We, in India, find a luxuriant growth of health care clinics and hospitals with per capita doctors in urban areas touching a whooping ratio of 50:01 and 400: 01 for clinics and hospitals. With not-so-competent doctors and staffs and shabby milieu, the mushroom growth is pegged by inadequacies of surgical equipments and lack of basic amenities and patient-care. It is only to hope against hope if we are compelled to get our near and dear ones admitted for critical treatment. Not that we spend much less than what we would have spent in a good hospital, but our ignorance and travelling as far as Delhi or Chennai deter us from finding a much better hospital in which to treat them. It is merely by sheer accident than design that I found a hospital for my life-time and perhaps for my family members, also, who love to travel there for half-yearly and annual check-up where they not only get their money’s worth for a two-week stay, but all that the place offers in terms of tourism and marketing.

In 1998, I had to accompany a kin of mine for his prolonged treatment at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, excellent Hospital with friendly and efficient doctors and a set up unmatched at many places in India and abroad. But, when it came to MRI test, they referred to the Apollo Hospital, Graeme's Lane, Chennai.

I had to go to Chennai along with the patient and got the appointment for the next day. The report was so specific on the point of reference by the doctors of NIMHANS that they found the clue they wanted and the patient received the treatment he needed to come out hale and hearty as before.

The point I want to make is that my regular and periodic treatment with the Apollo Hospital started with the kin’s MRI as on 14.07.1998. I registered my name in the books of AH and never looked back since then registering all my other three members subsequently within a span of a year. As I had no visible trouble, I had to take to the Master Health Check-up at a nominal payment of a sum around Rs3000/- and got all reports and treatments within a couple of days, just before I got the MRI report without waiting any extra hours.

It was on the very next day that I was found to be a diabetic and my innings with the AH started. At that time, the Diabetes Department in Sindhoori Block of the Hospital had only a single doctor, but a very competent one in Doctor Balajee, perhaps who was very caring and supportive, besides the congenial atmosphere and set-up with friendly staffs mesmerised me.  My last visit to the AH was during September 2012 and for the last four/five years, my doctor is Prof. Dr. N. Rajindheran whose magic touch has made me ten years younger. This is not only with me, but my wife also is an ardent fan of Prof Dr. N. Rajindheran whose winsome words, valuable advice and matchless prescription have all been a keep-sake for us for the future.

I want a healthy, disease-free India. A healthy India is possible with a sound set of people living therein. And, with care afforded by AH and AIIMS and hospitals of the like and ever-serving Dr. Pratap Reddy at the helm, it is quite a possibility.

I think, it will not be out of place in giving a brief account of some details for the benefit of prospective visitors to this Hospital:

· Reach Chennai by air or rail or any other mode of transport, selecting a mode to reach there early morning to save on treatment time and hotel stay as you are sure to open your journey the same day;

· Try to reach before 09.00AM and preferably at 07.00 AM and straightway queue up in the registration counter in the main hall with as many reservation slips as the family members you have and get your ID at a nominal payment of Rs 50/- or so;

· Tell at the counter the name of the doctor you want to consult and, if you do not know, the department you want to visit or the trouble you have;

· In case of any difficulty, you are free to contact the enquiry counter or any other authorized person always available at all places;

· Make all payments in advance and wait for your turn to come;

Sindhoori Block adjacent to the main block houses the Diabetes Department in the fourth floor and all other departments for package treatment, such as, All Women’s Health Check-up, Master Health Check up, Total Diabetes Check u, Executive Health Check-up, etc.

· All charges are transparent and within reasonable limit totally affordable to the middle class people who manage their money efficiently and profitably;

· People visiting the Sindhoori Block, need not visit the Main Block for registration as the same is done there also;

· One time registration is done for life-time and the regulars only to show the ID for treatment on visit.

I have my experience of Apollo Hospital only and not of any other hospital comparable to it. I also don’t want any other experience as the AH is outstanding in India, almost always number one or two at least at times. So the head of a tiger is better than the tail of a lion.

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