What is Examination?

The examination is a way to know your idea on particular subject. You need to relax and calm during the examination. The world cannot neglect you if you don't pass in the examination. Before examination you need to consider your preparation. It must satisfy with your preparation. Revise all important topics that may ask in the examination. Stop pressuring your mind on the day of examination. It is not good for your examination. You need to take proper sleep of around 8 hours a day before the examination. 

Meaning - Exam stress

The human being is fallen in stress. It is normal. Stress is a phenomenon in which your body starting  to respond to the change of environment that surrounds you. Your body starts working according to changes. It takes your mind in different situation. When we are discussing about the stress caused by exam , it is nothing. It only means that you are conscious about the exam result not for the exam.  It has two faces - Good or bad. Good in a sense because it may force you to perform hard work to get good marks in your examination. Bad in a sense when you are taking extra stress on your mind. It may stop your learning ability. You stop revising your exercises. During examination stress is common and it can be taken with proper care. Otherwise it may spoil your examination and your body. 

Stress - Its Signs

  1. Your body feels Tiredness.
  2. You may feel  pain in your body.
  3. Feeling of sadness. You may cry also.
  4. You may become a victim of deep panic.
  5. You may lose your sleeping habit. 
  6. You may affected by stomach upsets.
  7. You may see  rashes on your skin. It can be itchy.
  8. You may suffer  by fever along with coldness.

Stress on the day of the examination - Way to deal with

1. Properly Organize

First of all you need to collect all important things that are important for your examination such as stationary like pen, pencil, sharper, eraser etc. Pick your examination  hall ticket or admit card.  If you start  looking all essential  things just before examination, it will only develop unnecessary stress on your mind. It is not good for your examination.

2. Take healthy Diet

Before leaving for examination center, need to consume food that is rich with energy. Avoid eating oily food. Consume food in light amounts. It is make you active. Going for the examination  without eating food, it will kill your concentration. You start thinking of food in spite of examination.  Prefer to consume food rich with proteins as well as fresh fruits. You need to avoid the consumption of food rich with carbohydrates such as boiled rice or boiled potatoes. This may make you lazy. A bottle full of water is the best thing for your examination room. It will keep you re-hydrated.

3. Try to relax yourself

You need to relax just before the examination. At the last hour avoid of collecting  more idea related to the subject. Restrict your own preparation. You really work hard for the  examination. Try to be confidential. The topic you have learned is sufficient for the examination. Try to memorize all learned topic like a stream of water. Feel relax by taking a long breath. You learn all the important topics for examination and it is the time for giving your best paper. For giving the best, fresh mind is needed. Enter into the examination room with energetic body and a fresh mind. With discharge mind you are not able to give your best. You prepare for the examination with hard labor. Be relax no one is able to snatch your hard labor. It is a natural law – “what you invest at least you are going to get at last”.  Keep your mind strong. Accept the truth that your preparation is not up to the mark. You must fall in stress and fail to score good marks if you are not properly preparing yourself for examination. You need to neglect the topic and stop memorizing that you missed for the examination. Try to organize the entire learned topic in your mind. It must help you to extract all topics in the examination hall without developing any kind of stress on your mind.

4. Planning is necessary

In an examination hall planning is necessary. First you need to collect question paper. You need to go through the entire  question paper. Try to make a rough idea in what way you are going to attempt question paper. Time management is necessary. You need to decide the time that you are going to invest on each question. Take a pencil and make a point on the questions which you are going to attempt firstly. By solving question in easy way, it will  develop your confidence level that is necessary during last hour of your examination. Try to appreciate your brain for solving the question. It will increase the working capacity of your brain. During the examination you are going to find some question that is not prepared by you or you forget answer. In such situation never blame yourself. This is not a proper place or time to blame yourself. Concentrate on your present scenario. 

5. Revision is necessary

When you complete your paper,  you need to revise all answer written by you. It is a very important part of your examination. 15 Minutes before from the last hour is considered for revising the paper. It might find some mistake in your paper. During the process of revising you are going to find some of the mistakes done by you. When you found mistakes correct them and finish your examination. 

6. Examination - Forget it

It is natural process in each and every student that they start thinking about the exact marks they are going to secure in examination or try to know what answer is written by their friends. Now you cannot correct your result because you submit your paper to the examiner. If you still want to know your friend's answers, it will only create unnecessary stress on your mind. It might be possible that your friend's answer is not accurate. After examination  many students tell lies to their friends. Every student tries to give their best answer. Asking answer from friends is only wastage of time and peace. It only develops pressure on your mind. You need to stop thinking about given paper. Try to forget the examination and start your preparation for the next exam that you are going to face in future.

Want to reduce stress because of your study - Follow these tips

1. Tips for revising subjects

Routine is very important to monitor your day to day activities in a proper way. You need to give proper time for fun activities, studies and for relaxing. The habit of writing during revision is a good idea. This will give you a flashback of your examination. It will develop your habit of writing while revising exercises. You need to complete your day to day revision activities on time. This is important because it will fill your body with invisible confidence.   You cannot get bored due to the presence of various available subjects. Different problems have different difficulty. You really got enjoyment after solving various kinds of problems of various difficulty levels. First of all you have to decide your goal. What you are going to achieve in your available time. Fix 3-4 hours on revising and reading topics related to particular subjects. When you complete your learning, start writing the answers of all learned question in the same way as you do in your examination. By repeating this process you are able to learn all important points related to a particular subject. When you start your writing work, fix certain time and rules as you face in your examination. In any examination a student is allotted three hours for completing paper in the same way writing answers must finished before three hours. By doing this you prepare yourself for your upcoming examination. 

2. Take a break

When you  become tired and start losing your concentration, you need a break. It will save your mind from mental stress. Try to perform such activities that cannot break the momentum of your study. During the break you need to avoid watching Television or listening music on your speakers. This break will refresh your mind. Now you are ready to start study with full energy. Relaxation is necessary in between studies. Human mind and body work like two wheels of a motorcycle. Both wheels are needed for performing activities in a proper manner. Relaxation prepares your mind as well as body for performing activities in a proper way.

3. Develop a proper habit of sleeping

For performing activities with full concentration, 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary. You are not supposed to sleep at any time. Develop the habit of sleeping on time. Any situation cannot change your sleeping pattern weather you sleep late because of your study or because you need to wake up early in the morning for study. A little consideration is allowed during exam time.  If possible stop all kinds of activities before one hour of sleeping. You may prefer some of the exercises that are used for relaxing muscles. It will help you to release stress from your body.

4. Type of food - Needs to consume

You must prefer green vegetables, fruits that are full with vitamins and proteins.  When you consume a good amount of nutrients, it will develop your brain. If possible avoid a diet that is rich in fat and carbohydrates. Consuming beverages such as Tea and coffee is not good for your health. This type of beverages may harm of thinking ability.

5. No need of being distracts

Some of the issues may not important for you. Keep such issues away from yourself. This is the exam time and you need to concentrate on your examination not on unwanted issues. This kind of issues may distract you from your goal. You might start losing your concentration. Try to perform such activities that aren't breaking the momentum of your study.

6. Positive thinking - Try to develop it

Positive thinking is necessary for achieving goals. Try to make contact with persons with a positive mind set. This will put positive result in your mind too. Thinking must be superior. Destroy your thinking that you are struggling in your life while other people enjoy their life. Keep positive thoughts. Congratulate yourself for securing more marks in previous examinations. 

7. Relaxing exercises - Need to be performed

Relaxing exercises such as taking longer breathing, doing yoga is used to make your body and mind relax. By doing such exercises you are going to relax your mind as well as body. This will minimize your stress. When you complete your study, take a walk. This will refresh you due to intake of fresh air. If you have a belief in god, you need to pray for your successful study. You must pray to god. As it will maximize the level of confidence and help to minimize stress.

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