A person can improve and maintain health by living close to nature. Aboriginal and tribes is the best example of it. No doubt that tribal society is much behind in the race of development. But if we compare their health with health of persons of developed society and who are living in cities or towns, we can know as to who is more healthy.  

Our lives have been sinister because of junk food, pizza culture, unhealthy life style and obesity. Obesity is the cause of many diseases. Obesity is root cause of diabetes and some other parallel diseases. 

Why aboriginal and tribes have not problems of obesity, diabetes, high or low blood pressure? Eating habits, forest medicines and life style of aboriginal and tribes, does not wander nearby to these diseases.  

It is in our hand to control out life style. By adopting few selected tribal herbals prescriptions, we can reduce our body fat. Some herbal treatments for losing fat are very common in tribes and aboriginal. Try these with consultation of your Ayurveda physician. 

1. Put ½ tea spoon fennel in boiling water. Cover it and boiled for 10 minutes. When it became cold, drink it. To use three consecutive months, the weight decreases.  

2. Fresh cabbage juice is helpful in weight loss. Cabbage prevents conversion of raw sugar and other carbohydrates into fat, it helps in weight loss. Prepare fresh juice of cabbage by grinding every morning, then drank. It helps melt away body fat. Modern science is also advocating its. 

3. Roasted aspera and rough chaff tree seed in a clay pot on low flame. Use one tea spoon twice a day. Just watch how fast it benefits.  

4. Semi cooked bitter gourd vegetable helps in losing weight. Some tribes have used vegetable of drumstick to reduce obesity.  

5. Use of carrots before meal is also helpful in reducing obesity. 

6. Guggul gum is also helps in reducing weight. Dissolve it in humming water and use twice a day.  

7. Crushed and powdered dry ginger, cinnamon barks and peppers (3 g each).  Divide whole powder in two parts. One should be taken in the morning on empty stomach and another at night before sleeping. Put the powder in glass of water dissolve it, than drank it.  

8. Consume one tea spoon powder of Harrah and myrrh fruit with one glass juice of parval fruit. It reduces weight fast and also decrease in physical fatigue. 

9. Honey is very common to lose fats. Honey is complex sugars, which largely helps in reducing obesity. Drink a teaspoon of honey in warm water every morning on an empty stomach. Results will be appeared in couple of days. You can also add one tea spoon of lemon juice in it.   

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