once ago a campfire was organized by the NSS studends of my college. there were twenty studends including myself. the place of the campfire was on the outskirts of a remote village called a pratapnagar situated around 250 km away from Ahmedabad. a 1st we pitched our tents and arranged our things in order. The things included axes , sleeping bags, candles, batteries, canned food , blankets and many other things necessary for the camp. at 1st we collected fallen , dry branches and leaves of trees and made a fire to warm ourselves as the cold outside our tents was piercing. We ate our canned food and drank water from the cask which we had brought with us. candles gave us a dim light but we, however, managed to play cards in that light. One of us played on the guitar.We sang lots of songs.IT was past midnight. I went inside the tent to rest for a while on my sleeping bag. Hardly had i sat in my sleeping bag when i hard the barking of dogs. My friends and i came out of the tents. One big dog barked at me furiously and rushed upon me. My training as a high jumper enabled me to avert the attack. I took a burning branch of a tree from the fire and flung it at the dog . The dog groaned and ran away. I went to bed but could not sleep. In the early morning We prepared tea and had it with some snacks. We returned home before it was noon. I shall never forget the thrilling event that i had experienced in the camp at that night.

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