22 December

Nupur in her attempt to study hard, goes to the library wanting to get maximum books issued. Seeing Mayank ask for some particularly important books... she tricks him, and ends up taking all the books he'd wanted!

But Nupur still cant seem to remember all she reads. She tries different things- a memory boosting concoction, exercises, but finally it's with Gunjan's help that she cracks the code to study. She dramatizes all the content and then in a dialogue or song form its all easy for her to remember! Gunjan, as promised to Samrat leaves for the café early morning so that she can help him study, but Samrat oversleeps, leaving an upset Gunjan waiting for him at the café!

23 December

Realizing Nupur's competition to get any book he wants, Mayank just plays her on by dropping in a wrong list of books that he requires with the librarian. Nupur in her mindless bid to study everything ends up taking all the books... only to realize the trips she's being taken on!

Samrat reaches the café very late and apologizes to an upset Gunjan. She gives in only when he promises to her that he'll study for the next day. Gunjan tries to make most of whatever time left and asks him questions even on their bike ride back to college. Samrat neatly avoids all the questions!

Reaching college Diya asks Samrat out for a date. Samrat in order to keep up his image agrees. Gunjan overhears this! Now Samrat is in a situation of sorts... he's promised Gunjan to study for the next day and also agreed for the date tonight with diya!

24 December

Samrat's in a fix... after promising Gunjan to study and also agreeing to go out on a date with Diya. But then being Samrat he works out a plan. That night over the date, Diya keeps getting calls-from random woman wanting to talk about different things. Diya gets irritated but she takes the calls!

Its Benji, who as per Samrat's orders is making those fake calls to her and talking in a girl's voice. Together they successfully manage to keep diya engaged in the crank call while Samrat uses all this time to read up the notes that he's carrying with him! Samrat manages the situation and they wrap with a date that went very well, Diya didn't once doubt him!

But as he drops her back home - he also accidently looses the notes he was reading -and Diya sees them! With the date-place written on the notes a fuming Diya realizes that he's been meeting Gunjan early morning at the café to study! Mayank and Nupur are called by Deodhar who tells them that the two of them have been chosen for the pentathlon. When Mayank resists - he decides finally that whoever comes first in the exam will get to chose his/her partner!

25 December

Samrat gets busted by the gang at the café where he was studying with Gunjan! The gang takes his case by calling him the muggo student who takes tuitions outside!

Being caught off guard like that, Samrat quickly comes up with a news that a surprise awaits them all. But he says that they'll all have to wait till the noon for him to announce and then he'll be the one who'll have the last laugh! Deodhar selects Nupur and Mayank as partners to participate in the forthcoming academic meet - the pentathlon. But Mayank tries to convince Deodar that his decision is not entirely correct.

Nupur overhears this and challenges Mayank again that she is going to prove it in the terminals, that she should go for the pentathlon and beat him too! Later in the canteen Samrat grandly announces that principal has exempted him from taking the terminal so he is not giving the terminal exam because he is going to attend bobby knight's basket ball coaching camp!


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