Love affairs are commonplace now-a-days. Love at first sight is usual phenomenon. It’s considered a pity today if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend by the age of 16. If you like someone, don’t hesitate to tell him/her about your feelings. You may find a wonderful life partner. But do teenagers think about the future life before loving someone? Do they think about living together as a married couple? Do they imagine themselves as living together for a lifetime? I doubt it.

Most of the teenagers today have girlfriend or boyfriend. But they don’t give it a thought from future perspective. They enjoy each other’s company at this age. With time, one gets used-to of the other’s ways of love. Initially they would plan surprises & gifts for each other. They would drink, dance & enjoy each other’s company. But soon as time flashes by, emotions too fade. As we come in contact with more jubilant, attractive & smart personalities – we feel attracted towards them forgetting the fact that we already are in a relationship. Or sometimes the two may decide not to continue as they have realized that the relationship won’t work any longer. Or it may be simply because of some family matters that they change their paths.

Whatever be the case, separation is not easy to digest. Separation, or a break-up as we call it, is hard to deal with. We have been with a person for a long time, we have known each other, understood each other – and now we part. We feel depressed & lonely. We feel our world crashing & wish to cry so that tears wash away our emotions. One doesn’t feel like doing anything, & soon we feel life isn’t worth it. So how to tackle a break-up? After all life is to live. It cannot pause for one person. Below are the tested 8 ways to emerge stronger from a break-up.

1. Cry

Crying lighten one’s heart. Tears are the best way to express sorrow. We feel shattered after a break-up; suddenly we have lost a loved one. It is obvious that tears will come rolling down our eyes. Don’t try to be hard, let them flow. If not in front of someone, cry alone. Nights are the best time to remember memories & cry alone. Tears lighten up the burden of emotions & you feel relieved.

2. Give some time

Time is the strongest of all factors. Time is the biggest healer. You will feel lonely after break-up, but give it some time. Feelings take some time to evolve. Love too happens slowly, so it’s obvious that it will subside slowly. You may not be able to forget some people, but they will move to your unconscious mind over a period of time. Don’t react to a break-up, take your time to settle down, realize the fact & move on.

3. Change the mind-set

Now that you have parted ways, it’s not that you two cannot be friends. You need to understand life, & see the perspective from both sides. We blame others; ridicule them for their deeds; but it only burns our inner soul with rage. One needs to change his/her mind-set before moving on with life. Life doesn’t give you a second chance, so why not enjoy each & every moment. One needs to look at the positive sides of life & focus on his/her potential in other areas of life. Change your mind-set for the good.

4. Exercise

Exercising, in any form, is the biggest stress reliever. When you are depressed & feel lonely, join a gym or an aerobics class, or play an outdoor game regularly. Workout refreshes our muscles & we feel rejuvenated. It is the body that needs to be controlled in order to control our mind & heart.

5. Pursue a hobby

Pursue a hobby – your favourite pastime. The thing you enjoy doing most, do it regularly. It can be anything ranging from writing, reading, sketching, painting, cycling, cooking, dancing, singing, travelling, movies, sports, or any other. Doing what you love relaxes your mind, & gives you strength & self-confidence. Pursuing a hobby is a must to overcome the shackles of a break-up.

6. Friends

Friends are your biggest bet in the time of crisis. And break-up is no less than a crisis. Phone your friends, call them over, go out with them, watch movies, party with them and share with them. Do remember to share your crisis with your best friend. Sharing your bad times with your best friend helps a lot. Friends help you enjoy & live your life to the fullest.

7. Double the enjoyment

After a break-up, most of the people tend to move into a shell. They don’t feel like doing anything. If others ask them to join, they refuse. They are just depressed & don’t want to be out in the crowd. They want to be alone. But this is the biggest mistake that we do. Don’t keep yourself aloof from your surroundings. Go out & have fun. Enjoy with your friends, family & relatives. Instead of living in solitude, double the enjoyment. If someone asks you out & you don’t feel like going; push yourself & say yes. Try saying yes to any opportunity that life throws at you.

8. Be positive & accept life

At last, one needs to be positive & accept the life as it comes. Life is full of ups & downs; nothing is permanent. Life is one & you need to live it to the fullest. There is no sense in wasting your time regretting over past. You cannot change it; but yes you can enjoy the present moment. Look at the positive sides of life. Banish any negative thoughts coming to mind. Just go out & live your life, smiling :-)

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