In modern society, the role of media can never be overvalued. from morning to night the human mind is exposed to it .Naturally it affects a modern man forcefully. there are various forms of media but the most popular ones are print media and audio-visual media. All news papers, magazines and printed advertisementsfrom the rpint media while films,redio and televisions are included in audio-visual media. There is no need to mention that on the one hand countless newspapers; magazines and printed advertisements are circulated daily and on the other there are thousand of programmes on radio and television with numberless films in theatres. In a modern society the media do not work independently because it is dominated by powerful, selfish and greedy businessmen and politicians who wish to fill human mind with stuff suitable to their mean ends.

Manifestation of Ideas and Policies

manifestation of ideas and policies is the main role of media. In a democratic society there are a number of politiclal parties with different policies and objects. Through media they get an opportunity to publish their view-point regarding solution of seriousnational and international problems. They make promises to be fulfilled if they come to power. Media provides tear a strong platform to evalute policies of the ruling party and its working. The ruling party and its ministers also give press-statements to justify their actions. Thus, they too depend on media. During Elections media become so important that reporters are treated as V.I.P.'s.

Communication of Messages and Information

The role of media is vital in communication of messages and information. In a modern society people are alert and wish to keep themselves abreast with whatever goes in the world. Through they get latest newsand report of all important happenings in local as well as national and international spheres. Besides, media is useful in communicating messages also, Perhaps its best potential is explosed by our businessmen. Commercial advertising solely depends on media. From shop to shop, evrything demands publicity. The market of commercial advertising is so rich that viewers at home enjoy entertaining programmes and films free of cost only with this condition that commercial breaks are introduced during them. Now a colourful newspaper or magazine is available at a very low role because the printer has already earned a lot from the advertisers. Apart from these commercial messages, a few inspiring messages are also printed or telecast as it happens in the days of national calamities like wars, floods or droughts.

Misuse of Media


It has been noticed that in recent years the power of media is being misused. It is being employed for spreading misinformation and confusion. Even advertising is not honest. Things of rough qualities are being sold at a very high rate on the base of attractive advertising. The young ones having immature minds fall a victim to such advertising and being to insist on buying or using a certain things of a particular brand only because its interesting advertisements has impressed their minds. Not only the young ones but quite grown up people too get misguided by these advertisements, which turn them to a sort of listening people which do not apply its own brain but credulously accept whatever is told. Political misuseof media was made during emergency in the country.


Thus role of media is very importanat in a modern society. Now with the introduction of Internet-services, even a common man is being exposed to international knowledge. No doubt media is growing more and more important in our life.

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