Every day needs enjoyment. The ways by which we get enjoyment are called means of recreation. Recreation is necessary for our growth and health. It’s freshens our mind and body. There are many means of recreation.

Sunday is holiday.


The zoo is a place where animals and birds are kept. We can find lions, tigers, deer, bears, elephants, monkeys’ zebras, camel and many other animals in the zoo place.

On Sunday, we woke up early in the morning. We got ready very quickly. We took some fruits, sandwiches and biscuits. We took a video camera. We left at 8 O’ clock. First, we went to see the Zoo. It had all kinds of animals and birds. We spent some time happily in watching the animals and birds. We came out of the zoo after two hours.


Children’s park

It is n ideal place for children. Different types of slides and swings are found in the children’s park. Some children’s park has toy trains and water games.

Our next stop was the children park. There were many swings and slides. Children were enjoying on the see-saw and the merry-go-round. The park had water games and a toy train. We spent a good deal of time there. We ate our food.

I request my father to take us the lake for boating. When we reached the lake, we saw many people had gathered there for boating. When our turn came, we chose a small speedboat. We took one complete round of the lake. We enjoyed boating very much. Ravi was very happy. He had enjoyed all the places of recreation. We retuning home late in the evening.

*Cinema hall


It is a place was move is shown on a very big screen. People of all age groups go to see films in a theater. At one time, many people can watch a film in the cinema hall.

In the after noon, we went to see a film. The cinema hall was very big and it was fully packed with people. When we came out from the cinema hall, it was almost evening.

*Circus for entertainment

A circus is shown under a very large tent. Many people work in circus. The joker does funny things to make people laugh. Girls, boys, men and women show feats. They walk on ropes. They balance many things on their heads and hands. Animals play some games.


Fairs are held every year in some towns and cities. Hundreds of stalls are arranged in a very large area. The entire area is lighted and decorated beautifully. There are a lot of amusement rides. Elders and children both enjoy these rides and eat many tasty things. People buy things the stalls. Everyone enjoys the fair.

*Recreation at home

Besides all these means of recreation, people also enjoy at home. They play indoor games like chess and carom. All members in family enjoy watching T.V. together. They listen to music and dance. They enjoy in many ways.




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