Pregnancy is the best part in every woman's life. Those women who are pregnant feel themselves proud. Many of them feel ashamed too. However, this is the best time to enjoy and feel the very precious moment of life. Once the women get pregnant, she suffers from lot of problems. However, there is nothing to worry as this happens during pregnancy and it has solution too. Therefore, I am discussing some problems, which women suffer mostly during pregnancy and how to overcome from these problems.

1. Excess formation of gas

The first symptom that every woman suffers is the gastric problem. It is due to various hormonal changes in our body. This happens when women do not have any control over their muscles. Proper diet can help to reduce the problem of gas. Proper exercise can help to digest the food and reduce the problem of gas. If women does not move or sit idle, they can face such problem. Therefore, every doctor or any elder people who have such experience always suggest pregnant women to do household work which help in the movement of the body and the muscles. Try to avoid food, which cause gas such as beans, cauliflower, broccoli dried fruit etc should be avoided as this food help in the formation of gas. Dairy product can also help in the formation of gas inside the body. So try to avoid milk, which are full of lactose. Consume lactose free milk, as milk is good for health. 

2. Incontinence

Many women also suffer from this symptom. Incontinence is nothing very serious but most women have gone through this incontinence. When any pregnant women sneeze, cough, or even laugh they unknowingly empty their bladder in front of anyone whether they are family members, friends or co-workers. Those who suffer from these loose few drops of urine while laughing, coughing or even sneezing, which makes them, embarrass. So women who suffer from this problem need to empty their bladder in every few hours by visiting the bathroom frequently.

3. Growth of unwanted hair

During pregnancy women, body undergoes with various hormonal changes and so many women found the growth of unwanted hair in some parts of the areas of the body. Many women first thought that they will look beautiful with thick hair specially on their head but when they found that hair grows in any parts of the body for example in legs, breasts, abdomen, face etc. this makes terror inside the women. So many women start doing waxing to remove those unwanted hair from their body. However, before doing so one must consult their doctor as most women are found allergic to it.

4. Some strange smell

During pregnancy, most women develop a strong sense of smell of anything. Especially the seafood item, which makes them, embarrass and many start doing vomiting also. Some women also smell some bad smell coming out from the vagina and so they carry wet wipes along with them wherever they go to clean the place. If anyone finds such smell coming from the vagina or has itchy feelings, it is better to consult the doctor. If not treated it can cause to the infection.

5. Hemorrhoids

A newly made mother can explain this term very clearly. Every new mom faces this problem. When women become pregnant, she suffers from constipation and feels some bowel movement. Constipation is the main problem, which every pregnant woman complains. So to avoid this symptom drink plenty of water and eat food which contain more fiber and help the stool to soft.

6. Problem of acne

Women always care for their beauty. However, when they suffer from any pimple related problem they get worried easily. Most pregnant women suffer from this problem. However, there is nothing to worry about it. This happens during the first trimester as the women body undergoes with various hormonal changes. To solve this problem consult the doctors who will provide with acne cream or any such solution to apply on the acne. Many creams are also available in the market but before using it consult the doctor. Drink plenty of water and look after the diet.

7. Intimacy issue

This often makes pregnant women stay apart from others. Women are likely to gain weight during their pregnancy, which sometime make women feel that they look ugly and feel uncomfortable. As such, they try to maintain distance from their partners, which led a gap in the communication, and intimacy problem arises. They feel that they are no more attractive and such suffers from mental problem. So instead of hiding it with the partners discuss the problem with your partner. Join some pregnancy yoga classes or consult the doctor.

Every problem has its own solution. Therefore, not all these problems are as serious as one thought of. Therefore, forget about those problems, enjoy your nine months very happily and feel the movement of the baby who still lay in your womb very safely and plan what to do when the baby will arrive.

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