Masturbation is the stimulation of one's own sex organs by a person to achieve orgasm, usually the use of hands and fingers are used for masturbation. We are living in 21st century but still masturbation is a taboo in our society. This practice is common among both the sexes and it is the most safest kind of sex play but people are either afraid or feel embarrassed to talk about their "Solo" sexual practice. This root of embarrassment was sowed among among people by various religious groups from the very beginning of time. These religious groups believe that masturbation can lead to erratic sexual behaviour and promiscuity but science has proved that masturbation is not only healthy but it also helps to relieve sexual tension. Apart from these religious boundaries people are also afraid of some myths about masturbation. The rape cases that are happening through out the world are due to repressed sexual feelings and frustration. These feelings can be controlled by masturbation and the psychological problems which can lead to a rape can be averted.

The history of masturbation can be found in prehistoric rock paintings around the world. Each and every culture in this world have their own description about masturbation. These paintings and drawings prove that people who lived 1000's of years ago had more sexual freedom than the highly developed human beings of current time. Some religions have a positive approach towards masturbation and believe that it is a spiritual practice. The religions which oppose masturbation, do not understand that they are suppressing the basic need of a human being.

When Do People Start Masturbating?

There is no particular age to start masturbating. There are many parents in this world who are worried about their children because of childhood masturbation. This is a normal practice among children of age below 6. They masturbate because it feels good and it is not in any way related to sexual fantasies. Parents should teach their child to seek privacy when they are masturbating. It is a common fact that children masturbate before they attain puberty but their feelings become more sexual when they reach adolescence. So usually boys and girls start masturbating when they are about 12 years of age.

Does Everyone Masturbate?

The fact is that, masturbation is common among people but only few of them will accept it. Scientific studies have proved that apart from teenagers, out of every 10 adult men 7 indulge in masturbation and out of every 10 adult women more than 5 practice masturbation.

Why Do People Indulge In Masturbation?

People from anywhere in this world indulge in masturbation because of the following reasons:

1. To Relieve Sexual Tension

Sexual tension can create havoc in your life because it can cause mood swings as well as create a feeling of frustration towards everything. The main advantage of self stimulation is that it helps to relive suppressed sexual tension. When this bottled up sexual tension is released through orgasm, you will feel light weight and calm. So masturbation is not only a physical but also a physiological necessity.

2. To Achieve Sexual Pleasure

The most common reason for masturbation among people is to achieve sexual pleasure. It will not be wrong to say that a person experiences the most intense pleasure during an orgasm.

3. Solo Sex

A person indulges in masturbation when they don't have a sexual partner. There is also a myth among people that married people or people with sexual partners do not indulge in masturbation but the fact is that people with sexual partners are more likely to masturbate than people without sexual partners.

The Advantages Of Masturbation

There are many advantages of masturbation. Masturbation not only keeps you physically and mentally fit but it is also a part of a healthy sex life.

a. It helps to understand your body better and increases your chance of feeling sexual pleasure with sex partners.

b. People who masturbate regularly are more aware of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.

c. It helps to prevent prostate cancer in men by flushing out disease causing toxins.

d. It increases your sexual satisfaction as well as your self-esteem.

e. Regular masturbation helps in overcoming erectile dysfunction and incontinence in men.

f. It not only relieves sexual tension but it also improves your sleeping pattern.

g. During ejaculation, our body produces a hormone called cortisol, which helps in strengthening our immunity system.

h. Masturbating releases neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin which helps in boosting your spirit and thus preventing mood disorders.

i. It helps to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension in women.

j. It strengthens the muscles of pelvic region in women, thus reducing the chances of involuntary urine leakage and uterine prolapse.

Disadvantages Of Masturbation

Regular masturbation is in no way associated with any health hazards but skin irritation is possible if there is a lack of lubrication during masturbation. A person may feel shame or guilt about masturbation. This problem arises because of negative knowledge received about masturbation during their childhood. These negative feelings can cause physical as well as mental problems but to avoid these problems you can talk frankly with a close friend or a sexologist. If your act of self stimulation interferes with your daily routine like your job, or your social life, then you to need to consult a counsellor.

Different people use different ways of masturbation but the important thing to consider is that always follow a hygienic lifestyle. Keep your tools of masturbation always clean and safe, otherwise chances of infection can arise.

Some Common Myths Associated With Masturbation

There are some common myths related to masturbation and problem is that more than 30% of people believe that they are facts.

a. Masturbation does not lead to blindness.

b. Masturbation has no effect on the physical appearance of your sex organs. It does not shrink or grow your sex organs.

c. Masturbation does not causes infertility because men can produce sperm till their last heart beat.

d. It does not lead to mental problems or make you addicted.

e. Masturbation does not makes anybody gay.

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