The main function of protein in the body is to develop and repair the body. Proteins should form 20-30% of our diet. The correct amount of protein requirement for your body will depend on your age, weight and workout routine. But some body builders and work out fanatics have a habit of taking excessive proteins in the diet. Some of these people ignore natural sources of proteins and start taking unhealthy protein supplements. This can give rise to health problems. Let us discuss this further.

How beneficial is protein

Protein is essential for developing the muscles and repairing the body. It strengthens the body. Proteins are considered one of the most important macro nutrients for the body. Proteins are found in our hair, muscles, nails and skin.

Protein essential for loosing weight

Proteins take time to be digested so more calories are burnt during the process. Proteins tend to stay a longer time in the stomach so one does not feel hungry soon.

Proteins keep the bones strong

Proteins keep the lungs and bones strong. It helps to heal and repair damaged tissues and muscles. Proteins are especially important for women. Women who have stopped menstruating can develop osteoporosis if they do not take adequate protein in the diet. Protein is important for proper functioning of the body. It gives the body energy, strengthens the immune system, removes toxins and balances the PH in the body. It also controls excessive hunger.

Proteins keep the hair and skin healthy

The hair and skin are also made up of protein. If there is a deficiency of protein in the body, the body loses the ability to heal and repair itself. It keeps the skin shining and healthy. It also keeps the hair shining and healthy. For a beautiful skin skin and hair, take adequate protein in the diet.

How much protein is necessary

The amount of protein you require depends on your age, weight, workouts and calorie intake. Proteins should form 20-35% of your calorie intake. If you take 2000 calories daily, 600 calories should come from proteins.

Excessive proteins can be damaging

Despite the numerous benefits of proteins mentioned above, it is true that excessive protein intake can be damaging. If your protein intake is above 30% of your diet, it will harm your body. Excessive calories proteins add toxins to the body and it is difficult for the body to remove these toxins. Excess proteins can increase the cholesterol and this can lead to cancer, stroke and heart problems. High proteins can lead to lower intake of carbohydrates . This can cause stomach problems and constipation. It can also damage your kidney. Therefore remember that proteins should be only 30% of your diet.

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