There are 3 seasons which we experience in a year, which are summer, Monsoon and winter. Just has every coin has 2 sides, in the same way there are good and bad sides of every season. At one time we enjoy the change of season, but on after some time or some days, we also experience those bad changes of it. Now as rainy season has gone and almost in every state winter season has arrived. As compare to summer and rainy season, winter season brings lot of happiness as well as we also experience some difficulties in this season.

In winter, we don’t get so much sweat and also we don’t have stinky problem from our under-arms and from our body. We don’t get sticky body and we feel good. We get enough release from scorching heat which we experience in summer season. Winter season is the season of arriving lots of vegetables. So, we get enough food to eat and also we don’t need to worry about digestion. May be that’s why some people always remain excited for this season to arrive to remain in the blankets and enjoy the colorful food. But, in winter season, person’s immunity system is decreased. Either the person is older or younger or child, people are always trapped in Cold and cough. Also the interest of working decreases, so that’s why in this winter season, we should try to increase our immunity system. For increasing the immunity system, we should keep a proper care of our health through eating habits.

In winter season, we should eat the hot food like having different kind of soup, Ginger tea etc. We should also include such food in our diet which are rich in Beta-carotene and Vitamin-A. Beta-Carotene controls the Vitamin-A in our body. This reduces the effect of creating infection in our body. The sources of getting Beta-carotene are Carrot, Spinach. Apart from this, you should also include such food in your diet which is rich in zinc. This also increases the immune system of our body and also gets relief from infection. The sources of getting zinc are Capsicum, green chili, Orange and berries. In winter season, it is said to have jaggery. Jaggery produces warm in our body. In jaggery, there are enough vitamins, minerals, zinc and iron. When we feel cold, our blood circulation also reduces, so jaggery improves our blood circulation and also improves our digestion system. So, that’s why we should include jaggery in our diet.

In winter season, to have milk is also beneficial. Milk is an essential source of Vitamin A and Calcium. But, we should try to have slim milk or milk without cream. In winter season, we should also have healthy breakfast. If we start our day with lot of excitement, then we remain active and fresh throughout the day. Healthy breakfast gives us lot of strength and energy. In breakfast we can have oats and Corn-flakes. I am Punjabi and I try to eat Paratha. I like to have Methi Paratha, Spinach Paratha and simple Paratha. If we like to take some fruits, especially banana, then it is beneficial. In winter we should consume garlic and ginger in larger quantity. Garlic and ginger protect us from infection and also our gives strength to immune system. In winter season, in morning, we should try to consume vegetable soup and fruits which is good for our health, because in that vegetable soup there is enough amounts of anti-oxidants. We should not consume junk-food from outside. People get attracted with many types of diseases while having junk food from outside which is not at all good for our health. In junk food we find enough amount of fat, which doesn’t makes us healthy. We shouldn’t rely on junk food in winter. This can create lot of problem in winter.

We should stop alcohol consuming and stop smoking, which destroys some Nutritious element present in our body. This also collapses our body immune system. Our protective cells also reduce. We should also give time to yoga. Take some time from your busy schedule and do yoga or exercise. You can go for a walk for 2 or 3 miles. This also increases our blood circulation. In winter season, we also try to eat fried food so yoga or exercise becomes very much beneficial. Doing yoga and exercise help in digestion and also we don’t put on weight on our body. 
In winter season, we should also have a good and complete sleep. On an average, we should take 6 to 7 hours of sleep. It often happens that during winter we don’t come out from our blankets. Specially, during holidays, it happens much time that we don’t get up quickly and try to sleep more in blankets. In winter season, we often don’t get thirsty and also we don’t drink water by our own. But we should ensure that we should at least drink 6 to 8 glass of water. Water is very much important, which controls our body temperature. Water should clean the unwanted things from our body in the form of urine. So, don’t forget to drink water.

In winter season, we should try to clean our hand properly. Specially, before eating and drinking we should wash our hand with good hand wash. In cold season, we hesitate to go near water, as the water is cold, as a result, we don’t have proper care of the cleanliness of our body. In winter season, we should take more care of our body. Cleanliness is very important. Try to wear full- arm clothes to protect you from cold. Wear Woolen clothes during night and even in morning. Always try to cover your ears and legs to protect you from cold. The reason for indisposing is because we don’t have a proper care of our ears and legs. We do cover our entire body, but we don’t take a proper care of legs and ears, we indispose our self. Wear Socks in the legs and cap on the ears.

In winter season, we should also take proper care of our skin. Everyone’s skin becomes dry in this season. If you feel any stretch in your skin, after washing your face or after bathing, then you should try to apply some cold cream or moisturizer. You can apply any body lotion to your whole body. This will make your skin active and bright. In a week, apply oil to your whole body and have gentle massage. This will increase the blood circulation in your body and your skin will also become smooth. In winter season, due to cold our blood circulation reduces. When we have massage with oil, our blood circulation becomes active and also the normal moisture which is necessary to our body, also comes to our body. We get a good strength when we have oil massage. In winter, some people also reduce the workout, which is not good. If you will go on doing the workout, then you become energetic. In this way, you remain away from Cold.

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