Everybody has heard and talked about calories. But many people don't know what is calories. As we use 'Kilo' as unit to measure any solid things, same as we use 'Calories' as unit to measure energy needed in our body. Most of the living beings on earth needs energy for daily works. For that we eat food to gain energy. To measure that energy we use a term 'Calories'.

Effects of Excessive Calories Intake

As we know that calories are very much needed for our body. But consuming too much calories but not burning off can lead to weight gain. It is proved that excessive weight gain are the main cause of Heart disease, Obesity, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. So it is very much necessary to shed the extra calories.

  • Cancer of uterus, rectum, gall bladder, colon, ovary and prostate are  the bad results of excessive weight gain or high calorie diet.
  • Overweight can cause sleep apnea that means breathing gets stopped for short time. This can lead to heart failure.
  • Excessive calories produces high level of uric acid. This uric acid turns into stones which gets deposited in joints, which creates joint diseases.
  • Excessive calories can produce very high level of cholesterol and blood fats, which can lead to heart disease.

Now the question is how to decide that are you healthy, overweight or underweight.? For that follow this chart. This will help to keep record of your health.


How To Burn Calories

If you are suffering from overweight and  reading this article then you will try to lose weight as fast as possible. But beware, that will be the most dangerous step taken you. Because if you try to lose weight very fast then you will reduce your muscle rather than your fat. And it will increase your problem more. The right way to lose weight is that try to lose 1-2 Kg every week. There are many ways to burn calories slowly and safely.

Physical Exercises

Physical exercises are one of the best ways of burning extra amount of calories from the body. According to the opinions of Christopher Wharton, one of the renowned health experts, “The amount of calories burned by the body is solely dependent on the time spent on doing physical exercises.” Most of the health experts believe that walking on daily basis is one of the effective ways of burning excessive amount of calories from the body. When we go for walk or do any type of physical exercise, our body burns huge amount of calories to fuel our activities. Other than this, physical exercise can elevate the metabolism rate of our body.

Strength Building Exercises

We are well aware of the fact that whenever we do physical workout, we use muscles. Thus, in this way, strength-building exercises may help in building muscles mass, while muscular tissues may burn huge amount of calories. In fact, if you do strength-building exercises on regular basis, you not only reduce your weight at the time of physical workouts, but also at the time of rest. Strength building techniques and aerobic exercises are best ways of enhancing metabolism and burning huge amount of calories. Strength training becomes highly essential for several old-aged people, as their body metabolism always tend to decrease or slow down.

Consume Caffeinated Black or Green Tea

Caffeine is one of the stimulants, which always tend to enhance the burned calories. One of the prime reasons for this is that such stimulants may give short-term impression, so that you gain huge amount of energy. Caffeine can also create significant metabolic variations in body, with the help of which you may burn more calories.

Intake Regular and Small Amount of Food

Every time, fitness freaks inhale snack or meal, their gastrointestinal track turn on. The gastrointestinal track may help you in digestion and absorption of nutrients. Inhalation of small amount of food helps in burning calories to enhance the digestion process. Therefore, you should consume small amount of snacks and meals, but on regular basis, so that you may burn huge amount of calories. Thus, in this way, by following some essential tips, you can easily burn huge amount of calories as soon as possible.

Home Remedies

  • Take one glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and one teaspoon honey.
  • Avoid consuming too much of salt.
  • Consuming anything made of mint will help you to lose weight.
  • Avoid red meat and milk products as much as possible.
  • Try to drink juice of orange, lime, pineapple or carrot.
  • Avoid food which have lots of carbohydrates such as rice, potato etc.
  • Spices like ginger, coriander and cinnamon helps to reduce weight.

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