Usually you are told that it is only a well balanced diet that the child needs. But there are many studies, which show that the child needs additional supplements based on the supply of vitamins, minerals, and fats he consumes. Child’s mental performance requires an additional supply of such supplements. The Recommended Daily Allowances are only meant to protect against physical deficiencies. If the kids are eating a balanced diet, then they do not need supplements at all.

Vitamins and Minerals are an important strength building element for the child. Vitamin and minerals help in increasing the IQ of the child. It has to be seen which the vitamin that the child needs is. Higher amounts of vitamins and minerals produce better effects. When children do not eat the required quota of fruits and vegetables, then they might need a vitamin supplement.

Fats are of two kinds – Omega 3 and Omega 6. Omega 3 helps in the functioning of the brain. Oily fish twice a week is a good bet to supply omega3. Essential fats are important for supplementing fats. Calcium is another supplement that is essential for the children. Two thirds of children are falling short of zinc, Vitamin E. One third of the children are not getting the required iron. When kids do not get enough Vitamin D and calcium, they have weak bones, which could break any time. When children have anemia, then it is due to lack of iron. Iron deficiency could lead to behavioural problems, learning disabilities and problems at school too.

Fortified or enriched food is a must for all children. Milk has Vitamin D and cereals have minerals and vitamins. Bread has iron, and Vitamin B Orange has vitamins and minerals. Dietary supplements are not the perfect substitutes for nutritious foods.  Get your child into the habit of eating well. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, olive oil, seeds, nuts are all good sources of dietary supplements. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, seafood, fish are sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Kids who do not eat regularly are the ones who might need vitamin supplements.

Kids, who have lot of carbonated sodas, drain out all the vitamins and minerals in the body. Vitamin A promotes growth and development and is available in eggs, milk, yellow and orange vegetables and yams. Vitamin B is found in nuts, chicken, fish, milk, soybeans and eggs. Vitamin C is found in kiwi, strawberries, green vegetables, and broccoli. Calcium is found in yoghurt, orange juice, tofu, and milk. Iron is found in beans, prunes, spinach, pork, meats, and turkey.

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