INOSITOL: Inositol is a vitamin like substance and it occurs naturally in plants and animals and can also be created scientifically in the laboratory. It is a primary component of cell membrane. It is sometimes called Vitamin B8 but it’s not officially a vitamin as it’s synthesized in the body by some intestinal bacteria.

Recommended Daily allowance: (RDA) (Per day basis) Inositol is not needed by everyone, mostly it is found in the multivitamins supplement in small amounts that are ineffective. Some doctors suggest 500 mg dosage twice a day. For patients of panic disorder, depression and anxiety a dose of 12 – 18 mg is suggested to be in taken on per day basis. There is no recommended daily allowance for Inositol but normal human diet should contain up to 1 gram Inositol per day.

SOURCES: Vitamin Inositol is mainly found in foods like meat, eggs, vegetables, dairy products, whole grain products etc. The likely items are Beef, Liver, Eggs, Tuna, Sardine, and Cod. Bananas, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Spinach, Avocado, Peanut, Walnut, and Kidney beans Soya bean, wheat germ, Nuts, brown rice, Oat flakes.

FACTS: Inositol is helpful for Autism patients as it increases the blood circulation in brain. Inositol is important in growth of cells in bone marrow, intestines and also eye membranes. Inositol is helpful in production of serotonin and neurotransmitters which help in transmitting messages between nerves and cells. Inositol is present in all body tissues with high quantities in lens of eyes, brain and heart. Inositol is useful for fat and cholesterol metabolism. Inositol maintains healthy skin and healthy hair. Side Effects: There are no such side effects of taking Inositol on adults and infants. In some cases there have been chances of renal failure and diarrhea due to excessive intake of Inositol. Important Notes: Taking excessive caffeine can reduce the body’s capacity to store Inositol. Inositol is very effective in diseases like diabetes, panic disorders, depression, cancer, skin disorder, schizophrenia. Alzheimer disease etc. Inositol is used for curing polycystic ovary syndrome. Helps to control blood pressure and build healthy triglycerides. It balances the chemicals in the body with healthy development of hormones such as testosterone. When to consult a doctor: Lower level of Inositol can trigger depression. Inositol deficiency also leads to change in behavior and increases anxiety levels. Bipolar disease and diabetes are some serious ailments which can be result of lower level of Inositol in body. Home Remedies: For treatment of Inositol deficiency at home one can switch on to use more and more vitamin B rich foods. One can also consume fruits like bananas and oranges on daily basis. The diet should contain a proper amount of Inositol food. One can also consume cereals fortified with Inositol.

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