Episode Discussion 5 January 2009::

The episode was really very good!! Some GREAT scene was shown!! Some Unbelievably EMOTIONAL scenes by OLD casts!! And today I realized again that OLD interns r always old interns..And there r some true feelings always exist for them .

I loved Naina today!! she was great today!! At first in the speech she convinced UV..
Shashank was too good in saving UV's bro..

The EMOTION was started when Shashank & kirti was in the cabin..It was great!! Kirti's respect was shown there!!

Then Ridzi's entry!! it was AWESOME!! Ridzi-Shashank was remembering about their memories!! so cute Father-Daughter relationship!! I loved that!!

Nikki was too strict like Kirti to UV And Naina..UV was trying to convince Naina..And Nikki suspended UV!! And she said she would rusticate UV from Sanjeevani!! i wish too!!

In the locker room UV tried to convince Naina..Naina replied, "ur life..ur revenge..why I was in between??" ..Felt really very SAD for Naina .

The scene between Sid-JP-Jiggy was boring..I wish JP-Jiggy would go to!!

Then in Canteen Sid-Naina scene was too good again..they sympathized each other..Sid was remembering about Tam And Naina was about UV!! ..it was good scene..

Then the bestest scene came in!! I really felt for the old interns!! i was really literally crying!! I was really emotional!! when Nikki-Ridzi-Atul meets with each other!! it was just Unbelievable!! GREAT!! FANTABULOUS!! TOTALLY EMOTIONAL!! I cried with happiness!!.

but then Ridzi said, "She doesn't want to remember Armaan".. ..OHH!! NO!! Why??.. .

The precap!! NO!!!!

Episode Discussion 6 January 2009::

The episode was really good!! Atul is BACK!! Ridzi's memory!! WOW!! Sid is good!!.

The first scene between UV-Sid was really very good!! Cool Attitude giving by both of Sid and UV!! Then Atul was great too!! He was cool with the sunglass!! but Why Sid asked him that, "AJ u going to b a senior doc?? ..And Atul replied, "I will b a senior doc"..]..He is already a senior doc naa??!! .

Then Ridzi's entry to the locker ROOM!! it was truly GREAT!! All the OLD memories including the first day of DMG!! Unbelievable!!.

Then Sid-Ridzi fight..Ohh!! they both were really very good in acting!! But What the HELL!!?? ..The way Sid was talking with RIdzi..It was like GRRR.. ..He was saying, Ridzi is not beautiful!! In fact the WORST!! ..HOW!!?? And when Sid took Ridzi into the changing room!! ..And misbehave with her!! NO!! I was about to kill Sid..And CV's started the track of Riddhima .

The best thing is that Atul is totally back to his form..Some of the most touchy old days came today!! it was GREAT!! Really!! Atul was too good with the interns..With the patient with his trademark!! I laughed again!! With Ridzi he was GREAT again!! ..Missed Atul's natural behavior so much!! .

Kirti was as usual with her trademark again!! Revealed that Sid was in JAIL!! ..

Nikki was great too!!!

the best part about the episode was it has some GREAT touches of old GANG!! The locker ROOM!! Atul's funny behavior is back again!! Kirti's anger again!! Friendships again!! it was really good.. .

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