Calcium is one of the most important things in every stages of a woman's life. It is very necessary for the growth of teeth and bones and protects our body from blood clotting. Calcium is very important for the proper functions of our veins. According to new study, calcium prevents cancer and controls diabetic and high blood pressure. Women who eat calcium rich food can protect their body from osteoporosis. Delivery and breast-feeding are the two reasons why women lose large amount of calcium from their body. Normally they do not try to take food rich in calcium or calcium supplements according to the loss. It weakens their body.

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Milk, pannier, peanut and green leafy vegetables are some of the richest sources of calcium. Egg and liver contain large amount of vitamin D. After the age of thirty, women should include food that contain large amount of calcium to protect their body from different kinds of diseases.

Food that contain large amount of calcium is must for girls in their teen ages. If they are allergenic to animal milk, give them soya milk. Yogurt is also very rich in calcium. All milk products contain calcium and so they can chose either of them according to their interest. 

Calcium rich food is very necessary for women who are above fifty than all other groups. Their bodies become week because of age. The production of estrogen hormone is very less after menstrual period. As a result, their bones lose its strength. The intake of calcium from food also becomes slow. Therefore, they have to take calcium - vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is mandatory to intake calcium. 

Women should eat calcium supplements during pregnancy. They have to continue this process until they stop breast-feeding. When they breast-feed their children, they lose sufficient amount of calcium from their body. During this period, they should drink a glass of milk everyday in the morning and evening. 

Now it is clear that calcium is very necessary in every stages of women's life. Their bodies and muscles do not have so much strength like men. Intake of proper food is the best solution to solve this problem.


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