Past days women were simply kitchen and home bound. But that scenario had changed, outdated and old-fashioned. Nowadays they have to concern on home, career and also managing overall personal growth. Many women are facing difficulties related to health due to this distortion of home and career. They mostly became the prey to poor fitness and obesity as they lack physical workouts and exercise in these hectic days. So I here deliver the most significant 8 tips for increasing working women's health and fitness.

Tip #1 Cast an exercise pattern

As per your convenience create an exercise pattern that must ponder on strength adapting for at least 20 minutes every morning or evening. Such as 10 minutes treadmill session at the speed of brisk walk, then do one-minute set each of side laterals, triceps extensions, biceps curls and standing triceps with 3-5 pounds dumbell, one set after another as you walk. This exercise will pump your heart and also tone your upper body. Pre-workout snacks is more important to provide necessary energy for your exercise, banana is the better option for pumping your energy level.

Tip #2: Good breakfast

Along with the workouts you should have a proper diet to stay healthy. Your breakfast should include fresh fruits as they contain glucose that will help to avoid sweet cravings.

Tip #3: Have lots of water

At regular intervals you should drink water that keeps you away from de-hydrating yourself. For proper functioning of your body,water is essential.

Tip #4: Be energetic

Do everything in an ease manner; avoid much stress for your every action. For instance if you are a typist take a short walk during your break, take short breaks for every half hour where you walk around  for a minute from your cabin. Likewise there are many options, the task is just to make up your mind and do it.

Tip #5: Healthy noshes(snacks)

Some of you have the habit of munching throughout the day in home or workplace. Instead of harming your health you should store yours cabin with healthy noshes.

Tip #6: Shrink redefined carbohydrate intake

Refined carbohydrate rich food intake will hike your blood sugar level and further leads to more insulin production which is the main culprit for increasing fat in your body. So limit refined carbohydrate rich foods like chocolates, honey, cookies and white rice.

Tip #7: Fitness not meant weight loss

Whenever women involves in fitness they are considering it as weight loss. You should not focus on reducing numbers on scale alone. Your objective should be to uphold a healthy and fit life, by eating right food and drilling right exercise.

Tip #8: Be lithe and happy

It is the important and mandatory hint. It is impossible to stick to a routine at all times. So just be flexible. If you dedicated your morning time to exercise and if some important activity comes up, make up your mind to do workout some other free time, and don’t get stressed and stiff. Just by giving yourself lissome is the key here. And the main thing is to be happy, when you laugh out loud or just are happy, your body will release good hormones and this will exterminate stress hormone cortisol.

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