Pregnancy is very important stage in every woman's life. They are Seriously waiting for this moment. But in that excitement lady cannot need to lose her health because it might prove a bad impact on pregnancy. This article is written because I am going to discuss some point that cannot be done during your pregnancy period. This all negative activities are going to prove very bad impact on your baby's birth. For the safety of your baby you have to follow these ideas. 

1. Avoid smoking. 

If You prefer to take a cigarette, stop that activity because this smoking is not good for your body and your baby in the period of pregnancy. It is good to stop people around you from this smoking otherwise the smoke generated by this smoking is sufficient for destroying the health of your baby during pregnancy. Some of the negative impact on your pregnancy from this smoking is early birth of your child, Low weight of your child, Abortion and some time your baby might  lose a life during pregnancy. 

2. A void of consuming alcohol. 

During pregnancy, you must need to avoid from consuming any kinds of alcohol.  Alcohol is very dangerous if it is consumed in a large amount. It might develop a bad impact on your body.  Fetal alcohol Syndrome is one of the disease because of the excess consumption of this harmful drink in the form of alcohol. It might create other disease to and during pregnancy this is not good for you and your baby healthy. The diseases FAS may develop your child with defects such as Defect during birth, Mental defects , Growth Deficiency, nervous system Dysfunction defect and many other defects too.  So if you aren't going to avoid consummation of alcohol during pregnancy, You might go to the path from there your child may lose their life. 

3. Avoid Consuming Caffeine such as Tea Or Coffee. 

During the period of pregnancy. A lady need to avoid beverages such as tea and coffee that has a high amount of Caffeine. It is told by our doctor that the consuming of this compound is not good for the development of your body. Consumption of this Caffeine can increase the chance of diabetic in your newly born baby.  Most of the Caffeine contains harmful compound that may stop the proper physical development of your baby. A pregnant lady needs to stop the consumer of tea and coffee from the beginning stage of their pregnancy. Not only stop but it should continue till the last stage of your pregnancy. 

4. Avoid from Pets in your house. 

It is advisable for a pregnant lady that lady should need to avoid the contact from any kinds of pets during pregnancy. Our pets can contain many harmful bacteria that may affect you and your child healthy during your pregnancy. Toxoplasma is the most common diseases caused by some common pets such as dogs, cats, turtle etc. Try to escape from such pets. 

5. A void of consuming Junk food.

You cannot gain any kinds of Vitamins and nutrients after consumption of junk food. The effect of junk food is very severe on both mother and baby during pregnancy. Try to avoid consumption of junk food during the pregnancy stage. There are many other foods that are full of vitamins and nutrients, consume that food such as fruits and large varieties of vegetables. This all diet is needed to retain the good health of both mother and baby during pregnancy.  

You have to take all possible care during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period when there is a sudden change in the body of a pregnant lady. To maintain this change pregnant lady needs to follow some tips given below. Let's come on the main motive of this article. Here are some tips that must maintain during your pregnancy.

Some more useful Tips.

1. Make proper cramping of legs. 

When a woman become pregnant, she might feel severe pain around her leg cramps. This mostly happens during night time. A pregnant lady can take an easy step to get away from this pain. She need to drink a lot of water as her drink.   Pregnant lady is advised to make a proper stretching of her legs before sleeping. It might give that lady a relief from this pain. Keep your legs straight as much possible as you can. It is one of the important steps that may prevent your legs from any kinds of cramping problem. 

2. Imagine the step during Birthing and develop a plan according to that. 

This plan is very important for a pregnant lady. This is important because by doing this, you are going to feel a real process of birthing before birthing. This makes you prepare for that moment of time.  It is a good idea to collect as much as ideas about this process before the real happening of this process. Suppose that you might feel some problem regarding this plan and you are not certain about this plan, Better to consult with your family doctors that take care of you during pregnancy.  The doctor is a person that takes you from this confusion and make you fully aware how to make your plan in a better way. The tips given by your family doctor is very important. It must solve your all queries related to your birthing plan.  A successful delivery can be possible only with an accurate birthing plan. 

3. Choice of food that contain folic acid is a good idea. 

The consumption of food that contain folic acid is very important during pregnancy. You child in your belly develops properly if the consumption of folic acid rich foods is in sufficient amount. This acid is very useful and preventative against harmful diseases like spina bifida. Spina bifida diseases arise because the your baby inside your belly cannot get this acid in a proper amount.  So for your baby you need to take around 350 mg folic acid each and every day of your pregnancy. 

4. Gaining more and more information about pregnancy. 

A pregnant lady needs to learn or understood all important facts about pregnancy. You can search information from any sources. The best sources is to read some books on pregnancy and magazines that contain information about pregnancy. By use of this information you can easily guide yourself to fight against the negative points related to pregnancy. Reading magazines and books is not the only solution you have to apply those points  at the time of the problem. Sometimes happen that the problem arises is not very identical but by applying your presence of mind you have to solve that problem. Every pregnancy is different from one another but ideas fight with the problem may be same.  One another way to learn more about your pregnancy, Consult with your family doctors or other doctors. The most important and must follow tips is to visit your doctor. The visiting must be regular. You need to fix a meeting with your doctor in every month of your pregnancy. This is good to know about the health of both mother and her child. 

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