This is not secret that in winter people put some more weight and become fat. This happens in festivals especially when good delicious food is made in our house and as this season is called the season of laziness, people stop to do yoga and exercise. In winter season, it so happens that we don’t work out and we eat a lot and this make us fat. In winter season, almost all people even though who don’t want they too put 1 or 2 kilos of weight. The Negative point about this is when the summer comes; at that time too we are unable to reduce this extra weight which we have put on. This is a wrong indication and people don’t even think after putting on weight to reduce it. People leave the hope of reducing their weight when they put on. The conclusion of this talk is it is not good to put on weight and reduce your weight during the change of season. In long term, this can create a bad effect to our health. So, we should try to have a balance diet and we should also carry on our work out in all season. After putting on extra weight, it becomes difficult to reduce it. So, we should be very careful that we don’t put extra weight in winter season.

Having sweet and delicious food

Why we really like to eat sweet food or sweets in winter season? There is various reason of it. The first reason is in winter season, there comes various festivals and during these festivals, lot of holiday in school and offices falls. Family get together happens, in some houses Marriages are there. I am Punjabi and many Punjabi people do have marriages in this winter season. In offices, various parties are organized and in those functions we like to have delicious food and sweets. In this season, we like to have lot of seasonal food. The second reason is that in this winter season, we like to be in office or at home and don’t go out due to low temperature, so we are not able to burn our calories, which we have put on by eating delicious food. Due to this reason of Metabolism process becomes low and our weight starts increasing. In winter season, we forget the food made in home and try to eat the food from outside. We like to eat sweet items or delicious sweets from outside. We also find the sunshine very often and due to this our excitement reduces. To have that excitement again in our life, we try to eat the food contains Carbohydrates, sweet items, fatty food due to this we feel better. Apart from this, we are having a natural tendency in our body, which stores the fat in our body. The extra layers of fat in our body, protects us from cold. In winter season, where there is lot of cold outside, everyone likes to remain in their blankets for long time. Due to this, they start increasing their weight and become fat. 

Be Active and spend some time in front of Sunshine

It is obvious that no one like to come out in morning from their blankets. But, you should spend some time in front of sunshine. This will also make you active and you will feel the refreshment of morning, which is very necessary, if you want to come from your laziness and also this will restrict you to go in that laziness state. So, it’s very much beneficial for our health. Even though the Cold is severe, but do spend some time in front of sunshine. You can wear Sweater and have a walk or jogging near your house. Fast walking for 15 to 20 minutes will turn your laziness into active and refreshing. Fast walking is one of the alternatives which you can take. This is very beneficial to your body, especially to your legs, where a lot of fat is stored. If you are not able to do this, then start walking on the stairs. You can also work in the garden to maintain your plants and greenery.

Sitting in the sunshine, will make your mood good and this will also save you from eating extra food in lunch and dinner. It has been proved in sitting one hour in front of sunshine makes your mood good and you start feeling good of yourself, due to this you get inspired to put restriction on those items which makes you fat.

Food during winter season

As far as a complete balance is concerned, in morning breakfast, in lunch and in dinner, there should 3 things. First, have food like Bread, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes and Wheat. Second are fruits and vegetables and third is sources of protein like meat, fish, dry fruits, eggs, soya and milk. Wheat, fruits and vegetables provides the sugar to our body and makes us energetic. The responsibility of protein is too look at how much speedy the sugar is reached in the blood? Take such kind of food in your diet, which gives you enough vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients. Take a balance diet. 

Eat in small plate and bowl. Due to this you will see the food very less and you will eat less. This trick is applicable when you eat something not due to hunger, but due to a habit of eating un-necessary food. To stop the habit of eating, you should try to eat small-small portion of food. Eating in small portion is a good habit and you should try to eat in small-small duration of 5 to 6 hours. Divide the food you eat in small portions rather having big portions of food at one time. Have food in every 5 to 6 hours, so that the energy and also the sugar level in your body in maintained. If you will have more food which contain protein, then you will feel hungry very often and in this way you can restrict yourself from talking more fried and fatty food. Take protein in your diet in small-small portions and ensure that you eat meat, fish, egg, dry fruits and milk. Milk and meat should not be taken in diet at same time.

Have a control on your surrounding   

Avoid having rich calories diet like sweets, chocolate etc. If you can’t avoid this, then keep such kind of food, away from your eyes and away from the place where you spend most of your time. Every time try to reduce high calorie diet and in place of that take soup and boiled vegetables in your diet. Ensure that you eat at the dining table and you should switch ON the TV, so that your total concentration is on food. Sometimes, while watching TV, we forget to note down, the amount of excess food we have taken. This is also one reason for increasing the weight. So, better be careful. It is been proved that while watching TV, people eat excess of food, than the hunger they have. 

You can take lot of alternatives in your diet like, in place of full cream milk, you can have slim Milk. Every day you should try to have green twice or thrice. In Dinner you should try to have lot of vegetables. In morning breakfast, you should take fruits. You can also have cornflakes and eggs in morning breakfast. You should avoid food which contains fat and sweets. If you can’t avoid this then don’t take in excess. Fatty items, Sweets and Deserts could be taken once in a week. Have food very slowly and be away from consuming Alcohol.

Keep a very close eye on your weight. You should also check your weight in a week or so. If you are not having any machine to check your weight, so don’t worry. You can easily get some idea by the jeans or pant you wear. If it is tight, then it’s an alarming alert that you have to keep control and reduce your weight. If the jeans which you wear are becoming loose, then you can be happy, as it is an indication that you have started becoming thin. This is a season where you will find many things to eat. So, think of your weight before eating. This season is also season where we find lot of vegetables. Try to eat more and more vegetables. Prepare soup of different vegetables which will make you healthy and energetic. So, follow some rules to yourself. Have restriction to some things and be healthy. Health is Wealth. Be happy.

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