Everyone knows that smoking is not good for the health. Still, many of them are addicted to it. Smoking can cause damage to our body and as such can have adverse affects on our life span. Young boys and girls make it their fashion. They think it is very common to smoke which increase their personality. Boys developed this habit at school. Many doctors and in the television channel they warn people about smoking but proved useless. Teenager share cigarette from their friends and take few puffs from them. However, one day this becomes their habit and they become the smokers. Those who are addicted to it cannot stay away from it. Even if they make up their mind to stay away from it, they cannot do so.

Smoking becomes the habit of the smokers and those who smoke daily they are known as chain smoker. The nicotine present in the cigarette can cause cancer. The smoker knows this fact but still they cannot give up their habit.

Effects of smoking

Smoking can cause various effects on the body.

smoking body parts

  • Heart- Most heart disease is caused by smoking. Those who smoke they do not know how much they are responsible in damaging their heart. Due to smoking, there is a deposition of fat in the inner walls of the arteries. It has been found that those who smoke their blood pressure level increases and there is a risk of blood clot and increase in heart rate.
  • Lungs- In the upper parts of the airways we have small hairs which protects the lungs from the disease, germs and other particles. Smoking destroys these hairs and increases the risk of disease, germs and smoke to enter into the lung, which causes lung cancer and other disease. Smoking also causes trouble in breathing. Smoking increase the risk of asthama.
  • Digestive system- Due to smoking digestive system can be affected. It can cause ulcers, heartburn and as such can cause stomach cancer.
  • Legs and hands- Smoking affects in the proper blood circulation in the body. It leads to pain in leg and most of them can suffer from the toe or feet gangrene. The second and the third fingers of the hands are affected very much.
  • Eyes- Eyes are the most important organ of the of the body. Those who smoke they suffer from various eye problems. Smoking can cause severe itching in the eyes and most of them suffer from cataracts. It may even lead to the loss of eyesight.
  • Skin- High damage of skin can cause due to smoking. The oxygen level decreases and the skin lose its texture. People look much older as compare to their age. The shiny glow of the skin disappears and wrinkle starts to form early.
  • Cancer- Cancer is a disease, which we know, can destroy our life. This cancer is caused due to smoking. It has been found that those who smoke suffer from lung cancer and death rate increases. Various types of cancer such as larynx, oral, bladder, and pharynx are all caused due to smoking.
  • Reproductive system- Those men and women who smoke it has been found that the fertility reduces in them.

In women- Those women who smoke their hormone level are imbalanced. There is a low flow of blood to the genital organs and the vagina get dries. It affects their health condition. Pregnant women should avoid smoking as this can cause abortion. Women can also suffer from early menopause. Those pregnant women who smoke during pregnancy have a chance of miscarriage, fetal death and premature birth. The baby's development of brain and body can be affected inside the womb.


In men- Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction in men. The sperm count can be reduced due to too much of smoking. The hormonal misbalance can also occur. So to maintain good health smoking should be avoided.


Tobacco companies are spread all over the world and it's supply is also increasing. People pay no heed to it despite of the warning given in the cigarette boxes that "tobacco is injurious to health". Every year the government increases the price of the cigarette. This is done so that people could stay away from it. However, it is of no use. The smokers they continue to buy it even if the price increases. This can only be stopped by the smokers itself if they make up their mind of staying away from it and save the money for their future. This will help them to stay fit and healthy. 

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