Dating what is that..? a boy & a girl going some where together for chilling out or to have some meal. Nah.. thats the old version of dating.The best way to know more about a girl or to make impression on girl is dating. Dating dosent mean to go together in some cafe. Its the best way of know a person. But some of boys having difficulty in asking for a date. But there are some easy ways to ask a girl for dating. Let’s have a look on it.


 If you are a just a friend means you both know each others hardly from 4 to 5 months don’t ask directly for a date. Ask for a coffee. Ask her that would you like to come with me for coffee, let’s go some where for chilling out like that. If she says yes then decide timing, place to meet & all other things. Make impression as much as possible & behave like a dude. If she tell no, I don’t know about dating then don’t worry just tell her that we will just go for walk or for having some coffee only. She can also tell you that she is not having time these days. Then just reminder her 2 to 3 days about coffee she will defiantly comes with you.

If you are a very good friend of her means you both know each other for more then 1 to 2 years & want to go with her for a date ask her directly for coffee or for lunch. The best way to ask her for dating is messaging. Messaging is the easiest way than talking on phone. While asking, you can also use impressive words like sweet heart, dear etc. If you are dude jst try to flirt ,it litraly work to make impression on girls.

While dating a girl first of all cheak out your volet thats the main thing. On the date behave like a cool boy. Ask girl what she would like to take. Mostly girls dont tells, she will tell anything. At that time if you know about that perticular cafe then order anything which is known by you. Otherwise just look out in the menu read any 2 or 3 things ask waiter which thing is nice & after that order that things.

After the dating ask her for a short walk. Go some where like in the garden , short walk around the lake or any other place where the atmosphere should be calm, cool, sweet & romantic.After having all meal & a short, sweet walk drop that girl at her place. Have some chat, ask her about your date, did she enjoyed, how did she feld on date & thanx her for such a great & nice evening.



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