Diwali,Crackers and pollution.

Many festivals are coming and we all are waiting for these traditional festivals to enjoy with our family members and society. We enjoy and also greet each other with great wish and sweets.


Diwali is also coming. It is said a festival of light and sound. We fire many crackers also, but do we know that crackers or fire crackers are the major source of air and sound pollution? Children love to fire crackers even we, the aged people also love. But it has a negative impact to our environment. It produces a lot of sound and smoke /gases which may increase the level of green house gases. So we have some responsibilities regarding this. It is costly also. So we have to think about celebration and pollution. Cannot we use oil lamp or candle and flowers instead of loud crackers?

What is crackers?

Fire crackers generally made of plastic, flash powder, black powder etc. It is generally packed so tightly to get more light and sound. These are made for two purposes-one for children which makes low sound and flash and other type made for adults to get more sound. This is nothing but a play or to get fun. But both make smoke and sound.

Why it is used?

Crackers or fire crackers generally used to celebrate many occasions like new year, Diwali, birthday, marriage ceremony etc. It is a traditional part of celebration.

Ill effects.

There are many incidents happened each year. Many people are blinded, many loss their body parts etc. There are many heart patients around us who may die due to high sound of these crackers. 

But first of all it makes huge pollution in air through smoke and sound and in some extent water also. These may be a cause of cancer and many other diseases.


What should we do?

  1. It is better to avoid the all high sounded or smoke producing crackers. We may use low or medium type of crackers which make less pollution.
  2. We may use flowers and oil lamps or candle to celebrate the festival of light.
  3. We should keep in our mind that some hospitals, schools or ill persons may be nearby. So keep it in mind that it should be fired in far of these places.
  4. Govt. or administration should keep a watch on banned crackers, so that nobody can use the banned crackers. They also should keep watch to all makers to maintain the level with in limit.

flower and sweet

Crackers should be banned or not.

Many countries already banned crackers. All crackers need not be banned. Those which make the sound beyond the decibel level must be banned. We also have some responsibilities regarding this. We should keep in mind not to give any disturbance to our environment and society.

child and cracker

So celebrate Diwali with safety.

First say “NO” to crackers and “YES” to safety.

Enjoy with sweet, flower and oil lamp. As it is a traditional festival of light ,we may use candle also.

Gift to poor, meet with friends and relatives and celebrate  as victory of good over all evils.

Keep your family members away from fire or light.

Don’t spark light inside the house and don’t carry fire materials in pocket.

Keep safety always in mind.

happy diwali


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