I exactly don't remember, but it has been a long time since smoking in public areas has been banned. But still that ban has not been enforced strictly and you can see a good number of smokers smoking in the public areas and they are least afraid or concerned, with the fact they are committing an act which is illegal and they will be compelled to pay a fine for it atleast, if not sent to jail.

Smoking is an habit, bad or good, depends on the person's point of view and as our elders say, habits are difficult to change. In fact, we are witnessing an upsurge in the number of youngsterswho are taking up smoking to increase their style quotient. You can easily see school kids smoking and as if they feel that they are the Kings of the world while smoking.

The Information and Broadcasting Minsitry of India has made life difficult for film makers by banning smoking scenes from their movies and the film makers has protested this move and stated it as the breach of their right of freedom of expression. 

My point is that a lot has been done to curb smoking but the effect has been very less, so where is the problem? Whether the approach has gone wrong or the execution? or may be both, but then what is the 100 percent effective method of reducing the number of smokers.

The family of smoker needs to play a very important role in this whole scenario as if he is not listening to them, then who in this world can teach him the right path. However, the best way is to take a Proactive approach and take some steps which will discourage a person from taking up smoking. We should start right from the childhood and educate and make aware the kid about the ill-effects of smoking and parents and teachers need to play a very important role in this whole scenario. The study curriculum should include topics which can educate about the bad effects of smoking and a child should be made feel that smoking is an heinous crime and he should keep himself far from smoking and smokers.

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