Just when you are thinking that your work for the day is over and you can look forward to a relaxed evening filled peace and rest at home you begin to feel the build up of pressure behind your eyes and just below your ears and before you actually reach home you are sure the Headache is coming again and there is no hope of either rest or peace for you that evening !

There are people who suffer from headaches on a weekly basis and in spite of doing many things are unable to get it out of their system. The reasons can be many and varied and the remedies too may have to be different for different types of headaches. I have personally known a few people who have been suffering from headaches all their life and have gotten so used to it that they take it as part and parcel of their lifestyle. One of my relative ties a bandana tightly around her forehead, rubs some Amritanjan on her forehead, takes a pain killer and sleeps it off ! Another neighboring friend goes for a long walk and has a cup of strong coffee at the end of it and finds that it helps him. Either way, headaches are here to stay and people accept them as inevitable irritants  that come and go!


Some of the could be reasons

1, Tension and Stress

Many people feel that these are the culprits that cause headache frequently since it is there in everyday life and for almost everyone. Most people define such headaches that make their appearance at the end of a stressful day as Migraines ! We see that people who don't manage stress well can have headaches, stomach pain, sleeping problems, illness, and depression. You can manage stress by meditating, exercising, talking to others or communicating , or engaging in a hobby that interests you .

But, nowadays clinical analysts are of the opinion that this is no longer the case since most so called migraine headaches come with symptoms like moderate to severely painful, throbbing on one side of your head, or worse when you move or bend over. Or, you also feel nauseous and vomit, or are sensitive to light, sound, or odors when you get the sensation Or, if you've had at least five attacks in the recent past that last from four hours to three days !

However, when you are tense and get a headache due to tension, normally the pain is on both sides of your head and there's no nausea or sensitivity to light, sound, or odor and more importantly it doesn't get worse with regular outdoor activities like walking and gardening or even while normal housework. According to experts if the headaches are recurring at a frequent interval it is advisable to consult a physician and get to the root of the problem since it may not be tension alone that is causing the headaches but could be some other far more serious problem.

And even if it is due to Tension and stress, once you address the problem and find a cure or a solution you may become headache free! According David Buchholz, M.D., associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine “"Strategies to control the mechanism behind migraine can effectively prevent whatever type of headache you tend to experience,”..

2, Certain type of Food items or medication causing Headaches 

Food and certain food items can cause discomfort not only to your digestive system but also play havoc with your entire well being !At times we get a terrible pain in the Head, congestion, a runny nose, and facial pressure all of which feels like sinus trouble. But this need not be the case since certain medication that you are taking when combined with certain food items can cause such symptoms . Generally, this type of headache reduces on its own accord when the irritant causing it has passed out of your system.

There have been cases where a noticeable shift in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure  have also triggered migraines. The best thing to do is to wait and see how things go before taking any medication since one can never be sure what is the cause .

z526854 577001 1dphoto of woman with coffee cup

3, If you are a caffeine addict

Some people down several cups of coffee each day and when they have headaches drink even more  thinking that it helps like my neighboring friend does ! What actually happens is - Caffeine shrinks the swollen blood vessels that make migraines and even tension headaches throb and cause misery to the person. That's why it's a featured ingredient in most migraine remedies. But, as the caffeine wears off, the chances are that your headache rebounds, maybe because blood vessels swell again, thereby irritating the already extra sensitive nerve endings. So coffee is not a good option for curing headaches , at least not on a regular basis!

4, When You are very anxious

Worry and Anxiety plus a lack of activity is a definite combination that can cause headaches. . But according to most analysts stress and anxiety related headaches can be cured by being out in the open, doing some deep breathing exercise and trying to stay calm instead of getting agitated. Exercise in fact reduces stress, helps you sleep, and boosts endorphin, which are brain chemicals that are natural painkillers !

The added advantage is that when you try and get rid of your headache through natural means you are also able to think with better clarity and find a solution for your problem which itself relieves you of your headache. Ideally one should aim for 30 to 45 minutes of brisk physical activity three to four days a week. Experts also advise that you must drink water before, during, and after your workout, warm up gradually, and exercise in a cool environment, when you are prone to headaches that build up due to anxiety and stress!

5, Sleep Schedule

According to a survey , more than 79 percent of headache sufferers admitted that they got a headache when they overslept. But 66 percent said too little sleep for a long and continuous period of time was also a trigger. And taking short naps can be counterproductive, although they may dull the pain of a tension headache, they often lead to insomnia, which can set off a new headache the next day.

So the only solution when you get a headache that is clearly because of sleep pattern is – Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on vacation! And  get enough sleep — seven to eight hours each night ! This definitely helps since the problem has been tackled and solved..

6, Other reasons

This could include menstrual problem among ladies , lack of proper nutrition for several hours or simply not taking the right kind of treatment for the headache. Many people neglect a headache or take any drug that comes their way. I have known a friend who takes an anti biotic for a headache, she is not even aware that there are different kinds of antibiotics for different health complaints . She just takes any that is available and feels it has helped her !

When you know that you are prone to headaches it is better to go in for preventive medication as per the physician’s advise instead of self medicating yourself and facing some other complication later. It takes a lot of patience to find the right one, but if you've tried several and still haven't gotten any relief, see a headache specialist or neurologist ! But don’t neglect your headache if it is chronic !

Some remedies that work


On top the list according to me is Acupressure. There are several ways of doing it - Place your thumbs on the two points on either side of your vertebrae at the nape of your neck ( just below your skull ). Gently knead the area for one to two minutes. Place the tips of your fingers on either side of your brows and press down on the nerve endings found just above the eye brows. Keep pressing each one of them, the one that is causing the ache is bound to hurt more when you press it. But it also helps in releasing the tension from the nerve and your headache vanishes within a few seconds !

I have been doing this when I get a headache which is very rare and I must say that it is the most effective method ever and the added advantage is that you don't need to take any medication !

Practicing Yoga

In recent years yoga has gained a lot of popularity with the masses and one can see why? Since Yoga has all round health benefits. In one Indian study researchers found that those who suffered from severe headaches when asked to practice yoga and do breathing exercises , had significantly fewer and less painful migraines in the beginning and later , when they kept up the practice the headaches were gone forever !



Acupuncture is a Eastern technique where needles of different length and thickness are inserted into your skin at strategic places . And according to studies , those who received up to 12 acupuncture treatments in three months needed less medication and the frequency of the headaches came down considerably and they also felt calmer since they knew that they had found a remedy for it , which in itself was enough to reduce stress !


Managing a headache is not all that difficult. The most important thing to do is to find and avoid triggers that cause your headaches. Also, making sure that you carry your medicine with you so, you can treat a headache right away. This is especially important if you get migraines often . While on medication and drugs, if you can avoid medication, there is nothing like it, but, if you must, make sure that you are not taking anything that can have side effects or is extra strong.

Going in for an early treatment may keep your headache from getting worse and may help you feel better sooner. This is especially true if you have migraine headaches. Most importantly, exercise regularly, eat well, and reduce stress. Once you are free of stress you will find that your headaches reduce considerably, even serious ones like Migraines !

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