After the hot summer characterized by scorching heat and hot winds blowing across our body, the monsoon season  was heartily welcomed by everyone as it brings some kind of relief from the heat.Once the rainy season starts, people used to welcome and enjoy it to the hilt irrespective of their ages.Children who are the most vulnerable to diseases used to play on the stagnant water and splash water on each other without knowing the consequences.Due to the rapid and sudden change in the temperature of our body and also on the land surfaces, diseases occur due to the poor functioning of our immune system thanks to the temperature fluctuation.The incessant rain and stagnant water helps the formation of mosquitoes ,diseases and the list goes on.At the same time diseases can be controlled if we take some precautions so that we can enjoy the monsoon and also be safe.In this article I had listed down the most common monsoon diseases and the ways to prevent them.


The monsoon brings with it a host of illnesses.The most common disease  which you should be careful during the rainy season is MALARIA, one of the familiar disease which was caused by the female Anopheles mosquitoes which transfers the virus from the infected person to the healthy person.Early signs of malaria are viral fever,cough and vomitting and if it is untreated the disease may cause some life threatening complications,so necessary steps should be taken to control the mosquito menace.To prevent mosquitoe bites follow these instructions: 

  • Stagnation of water must be avoided since mosquito larvae breeds in stagnant water.
  • Bed nets can be used while sleeping to prevent from mosquito bites.
  • Mosquito reppellent  creams are recommended as the most effective bite preventive treatment.
  • Use flying insect sprays around sleeping areas.
  • Naturally you can treat malaria by mixing ginger with raisins and add it to a glass of water and boils it till the constituent becomes half and allows it to cool down and finally give it to the patient.


Diarrhoea is a serious public health problem which is the symptom of bowel disturbances and it  was caused due to unhygeinic handling of foods and water.Diarrhoea occurs in two forms ,in the first case Diarrhoea comes on suddenly and lasts only for a couple of days and is called as acute diarrhoea and in the second case Diarrhoea lasts for more than a week and is usually referred as chronic diarrhoea.Fortunately, Diarrrhoea is preventable and treatable.To prevent diarrhoea follow these guidelines below.

  • Poor hygiene practice is the main reason for diarrhoea so, it is necessary to maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Children should be advised to wash their hand properly before eating.
  • Fruits,vegetables and other eatables should be washed thoroughly before consuming.
  • It is advised to drink boiled water so that the water can be free of germs.


Cold and flu is a common contagious disease caused by viruses.Cold is a communicable disease and the virus can be transfered from an infected person to a healthy person.The most common way the cold viruses spread is through hand to hand contact.In most cases colds last between 8-10 days  and it is the most common illness among children of all ages.The symptoms of cold are cough,sore throat and fatigue.Follow the below instructions to get rid of cold and flu.

  • Eating a proper diet with large amount of fruits and vegetables enhances your immune system .
  • Maintain distance from people who are showing symptoms like coughing and sneezing.
  • Wash your hands often after touching anything that you feel like germy and is the most important thing while preventing yourself from cold and flu .
  • Keeping your body warm can help you avoid coughs,cold and flu. 


Chickungunya is a communicable disease  which is transmitted by the bite of an infected aedes mosquito .The mosquito gets infected whey they comes in contact with a person infected with chikv and it can spread the virus to other humans when they bite.The symptoms of chickungunya are rashes,knee pain,fever and vomitting. Chickungunya can be prevented if neccessary precautions are taken. Here are a few suggestions to prevent the disease. 

  • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants to protect your body from mosquito bites.
  • If possible have window nets and door nets at all entry levels.
  • Ensure that the drainage in your surroundings are closed to prevent mosquito breeding.
  • During daytime sleep inside the mosquito net since aedes mosquito is active during the day time.


Another disease which is equally dangerous like malaria is thypoid which is highly infectious.Salmonella Typhi is the most common virus known to cause thypoid.Thypoid was caused through oral transmission and also by means of hand to mouth transmission.It is usually transmitted from unsanitary water or food  and the best part is that it is curable.The most common symptoms of thypoid are cough,sore throat, constipation and loss of apetite.The formation of thypoid can be prevented by  means of following the below guidelines.

  • Eat foods which are prepared in good hygienic conditions especially when you are travelling.
  • Avoid drinking untreated water and drink clean and boiled water.
  • Avoid stored foods which is more likely to get contaminated .So, prefer hot steaming foods to stay away from germs.


  • While going out be prepared with necessary equipments to prevent yourself from the rain as this will save you from many diseases.
  • When you feel some strange changes in your body condition ,consult a doctor as soon as possible and any delay in that might cause some drastic results.
  • Patients suffering from any communicable diseases should be treated with special care as the disease might affect the entire family.

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