Your body and weight loss programs

You must know as a sculpture of your own body that fast weight loss is not safe for you but there are certain set rules for fixing your body-

1- Keep an eye on your metabolism
2- Get rid of extra pounds 
3- You should not depend much on gym but natural resources 

Fact is, you should not shed your fat in a zippy but it needs a planned schedule to get rid of fat. Another fact is that you cannot lose your fat following those ‘Lose fat in fourteen days’ type programs, try as hard as you do. That is not healthy either but too dangerous for your health and physique. You may or may not lose weight but everything else will be loose, including your skin. If you are looking for fast weight lose, you shall have to follow certain rules but it still will be like as fast as two three weeks to six weeks' program but depending on your body weight and body parts where you have that extra meat. However the program works perfectly, great and quicker than wildest of your dreams and the good news is that it does not work on film stars and fashion models but ordinary people like us too. 

Most people put on extra weight during festive seasons or whenever they find themselves in leisurely mood, because their physical movements become comparatively lesser and they also feel lesser attentive to their body needs. That is where they gain extra weight, which is easy to put on but not that easy to get rid of. But the good news is that if you follow as I said earlier also, a strict diet plan consisting of fruits and shakes. If a person willing to lose weight rapidly, yet not making any bad effects on his physical condition should go for following fruit diet replacing it with his regular solid meals. 

First week 

Do not eat any food cooked in your kitchen but use - White shake (smoothie)- for your breakfast


1- Apple with skin to add fiber, 1- banana, curd, milk, 4-5 almonds, fat free milk. Shake these items well in a blender. You can keep volume and thickness of this diet as per your liking. Use as little sugar as you can, if you can avoid it there is nothing better.

DSC02543Red Shake (smoothie) - Mango shake for your lunch

1- Big mango, fatless milk and no sugar is what you need for red shake if it is mango season. If mangoes are not available, you can use mixture of pineapple and banana or banana with fatless milk.

Green fruit and vegetable Shake (smoothie) for your dinner

Green shakes are made using green leafy vegetables and fruit, although pure vegetables would serve purpose better but fruits are used to enhance taste and make the preparation sweet naturally. One can use vegetables of his choice. Here is one of my choices-

1- Small bunch of Salad leaf (Lettuce) 
1- Small bunch of spinach
1- Very small bunch of coriander leaves (according to need)
1- Apple (Small pieces)
1- Pear
1- Banana
One tsf lemon juice
Use a pinch of salt if you like that taste
Water, as per your choice.

Second week 

Give up your morning shake to eat your regular breakfast without consuming any milk that has fat contents; consume red shake for lunch and green shake for dinner. Avoid using any snacks in between two meals but if you must, use popcorns to satisfy yourself.  

Third week

Give up shake in the morning and noon to eat your regular breakfast and lunch, use green shake for dinner only. Use popcorns for snacks if you feel like eating in the afternoon. 

Fourth week to Sixth week- 

Repeat the process of first three weeks all over and at the end of 6 weeks you will find yourself entirely transformed.

Juices or shakes

Why shakes and not juices as most people find them better, simply because juice is nothing but sugar part of all the fruits, which you have just thrown away in form of peels and pulps. There is the basic difference in between shakes and juices that in shakes your entire fruit remains naturally safe with its entire fiber parts and nutrients whereas in juices only part of nutrient value remains. What is more, the fruit still remains as full and filling because you throw nothing away. The best healthy food is all about using best part of healthy portions of vegetables and fruits save these by blending juicing will waste these.  

Workout schedule

Let us have a look at the workouts plans during your diet plan- No gym whatsoever during your aforesaid dieting program is required. What you need is regular movements throughout the day. You should not sit idle right from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. You have to keep yourself busy with movements. You can walk, jog, run, swim or go cycling but no gym. If you do not fee like going outdoors, keep going up and down stairs, as many times as you can. The catch lies in physical movements, whatever way you do it. 

There is no point sitting whole day and suddenly join a gym which is not going to help your cause a bit. If you think sitting in a place surfing internet, not doing any physical efforts, no walking, cycling and no swimming, eating whatever we like at our will is going to help our cause, no way. Trust me the best of exercise trainer cannot make you slimmer if you do not make self-help and keep moving. You cannot expect results of your choice if you think that mere half hour is enough in a gym while you spend rest of your day doing things, which neutralize effects of your whole day’s efforts. So the best way to get best results is to keep moving as much as you can. You can reduce your weight and have yourself a more fit body simply by regular movements.  


Now back to original question, how much did you lose in the process of dieting and workout? It is not as easy to answer though, but you lose according to your built and willingness to lose. I can only say that it is the best way to lose weight without harming you and perhaps quickest and safest way to shed most weight one can possibly do. All you need in this weight loss process is a fruit processor, no other exrcisers and lots of body movements. 

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