Depending on the availability of a herb or a natural product in a country, people will use it extensively, making that herb or  natural product as that country’s favorite Natural  remedy. This herb or  natural product no wonder will be seen in almost all the daily chores of the people of that country.  If the revered natural remedy for an Austrian  to tackle with insomnia is Yoga, its a coconut to fight the fat in Sri Lanka.
Here under you can find a few such natural remedies used in different parts of the world.

In Sri Lanka: Coconuts fight the fat


Though the average Sri Lankan eats 116 coconuts every year, he will not get pudgy. Why?  The Coconut oil is packed with medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).  MCFAs  are those fatty acids, which force the the liver to burn body fat 50 percent faster than normal.   A woman needs  just  two tablespoons of coconut oil, six ounces of fresh coconut meat or 10 ounces of coconut milk daily  to shed up to three pounds every month, says Mary Enig, Ph.D., author of Eat fat, lose fat. Austrians have firm faith in Yoga to end  InsomniaYoga enjoys immense popularity as a stress-buster and an effective cure for insomnia in Austria. Besides regular practice in  their respective houses, the inhabitants of Austria  also go on yoga retreats and holidays!.  This speaks volumes about their unbroken trust on Yoga . With just an investment of 20 minutes of time daily its possible to drive away insomnia, plus to curb anxiety.


There is nothing like Yoga when it comes to crushing chronic stress and mood swings in as less a span as two weeks. Yoga intensifies the production of a brain hormone known as GABA. This hormone acts like a lullaby  to the  central nervous system into a calm,

Ginger killer of Triglycerides

Indonesia grows a large quantity of Ginger and consumes too. Triglycerides are artery-clogging fats. Its production in the  human body is undesirable. Realizing this, Indonesians use Ginger to cut short the production of Triglycerides through Ginger’s multifaceted virtues. The people of Indonesia use ginger to make ginger tea, candy, bread and a host of other mouthwatering treats besides using it exclusively for culinary proposes. in addition to this ginger is equally effective as aspirin in stopping blood clots because, ginger reduces inflammation. This reduction of inflammation is vital un stopping the formation of clots. All this with just half tablespoon of Gunger.  

Turmeric Steadies Blood Sugar

For Indians, Turmeric is not just a spice that adds an exotic flavor  to the food. They are aware of Turmeric’s medicinal secrets. Curcumin, the invaluable ingredient of turmeric is capable of keeping the blood glucose levels in a healthy level. It also increases the ability of pancreas in the production of insulin whenever sugar levels shoot up. With half a spoon of turmeric in the daily food, anyone can enjoy the health benefits of Turmeric.   Be it a veggie dish or an exotic egg-rice combo, Turmeric adds a divine  aroma and taste. 

In Japan: Mushrooms keep cholesterol at bay


Mushrooms are a kind of fungi. But they are edible. Mushrooms are endowed with nutritional and medicinal properties in Japan. It’s said an average Japanese woman consumes at least eight pounds of mushrooms every year.  An addition of half a cup of mushrooms will reduce 30 percent cholesterol levels. The reason behind this is c Mushrooms contain antioxidants which are capable of stopping the production of artery-clogging fats from the liver.

A mustard bath will drive away muscle pain.


In England, a traditional bath consists of soaking in a hot mustard bath.  Why this stinking bath, you may say. Stinking of course, think about the medicinal qualities of mustard . Mustard has healing compounds that draw toxins out through pores. Further improves circulation. Relax tightened and stiff muscles. Additionally it has the healing capacity of damaged tissues according to James S. Balch M.D, co- author of Prescription for natural cures. A combo of 2 cups of Epsom salts ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup dry mustard powder in a jar. When you are filling the tub with hot running water, add ¼ cup of the mixture you made. Soak for 20  minutes and rinse

 Stomach bloating and belly Pain?


In Germany, Chamomile Tea is the favorite remedy to beat Bloating. In the beginning chamomile tea was treated as a folk remedy. With the years, seeing its effectiveness in reducing belly bloating and belly ache, Stanford University researchers raised the status of chamomile tea’s status to a regular natural healer. What chamomile  does? Chamomile reduces the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that’s responsible damaging digestive system leading to gas formation, belly spasms. According to a study in the journal of Pharmacological Sciences. Sipping chamomile tea can hasten the production of enkephalins, painkilling hormones. These hormones contribute pain killing hormones, which in turn prevent blue and vague moods. 

Garlic stamps out colds


In Russia, the most trusted remedy for curbing cold is Garlic. The researches conducted  at the University of Florida in Gainesville says adding a clove of Garlic to your everyday diet could cut your risk of viral infections as much as 43 percent, though you are amidst the people caught with cold. The reason for this is Garlic is well equipped with allicin, an immunity boosting sulphur compound that stops the growth and spread of invading germs.

In China, its Acupressure to get relief from Headaches


Acupressure is the ancient healing therapy, that looks like massaging but targeting specific nerve clusters in the skin. The findings of the study conducted by Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Medical university say that the daily acupressure treatments outnumbered the prescription medicines for getting relaxation  from chronic tension headaches.

How acupressure works. When the pressure points are are activate by exerting an optimum pressure by the healer a powerful painkilling hormones, endorphins are released.

As many as 80 million Chinese now use this ancient healing therapy to prevent headaches. According to a study Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Medical University, daily acupressure treatments (which feel like massages, but which target specific nerve clusters in the skin) outperform prescription muscle relaxants for folks struggling with chronic tension headaches.

“Acupressure prompts the release of powerful painkilling hormones called endorphins, plus it relaxes scalp muscles and soothes overactive pain nerves,” explains Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., co-author of You: The Owner’s Manual.

Can't make it to the accupuncturist every day? Give yourself a five-minute, all-over foot and hand massage (using a firm kneading motion) -- then focus on massaging just your toes and the webbing between your fingers and thumbs (areas that contain key acupressure points for your head) for an additional three minutes.

Treat depression with Coffee


The people of Finland are the biggest coffee  consumers. Why? Becaise they know how to deal with effectively, the modern day’s ailment depression. per capita coffee consumption is 1640 cups. Java was introduced to Finland as early as 18th century. Since then it has earned the name as the effective drink to cure depression. Researchers from Harvard upheld that claim. The study suggested, by sipping two cups of caffeinated coffee daily can reduce the risk of vague moods by as much as 34 percent. If you raise your consumption to 3-4 cups, the risk for depression can be cut by as much as 42 percent or even more. The study revealed that the mix of caffeine and antioxidants prompts the brain to produce more powerful natural anti depressant hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

Coriander Fights Food Poisoning


They say, it’s one of the oldest spices, and a popular Egyptian folk remedy for bad tummy troubles. Coriander’s antiquity can be understood by the fact that the seeds of coriander leaves were found in the ancient tombs of Egypt. Now the latest researches say that a full- blown intestinal infection. Coriander destroys effectively E- coli and Salmonella bacteria

And now research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry suggests that coriander seeds can actually speed your recovery from full-blown intestinal infections. Coriander destroys bacteria -- including nasties like E. coli and Salmonella -- by punching holes in their protective outer membranes, explains Fernanda Domingues, Ph.D., associate professor of microbiology at Portugal’s University of Beira Interior.
The next time you have tummy troubles, mix one teaspoon of ground coriander into one cup boiling water, steep five minutes, sweeten to taste. Sip three cups daily until the bug is gone. The flavor will remind you of citrus peels and sage.

Honey Prevents Sinus and the throat Infections


The natural antibiotics and enzymes in Unpasteurized honey  can destroy bacteria and viruses that in contact  fully  including pain causing sinus throat infections. And in New Zealand, it’s the most favored natural remedy for sinus and throat infections. Just two tablespoons of unpasteurized honey in your daily coffee or tea will take care of your painful infections. Dark colored honey like buckwheat and wild flower contain 20 times more antioxidants than light colored honey.

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