Due to stress and no proper routine in the life may cause blood pressure in young age. If such cases increasing day by day now a days. So we should neglect this problem and take care to control it.We have to reduce having salt and sugar in food items. How much importance you give for your office work and household work that much importance must be given to your health and practicing of exercise. We should take 5 to 6 times different varieties of fruits and vegetables. It is good to have beetroot juice regularly. Due to the more consumption of fruits and vegetables our body receives micro nutrients. The potassium is sufficiently available which controls blood pressure and diabetes. As it contains fiber in it.

  1. Instead of maida, it is good to use wheat flour and ragi flour. We have to reduce the usage and consumption of butter ghee, milk cream. So they have to choose non fat food items. The people who are suffering from blood pressure they should eat the white egg yolk and fish.
  2. The badam, valnut, lentils, moong dal seeds which improve  the cholesterol. Coconut water works as the people suffering from blood pressure.
  3. Ginger reduces the bad cholesterol. By having ginger in sufficient quantity then there will be no heart problems. Garlic contains allicin  which avoids clotting of blood in the heart.
  4. Now a days the saturated milk are available. So that means there will be no fat in it. It can be taken by anyone.
  5. For having better health. We should always take fresh food items. If you want your heart live without any problems then try to have raw garlic daily.
  6. Having sufficient blood in our body is very much necessary especially for the functioning of our heart as it pumps blood. So we have to take the food which produces blood, like apple, tomato etc.
  7. The  dark green leafy vegetables are very much helpful for our eyesight.

I wish the above tips will help you in this summer season and try to share them with your relatives, friends and others.

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