In modern era people likes to maintain their body. They do not want to be over loaded. They want to keep body in right shape and size. People start thinking how to plan daily diet. If you want to lose weight with the help of diet, you have to think about various factors such as food with low fat, food with high fat, food with low carbohydrates and food with high carbohydrates. There are large numbers of choices. This make a big confusion and you are not in position to choose a perfect diet that can reduce your weight. You cannot decide the type of diet. It is really difficult to choose food with low carbohydrates or food with high carbohydrate or food rich with high protein. You need to prefer food rich with high carbohydrates. It is the popular way to reduce weight. Can you answer carbohydrates is good or bad? Is carbohydrates is responsible for obesity or big stomach? The answer might be no. First you need to learn about diet rich with high carbohydrates.

For performing day to day activities by our body, we have to consider carbohydrates as basic nutrients in our daily diet plan. You can get carbohydrates by consuming various kinds of foods such as food rich with starch, sugars and food rich with fibers. You can prefer foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes, Corn, beans, fresh milk, fresh bread etc. 

Most important criteria are to take diet or food that is rich with high carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are classified into two parts such as Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. A simple carbohydrate means it contains less amount of sugar particle. It provide small amount of nutrition to our body. Some of the food with simple carbohydrates are Flour, Chocolates, cakes prepare in bakery, fruit jam, biscuits and cereals whereas chemical value of complex carbohydrates is composed of more than three sugars. Some of the food with complex carbohydrates are creamy milk, whole grain food and in many plants and vegetables. If you need food with more nutrition, you need to select complex carbohydrates food.

Let us know in what way diet with high carbohydrates works

Due to the presence of glucose human being cells cannot convert fat into energy. But when we consume diet rich with high carbohydrates, our body contain both glucose and carbohydrates. Due to this reason our body does not convert fat into energy. As a result fat is accumulating in your body.  Hence, large number of people prefers diet with fewer carbohydrates. Our body does not contain carbohydrates, glucose start releasing energy for performing various activities. Apart from this your body in search diet that is rich with carbohydrates.

In what way it works ?

When your body is rich with carbohydrates in large amount with lesser amount of fat, less amount of fat is accumulate. If you plan to prepare balance diet rich with carbohydrates, you have to maintain calories. It is necessary that around 60 % is provided by carbohydrates, 20 % is provided by protein and rest calories are provided by fat.

Advantages of high carbohydrates diet

Result in weight loss

A research indicates that diets rich with high carbohydrates are closely associated with lesser BMI. When you take diet rich with high carbohydrates, we need to maintain amount of calories. Consumption of calories must between 1,500 to 1,900 calories per day. We should avoid fatty diets rich with carbohydrates. If you need carbohydrates, prefer fruits and vegetables rich with high carbohydrates. You should prefer dairy product rich with lower fat. This type of diet is useful because you get good amount of water, fibers and lesser amount of Saturated fat. When you prefer less fatty diet, our body cells easily convert consumed carbohydrates into energy used by our body for performing various activities. By this way you can easily decrease fat accumulating in your body. It makes your stomach flat and beautiful.

Diet with less Glycemic Index (GI) saves you from Cardiovascular

Food rich with High carbohydrate and contain lower GI contain good amount of starch and Fibers. This nutrient protects our heart from various kinds of disease as well as heart attacks. It contains the phytochemicals that contain various proteins and fibers. This Phytochemicals is able to reduce the chance of heart diseases. Apart from this it reduces the cholesterol level in your blood. It produces acids in your bile. This acid is used for bile restriction. If your bile produces bile acid in good amount, the liver of human beings maintains levels of the cholesterol by using cholesterol reserves. 

It refreshes your Mood

You can find refreshment in your mood by consuming diet rich in High carbohydrates instead of diet rich in low carbohydrates. Every human brain has a chemical known as “Feel Good". The work of this chemical is to increase serotonin levels. It increases the mood of particular person. According to research done by MIT, a person consume low carbohydrates food in their diet, it will react negatively.   

Athletes get advantages

Every athlete prefers diet rich in high carbohydrates. This is because it provides important nutrients. This nutrient provides energy for longer duration of period. In other word it increases stamina. Muscles can be replenished with the proper consumption of carbohydrates. It also store the lost glycogen found in your liver due to performing longer workouts. When a athletics consume carbohydrate in low amount, it may cause tiredness due to loss of glycogen. It may spoil your training too.  If you consume starch and fibers rich carbohydrates, it you will gain good amount of energy for performing extensive workouts. This kind of energy cannot be gain by consuming simple sugar. If you are going to perform exercise, eat diets rich with GI before 1-2 hours. It will expand the storage capacity of your muscles.

Disadvantages of high carbohydrates diet

Diabetes patient need to restrict carbohydrates

Second type of diabetes patients need to restrict themselves insulin-spiking carbohydrates. It is good way to manage day to day diet.  Many doctors all over the world mention to eliminate high carbohydrates glycemic load. Consumption of carbohydrates needs to reduce about 1\6 of the calories need for normal person. 

Threat of cancer

A research held in the Canada by BCCRC ( British Columbia Cancer Research Center) indicate that after giving high protein diet and low carbohydrates diet to mouse, it will reduce the growth of cell tumor. It is not possible by supplying diet rich with high carbohydrates. The research establishes a link between high carbohydrates diet with cancer. It gives rise to abnormal cells in your body. The size of these cells goes on increasing by increase of glucose. Glucose is transform by the consumption of carbohydrates. By this way Cells tumor start growing and rise to cancer. 

Older age person may lose memory

According to the research by Mayo Clinic it is clear that with the consumption of high carbohydrates diets may give rise to cognitive disability among old age person. Not only may it give rise to harmful disease such as Alzheimer's among old age person. Large amount of glucose is generated with consumption of carbohydrates. It may affect brain blood vessels. By the process it will create proteins. This protein is not good for your brain. Older age person need to consume diet rich in protein such as fish and meat. It will reduce the chance by 25 %. If you consume healthy fats such as pure fish oils, it will reduce the chance by 45 %.

It will increase problems related to heart

Your blood cholesterol can be decrease after consuming diet rich in low fat and high carbohydrates with excess consumption of sugar. It may also decrease the triglycerides levels. Due to this reason problem related to heart increases.

Suppose a person is not able to release extra consumed calories, he should not consume food rich in high carbohydrates. It may add extra kilos to that person. Consumption of carbohydrates is not bad but consumes these important nutrients in balance amount. Otherwise it will harm you. Your body does not need diets that give only one kind of nutrient. A person needs to take proper balance diet. It maintains the body weight and provides a healthy life.  

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