Tear-shedding is nature’s way to combat moments of emotional disturbance. When a person cries certain body functions are aroused which ward off physiological effects. Breathing becomes deeper and skin sensitivity increases, which are good for health. Tears are shed for so many different reasons. They are shed when one is sad, happy, angry, disappointed, or in pain. When a person is in distress and cries, it automatically attracts the support of those around who will offer comfort. Crying in itself is not a bad thing. But prolonged and constant crying does impact the body negatively, so it is important to try and relax when the urge to cry takes over.

How to control crying bouts.?

First take a deep breath. Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth. This helps to relax the body. If particular muscles in the body feel tense concentrate on locating these muscles and breathe to a count of five. When some control is achieved, lie down comfortably in bed, reduce the room lighting to dim, and play soft music. If family and friends are available join their company - human comfort and support are helpful. Also do not forget to eat and drink the body requires its normal sustenance.

What to avoid.?

For Babies

Parents should be extra vigilant if they find their babies undergoing long bouts of crying. If the baby is not attended to, it can prove dangerous. The stress hormone cortisol in the brain increases when the baby cries, and if parents do not comfort or attend to the baby, such higher levels of cortisol become toxic and can lead to the baby sustaining brain damage.

For Adults

In adults long periods of crying can make the eyes red and swollen. This causes unbalance of some components that are responsible for the general health of the eyes. So constant crying should be avoided as it does not give the eyes a chance to relax and recover.

Often in the work place people may experience rejection or harassment. They may face difficult situations in the office or have to contend with rude behavior from a dissatisfied customer. This can have a tremendous negative impact on the psyche. Because of the surroundings and situation some people tend to bottle up the emotional buildup. This should be avoided. Such bottled up emotions will lead to negative job performance and unclear thinking which will further worsen the situation. So in such situations, it is better to retire to a quiet private corner and let the tears flow. Once control is regained the problem can be taken care of in a more positive manner.

In conclusion

Shedding tears by itself is not bad. But it can hurt the body in different ways, so it is important to try and relax. Shedding tears can also act as a good stress buster and can lead to healing.

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