The paradigm of Adiposity that we get fat due to excess calories we consume is no true. But it is perpetuated across all the media outlets as an eternal truth. So a general suggestion to loose weight is burning excess calorie and consuming less calories. This calorie deficit will help you loose fat. This paradigm is just nonsensical. Human body is not an empty vessel that we can calculate its biological functions of generating and expending energy from the amount of calories we consume. The coexistence of a fat and slim person in the same family blows away this belief.

Role of Insulin

As it turns out the most determining factor in accumulating and storing fat in our body is the hormone Insulin. Insulin is the most crucial factor in a person’s ability to store fat. It is the same reason why two persons in the same family can be slim and fat, even when they consume the same amount of calories.

Other Factors Involving Fat Storage 

There are also other factors involving fat storage in our body. The fat that men and women fatten differently tells us that sex hormone play a role in regulating fat. Just look at your different body parts. You’ll notice that some parts of out body are relatively fat-free, like our forehead and the back of our hands. It is also hereditary. If both the parents are fat, then chances are their offspring will share those same fat genes. They will be more vulnerable to accumulate body fat and become obese.

Carbohydrates Determines Insulin Secretion

But the good news is that we can control these hormones to a certain extend. Thus we have the ability to reduce our body fat. We may be born predisposed to get fat but adiposity 101 teaches us that this predisposition is set off by carbohydrates we eat, their quality and quantity. Carbohydrates ultimately determine Insulin secretion and Insulin drives the accumulation of fat.

Some may argue that they eat a lot of carbohydrates like sweets, refined flour, bread, pastas etc, but they are not fat. Here a comparison with cigarette is opt. Not every smoker gets lung cancer only one in six men will. But those who get lung cancer, cigarette is the most common factor. If a person doesn’t smoke the chances are he may not get lung cancer. Similarly if a person doesn’t consume carbohydrate rich diet the chances are he may not become obese.Not all food containing carbohydrates are equally fattening. The most fattening foods are concentrated source of carbohydrates. Particularly those that we can digest quickly, like anything made of refined flour (bread, pasts etc.), liquid carbs (fruit juices, soft-drinks) and starches (potato, rice, corn).

The carbohydrates are also present in fruits and vegetables. But the carbohydrates in green leafy vegetables are bound up with indigestible fibres, and take much longer to be digested. These vegetables contain more water and fewer digestible carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in fruits though relatively easy to digest are also diluted more by water. As a result the level of Insulin remains low when we eat these fruits and vegetables, therefore it’s less fattening.

Proteins and Fats are Nutritious

Proteins and fats don’t make us fat. It is more nutritious to our body than carbohydrates. The notion that eating meat and fats make you fat is simply a false belief. Scientific studies have proven that those people who consume more proteins and fats in their diets are better able to reduce their body fat. Animal protein such as meat and eggs contain all the amino acids necessary for life, essential fats and twelve of the thirteen essential vitamins in surprisingly large quantities.

This makes sense from evolutionary perspective because our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, not farmers. They ate the meat of the animals they hunted. This explains why isolated hunter-gatherer population that ate virtually no carbohydrates and vegetables or fruits not only survived but thrived.

The Battle of the Diets

Professor Christopher Gardner presented the results of his experiment on different types of diet in his lecture, viewable on youtube “The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?).” Here’s the link: study concluded that diets rich in protein and fats, with minimal amount of carbohydrates was the most healthy diet compared to other diets containing less proteins and fats and excess carbohydrates.


So in conclusion, in order to loose body fat reduce carbohydrates in your diets, especially sugar and refined flour. This will keep your Insulin in check and thus reducing the possibility of getting fat. When you control your Insulin secretion levels the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes and blood-pressure greatly diminishes. Increase animal protein, like meat, eggs, fish etc. in your diet. If you are vegetarian, cottage cheese (paneer) is an excellent source of protein. Consume more healthy fats like egg yolk, butter, cheese etc. Don’t be afraid of fat, these good fats don’t increase your cholesterol. So eat healthy, live fit and enjoy your life.

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