Your mobile is your Fitness guide:

If you want to fit, then you have to control your diet.  Then if you want to know how many calories you are gaining per day, you have to download myfitnesspal in your mobile.  This will help you to count your calories. You can also use this as your personal diary also. This is useful to calculate the food, water you have taken.  There are more than two lakhs food related data base in myfitnesspal. You can also find Indian foods. On the basis of your age, gender, height and weight it will decide how much should be your exact weight. And it will also guide you with the information about how many calories should be burnt to achieve that weight. This app will record all your details of food intake daily. If your friends are also using this app, then you can also connect with them and know there progress. This app has a feature which creates custom food  as a  used id, by which you can it will trap and record your Calories, Proteins, Fat, Carbohydrates, fiber, sugar and cholesterol.  It shows your progress on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Traditional Calorie Counter:

If calorie counter is unable to track some Indian Food, then you can download Indian Good Calories application and enter manually. There are huge list of Indian foods in this application. It will show you about how many calories you have earned by eating a particular food.  It’s very simple to use this application.  The list of all the foods will be available in alphabetical order.  The entire food lists are available in this app which Indian use normally.  Users of Anriod can download this app in free. 

If you are using Trade Mill:

Though the above said application is taking care of your diet. Its our responsibility to atleast exercise for half an hour in a day. If you want to kick our your sweat then Jogging or Running is the best option. Go for running in a park or a Trade Mill. Where ever you do Nike+Running application will be very useful.  With the help of GPS & accelerometer in your mobile this app will track your running.

So, controlling our diet is not a difficult task now. No need of some trainer to guide us. What do you feel??  


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