Everybody likes to kick start the day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is a beverage prepared from the roasted seeds of coffea plant and is commonly known as coffee bean. It is a good drink to have early in the morning but many people are often getting addicted to coffee and they used to consume more amount of coffee in a day which might result in some drastic consequences. In the  recent years and decades, researchers are conducting studies on whether coffee is good or bad for you. But the outcome of the results are contradicting in nature. Some echoed that coffee has amazing health benefits and on the other hand majority of people advised to avoid coffee as it has several negative consequences. It is claimed that coffee is blamed for causing heart diseases and some researchers point out that coffee is not bad as it has several health benefits. So, everyone is confused on the topic on whether coffee is good or bad. Most people are making coffee a bigger part of their life  expanding attitudes and behaviours that are driving new levels of consumption. Recent studies have echoed that coffee has no relation with heart diseases, but it dosen't mean that coffee is a great thing to have several times in a day. Everything should be under the limit and in this article I'm  going to say about potential benefits and drawbacks of drinking coffee.

Why is coffee good for you?

Over the past few years many scientists  have conducted several research on coffee and found out many potential health benefits of coffee. They had suggested that coffee may helps you stay healthy when consumed in moderation. Below I had listed down various health benefits of coffee. Coffee can have a major impact on your sleep. It can make you active and eliminate the feeling of tiredness for so many hours. So it is very helpful for individuals who have to work at night as drinking coffee can drive away their sleep. Coffee helps to keep some people awake but it can also make some people to sleep easily as the effect of coffee on sleep depends on individuals. Sticking with regular coffee with limiting extras like milk and sweeteners is helpful for healthy living and weight loss. Coffee also increases your power and strength performance as it contains a large quantity of antioxidants in it. It is advisable to drink coffee early in the morning to increase your performance and it can add strength directly on the muscles. The most important thing is that you can feel those positive changes in your body very quickly.

Coffee is also great for your skin and it protects your brain and the most important thing is that having a cup of coffee can reduce your stress level. It also protects you from getting diagnosed to skin cancer. Coffee also helps to eliminate cholesterol by increasing the good cholesterol level and decreasing the bad cholesterol level. It prevents certain diseases and the formation of cancer because of the presence of high amount of antioxidants. Coffee also increases our immune system and keeps us mentally alert. Paraxanthine which is present in coffee slows the growth of cell tissues responsible for liver cancer and prostrate cancer. Coffee also improves your digestion and helps you to burn fat if consumed in the right amounts and by adding proper ingredients. It also helps in preventing blood clot by preventing the blood vessel  from developing cholesterol in it because of the presence of antioxidants. It also increases your happiness because of the presence of dopamine. Coffee has several benefits but when it is drank while smoking or drinking can cause some health problems and eliminate all the potential benefits of coffee.

Why is coffee bad for you?

Having said the potential health benefits of coffee, we cannot conclude that drinking coffee will make some wonders to our health as sometimes it can damage our health because of the various drawbacks it possess. Coffee can sometimes change your mood and drinking coffee several times a day may give some instant results but it can make you to get addicted. Intake of  too much of coffee can increase your blood sugar levels. If you are a lean person then limit your coffee intake as drinking more than 3 cups a day may provide the way for getting diagnosed with insomnia, irritability and a few more diseases as well and it can cause some irregular heartbeats and  heartburn. The main disadvantage of coffee is that after getting addicted to coffee, it is very difficult  to counter it as caffeine which  is a mild addictive stimulunt and   a drug present in coffee can affect your nervous system. So, once you take off a few days without drinking coffee you can feel some uneasy feeling going through your mind and will suffer from frequent headaches. 

So despite the health benefits many people avoid drinking coffee. People who used to drink coffee throughout the day may suffer from sleep depreviation and have to adjust with irregular sleep patterns. It also has several compounds which has the potential to affect our health if not consumed in moderation. Coffee jitters , is a condition which affect our nervous system is a huge hazard to our health and it can be caused by drinking coffee. Coffee also contains some toxic metals which was qiute harmful to our body.  For women, drinking coffee beyond the limitation can affect their overall health and cause osteoporosis.

So is it good or bad?

The answer is very simple, it is good when it is consumed in moderation, and it is very bad and can cause some severe health consequences when it is consumed in excessive amount. There are several health benefits of drinking coffee but the negative effect will emerge only in excessive consumption. If you wish to drink coffee, limit it to once or twice a day and make sure to add less amount of sugar to make it  as a healthy drink.

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