Blood pressure is a dangerous disease which should be prevented at the earliest and any failure in that might lead to some adverse consequences. It facilitates the way to other harmful health factors like heart diseases,stroke and diabetes. Blood pressure is classified into two categories high blood pressure and low blood presssure. High blood pressure was caused due to anxiety, stress and some other factors. It is essential for people to prevent high blood pressure and they can do it by following a good medical plan. But the best way to prevent blood pressure is by means of following a good lifestyle which was free from all kinds of stress and anxiety and following a good nutritional diet. Here,I had listed down top  foods which was used to prevent blood pressure from getting developed.


Oatmeal is a nutritious and delicious food to have at breakfast to kick start your day. Oats consist of a lot of fibres and eating a high fibre food can keep your blood pressure under control. Also oatmeal has a huge amount of potassium content in it which was helpful to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. Cholesterol is one of the  reason for getting affected by blood pressure and eating oatmeal is very effective in reducing cholesterol which in turn reduces the risk from getting developed from blood pressure and other heart diseases. It also enhances your cardiovascular health and keeps you to feel full for a much longer time  which prevent you from food cravings. Preparing oatmeal is not a difficult job, it barely takes anything between 5-10 minutes. So for working and busy individuals oatmeal is a great breakfast food to maintain a healthy body and they can also prevent themselves from blood pressure and blood cholesterol.


Skim milk does not cut your blood pressure completely but it  helps in reducing your blood pressure level. Milk is rich in calcium and potassium  which is vital in controlling blood pressure. So, drinking two or three cups of milk can do wonders to your health as it has some essential minerals. If you are over weight then, you are subjected to hypertension which might cause heart diseases and blood pressure. Also consumption of milk can reduce your hypertension level which is vital in controlling blood pressure. Protien intake can lower your hypertension level and milk has abundant of protien in it. But it is recommended to drink soy milk as it has more protien and other nutrients . So,include milk in your diet to drive away blood pressure.


Eating 6-7 servings of fruit a day can reduce your blood pressure. Eating more salt may harm your body and also it causes blood pressure. Fruits are rich in fibre and vitamins which was useful in maintaining your body in good condition. So, you can replace those salty foods with fruits to control your blood pressure. Eating fruits like bananas, oranges, grapes  daily can do wonders to your health. They are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium and other essential vitamins to control blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure should avoid foods rich in fats and should include a lot of fruits in their diet. Eating  fruits not only decrease your blood pressure level but also reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and cancer.


Spinach are green leafy vegetables containing some essential nutrients which was useful to maintain a healthy body. Spinach are rich in vitamin C and iron. Spinach are also rich in magnesium and calcium which was used to reduce the blood pressure of individuals who are sufferring from hypertension. It is a well known fact that nitrates lower blood pressure and in that sense spinach is very useful as it contains a lot of nitrates in it. It was also useful to prevent heart strokes because of the presence of folate - a nutrient used to improve the function of our heart.

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