India: detailed information for tourism and travel

India fascinated by the known latest Bollywood movies (almost) everyone. But even as a tourist destination, it is becoming increasingly popular. India offers a huge variety, ranging from beautiful beaches, magnificent palaces on to impressive landscapes. With such a choice is something for every holiday.

India can also leave other countries on the Indian Ocean and nearly 5,000 km long coast boasts such. But not just any beach, no, here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether surrounded by palm trees or kept just endless beaches of golden sand, where dreams come true here and invite you to relax. Famous beaches are as Goa and Kovalam.

The most famous monument in the country, the well at any of India tour program is in is, of course, the Taj Mahal, which is India's Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1651 for Lieblinsfrau Mumtaz Mahal had built his of. She died at the birth of the 14th Child of sorrow and this magnificent palace built by the Mogul. The gardens around it invites you to linger and relax.

India has much to offer that it is not easy to decide whether you want to spend a beach hoindialiday, a sightseeing holiday, or other activity-holidays.

One should make sure when visiting India. Not Indian elephant caress, a well, this would be a great change, but a visit to a spice market should no one in India does not miss. The many different scents of spices and herbs are an unforgettable experience. Particularly interesting are the various applications for which one can use the plants sold here. Not only to flavor food, the most suitable offers. Even for the most secret desires or to treat injuries and pain is an herb grown in India.

If you want those plants, whether dried or cooked, take from holidays in India should, however, informed beforehand about customs regulations.


1. Arrival at the airport. If ever, especially at the airport and take a taxi, which is your first trip to India. Say you have been unhesitatingly even before, you are going to visit friends, to work in an NGO ... anything that does not make you look like a novice, you evitareis many scam attempts.

2. Change Currency. The national currency is the rupee. You can change money at all international airports and are happy to buy euros, so you do not need the intermediate step to dollars.

3. Car Hire. The easiest way to travel in India, especially if you want to tour a region is to rent a car with driver. Comes to around 1000 rupees per day all inclusive. There is an Indian car model, the Ambassador, which is very comfortable and secure. Sometimes, drivers take people to places where they get commission. Take a guide and compare prices but, in general, drivers know very good sites. If you're happy, not worry, otherwise it gets serious.

4. Taxis. The first taxi, the first contact with the street is important. At airports is a prepaid taxi counter in the paid, according to the route in advance in exchange for a piece of paper on which you are assigned a number of taxi to be sought out. There are stories of taxi drivers who say the hotel where you go on fire last week, which has closed, etc, sometimes even ratified by a policeman or passerby cahoots. Are rare but if you happen, laugh and insist that they bring you to your hotel. The good humor and calm always work.

5. Massages. Do not accept unless you're looking for something more than a massage, offering employees pensions, hotels, acquaintances, etc. to do a massage if it is a specialized site. Some tourists have been uncomfortable to be carefully checked, little by little, that the masseur had his own intentions but, meanwhile, rushed for not offend because they were not sure, have gone off their clothes. It is naive, is that they very well the ambiguity. Finally, do not happen at all, the visitor realizes, she gets angry and leaves. Moreover, ayurvedic massages are excellent and most of the time, a man massaging a man and a woman to another. Sexuality in India is very different from Europe.

6. Tea. The area, which in India is delicious, can not drink at all sites, especially in road stalls where hygiene conditions are conspicuous by their absence and, often, cups and glasses are cleaned with water used and do not dry well. An alternative idea is to take a thermos and ask them to fill in the morning at the hotel. However, there are many sites that probably nothing will happen and is very pleasant to sit quietly and watch life go by.

7. The rickshaw. Before riding a rickshaw or rickshaw, you have to negotiate the price with the driver, otherwise you run the risk of paying a significantly higher price, although a ruin is never assumed an unnecessary nuisance, especially at having to discuss with the driver.

8. As you say "yes" in India. The Indians nod by a kind of lying eight or infinity symbol. Can have deep and interesting philosophical implications but everyday the tourist can be very misleading because it seems to say no or hesitate. When one tries to explain, if they agree, make this movement means just that, they agree.

9. Dress appropriately. In most parts of India, are not accustomed to the use of European clothing. Especially if you're a woman, it is best to wear modest attire. No tight clothes, short sleeves, at least long pants and bra. A neck foullard somehow equivalent to dupata carrying them. Moreover, the salwar shirt, casual dress of Indian women, is very comfortable, nice and usable upon return. It consists of trousers, wide or narrow, a blouse, long or short, and dupata.

10. Do not take drugs or food. Do not take cannabis or other drugs from strangers, and sometimes even food, especially at the stations. Some travelers have awakened long after trains than those who wanted to go elsewhere, and without luggage.

11. Good humor and quiet. In general, keep the humor and remain calm at all times, conflict situations, negotiating, etc. is the best thing: most people are good people and very friendly.

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