Our skin is the largest organ of our body it’s basically a covering which covers our whole body and protect it from external effects. Inside our hair follicles, there are small glands producing oil called sebum. Excessive secretion of this sebum sometimes causes blockage in the exit of sebum from the follicles which cause acne due to occurring of bacteria in such cases.

Here are simple ways to get rid of acne:

1.Keep your hands off  your face:

It a simple thing if you want your skin to be healthy and glowing it’s better not to touch it often with your hands. Hands actually are the parts with which we touch everything and who knows we may anything which may be harmful for our skin so it’s better to wash our hands often if we can’t control our hands to touch our face.

2.Wash face frequently:

Washing our face is one of the simplest and the best way to avoid acne. It is advisable to wash our face twice in a day once when we wake up and once when we come back home. Use warm water, mild soap while washing it will help us to get rid of dirt, dust, bacteria, dead cell if present. I prefer it as in whole day we may walk through dust and dirt which stick to our face and we can readily get rid of it through washing which if not done may become the reason of acne.

3. Physical work out:

Physical work out for half an hour a day is sufficient as sweating helps clearing out the skin pores. Stress is one thing which effects sebum secretion so one must overcome stress through meditation. Working out also helps in restoring imbalance in hormone levels.

4. Don’t forget to shower:

 When we exercise the sweat that leaves our body from pores takes away the dead skin cells which are main reason of blockage as when these dead cells accumulate in the pores causes acne .However once this sweat evaporates leave salt and dead skin cells cleared on the body which need to be washed away otherwise may again go to the pores which were recently cleaned.

5.Benzoyl peroxide:

People who have had trouble with acne have got good results by using benzoyl peroxide. There are number of products containing benzoyl peroxide which one can get easily from the market but the common ones are gel and lotion which can be applied to the face easily once or twice as per instructed by physician.

6. Salicylic acid:

salicylic acid helps in shedding away the dead skin which may lead to blockage of pores though it does not effect in sebum secretion or kills bacteria but still it is helpful in getting rid of acne.

7. Makeup:

whatever makeup one does she/he must ensure that it may be washed out after the end of the day. Leaving it overnight is not good for the skin. Always prefer “oil free’ brand. Change brands if one has a problem with a particular brand.


Prefer antibiotics if normal treatment does not work. Tetracycline is the most common antibiotic used in the treatment of acne which kills bacteria and reduce acne.

9. Manage stress:

Managing stress is important to get rid of acne. As excessive stress results in excess secretion of sebum which ultimately causes blockage of pores as it can’t come out of the follicles. Body’s chemical reaction to stress plays a major role in our skin appearance so we must try to remain stress free I know it’s not that easy but still we can try to minimize it.

10. Light treatment:

Various types of low intensity light helps in killing acne bacteria. With the help of light treatment doctor kills the bacteria which get active due to clogging of the pores. There can be slight skin irritation but there is no such side effects of this treatment.

11. Explore lasers:

Lasers using pulsating lights can be focused on the affected areas producing heat under the skin surface which damage the sebaceous glands without damaging the skin. Laser treatment is beneficial and is effective it’s effects can be seen within two sittings.

These are the few tips which I think are beneficial to make our skin acne free and to make it ever glowing and look young. 

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