Recently when I and my husband were talking bout a girl, I just asked him casually to know his opinion "When you see any girl, firstly what do you observe in her?" and I was very much surprised to listen his answer when he told me that he firstly sees her legs. According to him any girl whose legs are clean and looks healthy, will definitely maintain her face also. Is this not surprising? I don't know about all of you, but this was really a surprise to me. It's not just the opinion of my husband, but also of many males.

If you have a glowing face, it's not just  enough to say that you are beautiful. Hands, fingers, nails and foot should also be healthy and look good. To maintain healthy hands, fingers, nails and foot one have to spend some of their time with some care at home. Here are some of the tips which will help you.

Tip No 1: Places where most of dead skin is accumulated, say it may be one foot, you can use the mixture of vegetable oil and 2 table spoons of salt. Take this mixture and clean your foot by rubbing with a good scrub. By doing this process regularly, your foot becomes clean and soft and look very healthy. 

Tip No 2: It looks very ugly, when the nails of hands and legs are dirty. You should be always cleaning them regularly. Take a tea spoon of alovera paste, part of a lemon and olive oil, mix this in water. Dip your legs and hands in this mixture for some time, so than your nails become wet and soft. And then clean your fingers. By following this procedure weekly once, you can get healthy nails and as well as your nails will become more strong so that the nails will not break for small accidents.

Tip No 3: One should be applying, olive oil regularly to nails, so that the nails will look and grow healthier.

Tip No 4: It's common that, some of the females will face the problem like their legs will become very rough. Such people, take a lemon, cut it into pieces, mix these pieces with salt and grind them softly. Apply this mixture to your feet. If this is done regularly your legs will become softer.

Tip No 5: For crack of the legs, take a tea spoon of lemon juice, one tea spoon of petroleum jelly, mix it well and apply it on the crack. This will help you to get rid of crack on legs.

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