Embarrassment, low confidence level, hesitation, and stress are the signs and symptoms of low libido. In the modern era, more and more females are experiencing low libido issue. By mentioning modern era doesn't mean that only fast lifestyle that causes low sex drive. There are many factors involved, and one of them is our lifestyle. Age also is the major factor that causes low libido in females.


Before jumping into the resolution of low libido, understanding why people give so much attention to sex in the first place is vital. Ever wondered why sex is called love making?

It's the trust and love that makes two people get involved in a sexual activity, and if not done with love and passion, then the meaning changes. Sex is natural, which brings the feeling of love between couples. Sex allows two souls to come closer and bond emotionally to understand and know each other properly. 

Hormones activities:

Certain hormonal changes in the body make females attract toward the males. It is the nature which enforces a couple to get involved in a sexual activity. Pleasure and satisfaction of the lovemaking are beautiful feelings that everybody likes. A healthy sexual life brings happiness, joy, satisfaction and love. At time a female body strives to get involved in sex, generally during ovulation. The body needs the warm touch, deep penetration, and a happy ending to calm it down.

Mostly because of the age factor females tend to loose sexual desire, which sometimes leads to a stressful life. Clinical depression, unstable relationship, loss of trust and divorce are some of the consequences of low libido in females. There are many examples of broken relationships that can be seen in the real life scenario where mess up started because of unsatisfied sexual relationship.

Get the excitement back:

The craving of the zeal and the sexual excitement obligates females to find effective options to increase libido. The spark that you are missing can be experienced again. Many natural herbs and foods are available in the nature that can boost your sex drive yet again. Black pepper is one of them that can spice up your sexual life effectively. 

Eat hot!

Mostly the lack of blood flow around sex organs causes low libido in females. This is the reason why experts suggest lots of activities and exercises for females who are experiencing low libido. However blood flow around the female sex organs can also be increased by foods such as hot pepper. A compound called Capsaicin generally found in peppers increases blood flow in genitals. People who eat hot and spicy foods are less likely to get involved in libido issue.

Other foods:

Other than the pepper, herb and foods like garlic, pumpkin, lavender, figs, lentils, beans, chocolate, oysters, celery, ginger, Asparagus, egg yolks are known to boost libido. Before consuming these effective herbs you can consult with an expert doctor. Combining exercises with right foods will bring back the happiness, joy and importantly the fanaticism in your sexual life again so that you can enjoy each time you get involved in sex.

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