Man through his food obtains five important elements. These elements are protein, minerals, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins.


Proteins are very essential for body and the reason behind it is that muscles require protein to build up. Heart, intestine, skin, hair, nails etc..... all are build up of proteins. Apart from this, blood formation process also requires protein.

It is well known that new born kids and children require more amount of protein when compared to grown up individuals. It helps in the build up of body. It increases appetite. After water, protein is the second element found in excess in human body. Milk, curd, cheese, dry fruits, ground nut, wheat, rice, corn, pulses all contain proteins. Meat and eggs too contain protein.


Not only in case of kids, in fact even in grown up individuals, deficiency of protein increases weakness in body. In kids, growth gets hindered. In deficiency of protein, digestive system too gets disturbed. Defense power of body weakens. As a result, various diseases are formed.

Women require little less amount of protein when compared to men. Demand increases in case of pregnancy. People living in warmer regions require less protein when compared to people living in cold regions. Protein needs to be consumed in more amount during winters when compared to summers.

If diet does not contain adequate amount of protein then as a result disorder starts developing in body. Types and grading of disorder varies from one person to another. This difference depends on the body type of person. If care of health is taken right from the time a person is healthy then the incidence of being affected by various diseases and disorders decreases.


Important minerals essential for body are calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, lithium, barium, iron, manganese, iodine, chlorine, silicone etc.....

Bones of skeletal system of human body contains minerals. Apart form this, muscles and blood too contain traces of these minerals. Body contains calcium and phosphorus in more amount when compared with other minerals. They play a role to keep skeletal system, teeth and nails strong. In case of kids, deficiency of minerals impairs their growth. Minerals are also essential for increasing work efficiency of heart. Risk of high blood pressure decreases if minerals are present in blood in adequate amount.

Work of potassium is to help muscles in their work. Deficiency of potassium can lead to disorders of intestine. In case of its deficiency, indigestion, gastric troubles etc..... develops. Sodium and chlorine are essential in digestion of food. If they are found in excess then they influence blood and increases its flow. This is the reason that salt intake is reduced in case of high blood pressure patients.

Iron is also considered very important in minerals. To fulfill daily requirements of minerals, man has to consume on daily basis fresh vegetables including green leafy vegetables along with seasonal fruits. In case of any deficiency, daily consumption of balanced nutritious food replenishes the requirements and protects an individual from various diseases and disorders.


Carbohydrates and fat provides calories and energy essential for efficient working of a body. If these elements are not obtained in adequate level then digestion becomes difficult. These elements enables good digestion. If these elements are consumed in larger amount then they get stored in body in the form of fat on different body parts. Sugar, starch and cellulose are the three important elements present in carbohydrates. Glucose is derived from sugar, crystal sugar, sugarcane etc..... Flour of wheat and rice provides starch. Corn flour too contains starch. Stickiness in rice is an example of starch. Cellulose is available in spinach, coriander and similar green leafy vegetables.

In this way, in the form of sugar, starch and cellulose, body gets its carbohydrate. These entities enter the body and through digestion get converted into glucose and mixes with blood. Carbohydrate can be obtained from sugarcane, honey, sweet fruits, sweet potato, carrot, wheat, corn, potato, radish etc..... All these raw products get converted into glucose and mixes with blood and as per the requirements is sent to various body parts. These entities even though provide energy, should not be consumed in excess amount. Excess consumption will prove to be harmful. If level of protein in body decreases and carbohydrates increases then it is mainly due to imbalance in diet. Thus, carbohydrates and fat should be consumed in adequate amount and not in excess. Excess of sugar consumed is harmful to the body. Consumption of all purpose flour is more harmful than sugar. In earlier times, jaggery was more consumed than sugar. Machine made sugar was not available at that time. Sugar is not a nutritious food. It causes pyorrhea if consumed in excess.


Fat enables oil to enter the body. If consumed in excess, body becomes over weight. Individuals who do not do enough physical work, who do not go for regular daily walk, who do not do exercise regularly, spend much of their time sitting and relaxing should not consume fat in excess amount. This increases fat accumulation in body and person becomes obese. Not only a person becomes obese in fact also develops disorders like stomach trouble, indigestion, heaviness etc..... This is the reason that high blood pressure patients are stopped from consuming fatty, oily snacks.

Consumption of fat is useful if body is thin and weak. If a diet is balanced then an individual do not have to fear of any deficiency or of excess of any element. Also, effects are not seen on the body which develops either due to deficiency or due to excess of any element.

Fat can be obtained from almonds, pistachio, cashew nut, ground nut, sesame, mustard etc..... Butter, ghee, cheese, egg, fish liver oil etc..... also contain fat. Cereals contain very less amount of fat.


Vitamin is very essential for body. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K are available. Some vitamins are fat soluble and others are water soluble. Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat soluble and vitamin B and C are water soluble.


Vitamin A is obtained form vegetables which are deficient in fat. It is present in carrot in excess of amount. It is also present in orange, papaya, tomato, mango, lemon, green leafy vegetables, sprouts etc..... Vitamin A is essential for throat, eyes and skin. In its deficiency, a person develops disorders in throat, cough, cold, dry skin, night blindness etc..... Vitamin A increases defense power. It is also present in plenty in fish liver oil. It is also found in milk, curd, butter, egg etc.....


Vitamin B is present in wheat, rice, curd, meat, potato, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, dry fruit, sugarcane, seasonal fruits etc.....

Vitamin B is of 18 types. Important among them is vitamin B-1, B-2 B-6 and B-12, biotin, pantothenic acid etc..... Each and every part of body requires them in one form or the other. They are mainly required by brain, eyes, throat, heart, skeletal system, skin, blood etc.....


Vitamin C can be obtained in more amount from citrus fruits. It is found in excess in gooseberry. It can be obtained from lemon, orange, raw mango, tomato, green chilly etc..... It is found in excess in gooseberry dipped in sugar syrup, pickle of gooseberry etc..... In winters, main component of chyawanprash is gooseberry.

Vitamin C too like other vitamins is very important. It is beneficial for skin. It is helpful to prevent all sorts of dental diseases. Dark circles formed around eyes is mainly due to deficiency of vitamin C. It is very essential for blood. Adequate amount of vitamin C present in blood does not allow for for formation of toxins. Skeletal system of body strengthens due to this and body remains free from attack of various diseases.


Sources of vitamin D are very limited. Through fish liver oil, egg white and milk some amount of vitamin D can be obtained. But, it can be obtained in excess from sun rays. Sun rays enables penetration of vitamin D through skin.

Vitamin D is very essential for skeletal system of body and intestine. It is essential for well being of an individual. In its presence, calcium and phosphorus get utilized by body.


Vitamin E can be obtained from tomato, sesame oil, husk of rice, green leafy vegetables, meat, egg, salad, sprouts etc..... 

Vitamin E is essential as it provides adequate support for the development and growth of body. Pregnant women require it in large amount. In its deficiency women may undergo abortion.


Vitamin K is obtained form orange. In its deficiency, blood deficiency occurs. It is closely related to blood. In its deficiency blood pressure rises.


It is also called as fatty acids or E.F.A. It can be obtained from walnut. It is essential in case of high blood pressure, eczema, menstrual trouble, disorders of blood circulation, frequent breakage of nails etc......

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