Most of the parents warn their children not to eat chocolates. But eating chocolates are good to both children and the elders say doctors. After some research doctors have concluded that Chocolates which are in black colour are good to eat. Some of the doctors of California University say that by eating chocolates is useful to keep our body healthy in one or the other way. They say that totally we have 7 types of usefulness by eating chocolates.

Most of us believe that, by eating chocolates regularly we gain weight and if eating chocolates is controlled then we can maintain a slim body. About this issue California University has done a very detailed research. And the result of that research says that, if a body has excess of calories, if any person eats excess of food, chocolate has the nature to control the formation of fat in body. When they researched on the elders who eat chocolates some times in a day, they found that though this elders have the habit of eating excess food their cholesterol is in control. And when they researched on the elders who does not  have the habit of doing exercises and eat chocolates some times in a day, they found that chocolates are helping them by non formation of fat in their body.

By eating chocolates, our intelligence and memory powers will grow. Doctors suggest that, children who are about to face the examinations is good if they select their favourite chocolates and eat, which helps them to remember well. They say that it increases the IQ in the students. The chocolates which are in black colour, has many chemicals which helps our mind to work sharply. They are called as flavonoids, they help to find out new neurons in the mind. It will be helpful to increase our memory power as well as help for good blood circulation in the mind.

Chocolates are helpful for not only students but also to women who have tensions and pressures at work place. The doctors gave two chocolates to women who was working under pressure, and found that within a hour that women became very fresh and started working sharply.  

So eating chocolate is a good habit isn’t it?? But at the same time remember that “Too much is too bad” 

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