Lemon water is the cheapest nutritious drink which one can drink in the morning. Having a glass of lemon water in the morning can give health a big boost and also it keeps you to remain active throughout the day and also the yummy taste of lemon is awesome and you just can't get away with it. Drinking lemon water can make some huge difference to your overall health. The best way to drink lemon water is to add lemon with lukewarm water rather than mixing it with cold or hot water. Many might feel drinking plain water a bit boring and for those individuals adding some lime to the plain water can avoid that feeling. They can also be used as an alternative to tea or coffee as those bevearages provide very less health benefits while comparing with lime water. Below I have listed various benefits of drinking lemon water.

Limes and weight loss

Lemon juice has a positive impact on weight loss. There is a common myth that drinking lemon water daily can reduce your weight. This is false, drinking lemon water will not blast off those pounds but it helps in increasing your metabolism which in turn burn more calories. Lemons are high in fibre which can reduce your cravings and also helps in digestion. Lemon juice is also a low calorie drink which is helpful to kick start your metabolism. So, lemon water is not directly involved in weight loss but it has an indirect effect on burning calories. If you love lemon it's great and drink lemon juice on a daily basis as it is a healthful way satisfy your thirst.

Limes and mouth

Lemon consists of a lot of citric acid which gives several advantages to your mouth and teeth. They are also high in vitamin C which prevent from any gum problems and from tooth decay. Most of the mouth washing products contain lemon as their main ingredient because of its high citric acid content. Ulcers in tongue and mouth can be prevented by drinking lemon water.

Limes and skin care

Due to the high content of vitamin C limes are an excellent medicine which rejuvenates your skin and safeguards your skin from infections. It is also useful in eliminating dandruff when applied to your head while bathing. Applying lemon water to your skin helps in reducing the blemishes or any scars. We can also use lemon juice for skin whitening and bleaching purposes. Lemons are an excellent medicine to get rid of pimples. By means of applying lemon juice to your face you can remove the dirt present beneath the skin which in turn reduces the formation of pimples. Many people suffer from dark patches below their elbows and applying lemon in that area  might improve those dark patches. You can also mix it with face masks so that it helps your skin to have a shining look. They can also reverse the signs of aging as it helps skin to look younger.

Limes and kidney stones

Suffering from kidney stones is a major problem as the pain comes with the problem is a nightmare which can't be explained.  Many studies reveal that fruits which are high in citric acid prevents kidney stones and in that case lemon stands first. For patients suffering from kidney stones,lemon comes as a blessing as lime juice contains more amount of citric acid which slows down the kidney stones growing rate and for many people it prevents completely the formation of kidney stones. Drink at least 2 cups of lemon juice a day and don't mix sugar,salt or any other flavour with lemon because, drinking plain juice is the best way to get full rewards from lemon.

Limes and detoxification

The lemon juice's natural acidity provides detoxification to our body by means of providing the liquid medium which was required to flush out all the toxins. Plain lemon juice acts as a detoxifier and helps in removing the toxic substances in our body and it strengthens our immune system. To get full benefits, drink lemon juice mixed with hot water without any addition of sugar or salt. Maintaining this as a habit has several advantages and health benefits. They are used to prevent constipation by making our bowel softer and it removes away all the toxic substances from the liver. Lemon is also believed to help dissolve gallstones and acts as an excellent alkalizer. It also oxygenates our body and keeps it refreshed everytime. There is a huge misconception that lemon juice should be consumed only in the morning, which ia s myth and consuming lemon juice in the night also provide similar health benefits because,your body will detoxify only during the period of rest. So it is a wise decision to drink lemon water before going to bed.

Other benefits

  • It supports our immune system and prevents our body from dehydration.
  • Lemons can freshens our breathe.
  • It balances the PH level of our body since it is an alkaline fruit.
  • It prevents constipation and facilitates smooth operation of the bowel.
  • Lemons are high in fibre which can prevent cravings for foods.
  • It eliminates throat problems.
  • It facilitates the brain and nervous system to function properly due to the presence of vitamin C in lemon. 

Precautions to be taken

Lemon juice is a healthful drink but certain precautions should be taken before consumption. It is not recommended for small children to drink lemon juice without proper consultation with the doctor. Lemon juice has a lot of citric acid so one should be careful before applying to the skin. Lemons bought from unhygeinic conditions should not be used since unhygeinic lemons are subjected to fungal infections which can affect our eyes. Sometimes, lemon juice can affect our enamel  so while drinking take steps to prevent enamel erosion. But the thing about lemon is that the health benefits of lemon can easily defeat the negatives of drinking lemon juice.

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