Hair is an important element of our personal appearance. Losing hair is a nightmare for both men and women irrespective of age. Hair loss occurs due to various reasons like genetic factors, poor diet, stress and the list goes on. Hair loss can cause some psychological impact like depreesion, anxiety and inferiority complex.In the beginning you might notice some hairs coming off while combing or in the towels while bathing which is the starting point of hair loss and if you ignore these situations then it might cause some drastic results.Recent studies reveal that about 65 percent of all men  experience some degree of male pattern baldness and 25 of all women suffer from female pattern baldness.So,if you wants to avoid hair loss you must find the root cause of your problem and take necessary steps accordingly.In this article I would like to give some steps which you can follow  to minimize your hair loss.


Hair do not grow simultaneously. These grow in different stages. Hair growth cycle consists of three phases called anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase.ANAGEN phase is called as the active growth phase of hair.In this phase hair grows about 1 cm every month and the hair stays in the anagen phase for about 5 years and the time duration varies with individuals .If the hair stays in the anagen phase for a much longer period then the hair grows faster and longer. In the CATAGEN  phase the hair stays for  about one or two weeks in the human scalp and during this phase the hair follicle shrinks and stops producing hair.The last phase of hair growth known as the TELOGEN phase is the resting phase of hair growth cycle.Hair shedding occurs in telogen phase so it is essential to  take appropriate steps to ensure the hairs to remain in anagen phase.Below I had suggested few steps to prevent hair loss.


Poor nutritional plan can increase your hair loss.Protien plays an important role in hair growth as hair is made up of protiens.Non vegetarians can get the required amount of protiens from fish,eggs and turkey and vegetarians can consume protien rich foods like green grams,chikpeas and soy beans. In addition to protien certain vitamins like vitamin A,vitamin B, vitaminE and folic acids are required to facilitate effective functioning of hair growth.VitaminA acts as an antioxidant and it strengthens your hair ,so make sure to consume foods like carrots and green leafy vegetables which are rich in vitamin A.Vitamin B is essential to reduce your hair loss and it helps hairs to grow shiny and folic acids prevent the formation of grey hair and it helps hairs to grow thicker.So make sure to follow a good nutritional plan to minimize hair loss. 


Stress and hair loss are closely related and lack of sleep will also encourage rapid hair loss.So avoid these things to become a part of your life and people who are  stessed due to several reasons can follow medication and yoga to reduce it.Sleeping is very important because of the fact that our body recovers and regrowth of  our muscles  takes place only during the period of rest  therefore, it is vital to sleep well to give our body a good period of rest.It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a day to give your body ample time to recover.Poor sleeping pattern can cause hair loss in both men and women.


Many people change the appearance of their hair with the help of using chemical and heat treatments but,they fail to understand that hairs are easily damaged by means of applying chemicals containing alcohol content and harsh chemicals and it causes the hair to become brittle and to break easily.Avoid exposing your hair to high temperatures and if the hair scalps are subjected to continuous scratching of harsh chemicals or exposed to heat ,then it may cause hair loss  and makes hair thinner.There are no chemicals in the market which makes hair to grow in bald patches so,avoid applying chemicals to hair.Chemicals and heat will not directly cause hair loss but it damages the quality of hair which in turn makes your hair brittle and encourages hair loss.


Massaging the head with the help of hot oil helps in removal of dirt from the head scalp and promotes hair growth by circulating continuous blood to the scalp.Prefer hot oil to apply instead of regular oil and massage your scalp gently thrice per week to get the desired results.Oils such as olive oil and coconut oils are excellent hair conditioners which penetrates easily into your hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.Hot oil massage has been shown to have a significant effect on hair growth,which is what you need more if you are losing your hair quickly.Other advantages of massaging is that it relieves stress and detoxifies the head scalp.


Traction alopecia ,is  a condition which  can lead to hair loss and this conditin occurs when your hair was subjected to continuous friction .So avoid wearing your hair in tight styles if you are noticing significant amount of hair loss.Try to keep your hair as free as possible to minimize your hair loss.

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