Body fitness to people mean differently. For some people to be lean is what they think is fit. In my opinion its not that body which is free from disease is what I think is healthy body. Healthy body is important because when we are not fit we can't do any physical or mental continuously and may get tired easily. Its rightly said that healthy mind lives in healthy body so one should always try things to keep body fit. Its easy to say but to maintain a healthy body is not that easy one has to stick to the rules. Few of the things which one must do are enlisted below:

- First thing which one should do is to have a good breakfast in the morning:

Normally people skip morning breakfast but they don't know that skipping it is not good for health.When we skip breakfast we keep our body deprive of the outside energy for around 12~13 hours which is not at all good for our body. Breakfast should be high in fiber which absorb cholesterol in the intestine and ultimately remove it from our body. 

Moreover the diet is important to have a healthy body.Eating habits is what effect our health so we must be cautious about it and should know what should we eat.One should include fruits and vegetables more in the diet. Whole grain foods should be included in food moreover things like egg,milk,fruit juice,fish,meat are very good and one should have them in the diet. Green and leafy vegetables must be eaten every day. This is thumb rule that brightest and deepest colors always have good nutrient level so they should not be avoided. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals which are good for eyes and skin.

- Start exercising:

Start exercising like running or any other physical workout and increase the intensity after few days. There are benefits of exercising as it builds muscles through strength training but also betters metabolism of the body means the calorie of the body gets burned easily. One can do exercises at home or can join a gym for it. Also exercising make blood circulation of the body better which is good for our heart. One can also do Yoga for keeping body health and in shape. These days there are lots of Yoga centers where there is a Yoga teacher which helps you to do Yoga Asanas. Doing ANULOM VILOM and PRANAYAM are few of the Yoga Asanas which are easy to do and have lots of benefits of doing it. One should do Pranayama before having breakfast in the morning when stomach is empty for getting maximum benefits from it. This is also good to reduce your stress levels and help to get rid of depression.


- Drink lot of water:

Our body is made up of 65% of water so water is important for us. Most of the functions of our body like blood circulation,digestion. Also it is helps in detoxification as it eliminates acids and chemicals which is made in our body in various processes like urination,defecation,sweating etc. Quality of water is also important as in some parts quality of water is not good as it may cause some water born diseases.

- Express emotions:

It is said to hold emotions causes illness and one should express them in appropriate manner as that would help a lot to release stress which we may be holding with in. Those who hold their emotions often get depressed if they hold it for long and ultimately causing diseases like abrupt blood pressure,diabetes,head aches. i have tried this I normally share my emotions with friends or family members and feel lot more light compared to when i hold these and don't tell any one what's going in my mind. i have read that people who let their emotions out of their heart are less prone to heart problems this is the main reason why men have heart problems more than women as men normally don't share their feelings when they are upset unlike women.

- Do something physical:

Due to our busy schedules and lifestyle we don't do much of physical work these days which is the major cause of body being unhealthy and getting diseased. Regular physical workout makes our body fit. One can join gym for it or even can start jogging in the morning or evening. If one can't join a gym then he/she can do following things to work out:

 - Can take up house hold work actively: Ladies who do house hold work on their own do physical work out compared to those who don't. Cleaning floor,washing clothes and other activities are like physical work and helps in losing some calories from our body.Dancing,swimming are few of the recreational activities which help in losing calories from our body.

- Walking just for 15 minutes away from home in the morning and the evening is good for health. People normally take their pet with them and walk with them.

- Playing any out door or indoor game which involves some physical work is one thing which one can start. I like playing with the kids as that's the way I do some physical work.

- Regular sleeping hours:

These days life has become so fast that people have reduced their sleeping hours which is not good for health. One should take at least 6~7 hours of sleep daily otherwise it may lead to many health issues. Its sad that healthy sleep makes our immune system good. One is more likely to get sick frequently if he/she does not take proper sleep it takes time even to recover from the small diseases like cold.I remember when I was a kid I used to sleep 8~10 hours a day but now when I have more responsibilities suddenly my sleeping hours have gone down which sometimes get me head aches but certainly one should sleep early and get up early in the morning. Its very essential for a person to take healthy sleep as that's the way our internal organs too get rest. Walking in the early morning refreshes our mind and fresh oxygen we take in the morning is good for our lungs. 

For some people sleeping is a problem they use sleeping pills for sleeping at night and they get addicted to it which in long run is bad for health. One of the best remedy for cure of Insomnia is to fix sleeping and wake up time. Our sleep - wake up cycle is regulated by our brain. Our nervous system chemicals like melatonin and cortisol tells our brain and body when to sleep and when to wake up. By fixing sleeping hours we strengthen our system and this system get used to this time. This is why when we change the timings we feel drowsy next day. Moreover this is why few of the people don't require alarm clocks to wake up they just wake up on time themselves. Less sleep for people is also related with food so one should eat properly before going for a sleep.

Having sleep in day is also useful as that way we make our body feel fresh. I normally take a sleep in a day when I have an off and I know this sleep makes me charged for whole week so its not at all bad to have a brief sleep in afternoon.

- Spend sometime outside home: 

Sunlight is good for bones as it has vitamin D. Moreover sunlight is natural antidepressant and affects our mood. It is said that exposure to sunlight helps to stimulate melatonin in our body which helps in getting proper sleep. Also when we our outdoor we tend to do bit of walking and do other physical activities which are helpful for our body fitness. Moreover its good to go out of your house as in modern houses normally there is no provision of sunlight entering in them. Also the person is more exposed to indoor pollution like dust,carpet residuals,pesticide etc and being outside one get fresh oxygen to inhale. Its a good habit to go on for walk after dinner as that is the way we digest our food before going to bed.

- Connect with people:

In today's life its not easy to be social but its important for one to have a sort of a relationships with others. Expressing your emotions you can do only when you connect with the people otherwise one can't do it. People these days are so much busy in their work and other things so they get very little time to get along with the people that's the reason one should go to public places like parks,clubs where they can find people and connect with the people of their choice. Its a fact those people who are social and talk to people about themselves and tell them about their self are more active and lively compared to the people who don't talk to the people much. Our connections with others is very important as it creates sort of positive energy in our self and helps us when we are upset. So we should make an effort to connect with the people to make our self happy and ultimately making our body and mind healthy.

- Doctor's help:

Yes by following these natural things we can keep our body fit but then too we can't avoid by getting affected by chronic diseases and for that one need to go to a doctor. Its normal to have accidents,injuries,infections and other problems so in that case just to delay things is not at all good and one must see a doctor as soon as possible as there are few diseases which are easy to cure at the starting stage otherwise the things become complicated. Its better to have vitamin supplements but to start it after consulting a doctor is always a good thing. People normally start it of their own which may be harmful sometime.

Though brisk walking does not have a bad effect but it is advisable to consult with a doctor before starting any exercise for people having heart diseases,asthma,diabetes,arthritis. As one may have an ill effect for doing heavy exercises in that case.


This is fact most of the people in today's life don't spare time for themselves and don't care for there body. If they spare a little time for themselves and start doing few things they may find the change in their body. I have noticed it with my father who was bit lazy but when he started morning walk he told that he has observed some sort of positive energy gaining in his body. So concluding it I would say that we should leave laziness aside and should find some time for our body and should do some physical work on daily basis. Its not at all necessary that we have to wake up early in the morning one can even do it in the evening also.

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