wore a different colored but similar one this week during Behind The Scenes. You know, the one that says 'Submerge says dance'. If Nikhil has been handing out those around the office then I, sir, have been gypped. And since I am pretty sure you come here when you have no other place to be on the internet, Nikhil, I mentioned Submerge, four times in this paragraph. With a probability of 336,884 people reading this thread at least once, that's over 1.3 crore impressions of your brand. At industry norm CPM rates that equates to several lakh rupees but I'm a generous advertiser so I'll accomodate. In summary, gimme a t-shirt!!

EDIT: Wow, that was unfunnier than I thought it'd be in my head.

Let's just get on with the review and hope for the lols. You tell me when you do.

EDIT: I should have just written about my dog taking a shit on the floor. Funnier still

This week, the Roadies travelled from Kannur to Calicut (Kozhikode, and it's Koyhi-kode not Kozee-kode) and the episode started with some mush which seemed really odd, because a) It was so abrupt and didn't match the tone of the rest of the episode b) The angle wasn't developed or even referenced again in the episode. I am guessing they would in episodes to come. Nevertheless, is it just me or does someone smell lust? Fair enough. Or the only lust we would've seen this year would've been Vikas kissing the ground every 20 seconds. Mohit, still proud, beta. I picked you on Battleground exactly because I wanted you to get on the show eventually and be the well hung stud that you are. Good on ya! Eric, the girly screams apart, you ain't doing too bad yourself. Stop squirming like a 13 year old girl and you're set.

The money task between the Green Mambas and the Re...

Hey! Brainfart! I am going to include two questions in each review and whoever answers both first gets brownie points, if you collect enough over the course of the season you can later redeem them for drugs, sex and consumer electronics goods.

So anyway, the task was to build rafts, paddle across a stream and break a matka on the other side of the shore. Certain visuals during the task brought back memories of Seasons 1 and 2 of Lost (which btw you ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH and IS RETURNING on Feb 2!!) and the Red Indians won the task after Vikas FALCON PAWNCHed the matka.  - Look up 'When Falcon Punches Collide' on YouTube] I missed out on him saying addrenalund as noted by Darwin on his review, so can someone tell me if the last part of the word was bleeped? If not, way to stick it to the censors, MTV! As sexy as a A-choot-anandan.

When I saw the previews last week, I thought the pungi task was actually much worse. Think of it as a sequel to the ball-busting task from last year, and you'll get the idea. However, getting your nipple twisted through electrical means is no joke either.

EDIT: BTW how many of you remembered Hello Brother when you heard pungi? The movie has it's moments and is grossly underrated, if after 10 years I remember names like Officer Padode, Havaldar Hatela and of course, Ninja Chacha then it sure had to be good.

So after numerous PT routines and several painful 'N'ipple 'S'hocks (It's ok, if you didn't get that one) the episode ended with the Mambas winning immunity and that which I have been waiting to see on the show for a while now! Enough pussied out content and jockblocking, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

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