14th january

Samrat is shocked when he realises that Gunjan knows all about the bet! He tries to figure out the person who must have told this to her.

He thinks that perhaps its Diya and asks her about it. And Diya says yes but saves her skin playing innocent that she never thought it'll become such an issue and turns it around on Samrat. That he should've thought about all this before laying the bet! Samrat gets into a soul searching mode that it's about time he takes responsibility of his own acts! He consoles her saying that she has not done anything wrong.

Mayank notices a sad Gunjan and he tries to find out what is bothering her. Into which walks in Nupur and realizes something is wrong with Gunjan! Mayank asks CJ to become his partner but she refuses saying Nupur is the right partner in every way. Samrat tries to call up Gunjan but she hangs up on him. He tries again and this time its Nupur who takes the call and takes his case for troubling Gunjan.A dejected Samrat hangs up. Benji wonders why Samrat is fretting so much over this little thing, it'll be ok with time. And now that exams are over…he must relax and enjoy!

15th january

Nupur is furious when Gunjan tells her what Samrat did, and Gunjan confesses that she feels heartbroken because of this as she has never trusted anyone this much before- and this is why she has never really had any friends. Nupur consoles her and tells her not to worry as not everyone is like this- there are just a few bad apples in every lot. Gunjan feels slightly better after this. Meanwhile Samrat and Benji decide to come up with a simple plan for winning the forgival of the simple Gunjan.

At home, Mayank is studying when the phone rings. His mom picks up, and it is Diya. She is very amused by the way Diya acts and talks, and she invites Mayank to her New Year's party. His mom asks him if he'll go but he refuses, and his mom scolds him for not partying, having fun, meeting new people, etc... Mayank gets an idea of going to the party to meet new people... specifically, to find a partner for his academic meet. Mrs. Sharma is very amused to hear about his new competition with Nupur and teases him about how he's always talking about Nupur... And she asks him if he can think of 3 activities he can do without thinking of Nupur. Mayank tries but is not able to come up with anything, much to her amusement. She tells him to give her these three activities on a piece of paper.

The next day Mayank remembers what his mom asked him and says "by God"... only to realize again that he's thinking of Nupur! haha
Everyone's getting ready for the party in Diya's house... she has to go to out somewhere, but sees Nupur and Gunjan. She tells them that she has invited Samrat, which alarms Gunjan... she also tells that Mayank is coming, which alarms Nupur... Samrat calls Benji and checks up to make sure everything is going according to plan... Benji later teases Uday that if he doesn't get a kiss from one of his dates today, he will never get a kiss.

In a restaurant, Diya is waiting for somewhere. And then, a mystery man comes... we can't see his face though. Everyone in the restaurant is drooling over his looks. The two chat...

While getting ready for the party, Mayank thinks up of lots of activities, but each time he can remember Nupur somehow or the other. He leaves, telling himself to focus...

Nupur and Gunjan are getting ready for the party, and Nupur reassures her that it's a New Year with new things, so don't think about the past. Gunjan decides that she will be a new Gunjan this year, and Nupur tells her that even if it's a new year she will still be with her.

Samrat is ready for the party and says to himself that Gunjan had better get ready... because this New Year their friendship will surely be renewed, because there's a new Samrat in town!

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