The significant segment of a human life is a strong and superb immune system. Our modern managed life livings have not been compatible with our basic culinary cares. It is not healthy. Basic Indian foods familiarize with some of sadistic poor eating habits. High oil, pollution and deep fried foods all are accumulated to poorer eating habits on daily diets. It is of no wonder to see the wealth of diseases such as allergies, fatigue, environmental sensitivity and other forms of water and food borne diseases detected across all ages irrespective of their food supplements. Due to all these forms of food formalities on the rise, immune dysfunction is increasing among the majority of persons.

Some people are personified with sickness while some others never struck with physicians. The differentiation among two categories of people is all about management of immune system inside the body and mind. A superlative immune system systematically saves you from intense cold, fever and even terminal illnesses. Immune systems become stronger with vitamins and minerals in everyday food supplements. It identifies the stronger as well as most stellar part from vitamins and minerals, and supplements the segments of the immune system through a complex set of biological processes. Toxins, yeast, bacteria are destructive decomposes in the creation of the immune system. Junk foods and modern eating ecstasies are being eaten out yet stronger and abler immune system.

A vigilant immune system:

A vigilant immune system is just like a solid protection of your bodies from external attacks. It identifies and blocks parasites, viruses, cancer cells and other injurious agents of fastening attack on your body. The elements of your immune systems are marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, adenoids and appendix. Lymphocytes are white cells which are meaningful for the development and creation of immune systems. These white cells are worthy laborers of yours immunes system. The primary white-cells lymphocytes are B-cells, T-cells, natural killer cells, macrophages and dendrite cells.
Eat healthy and nutritious food. The food you consume is of great importance to your health. Food is the lifeline of any living being. Nobody can live without water and food. There are many delicious diets which are full of oil, and deep and densely fried. These foods format fit inside and have no food vitamins and minerals. These are devoid of calories. One should honor nutritious food such as fruits, nuts, whole grains, green vegetables, beans, seeds, meats, peepers, cabbages, blue berries, corns, cherries to create cumulative calories with elevated anti-oxidants.

Things to avoid for better health:

Avoid attending toxins foods. Owing to prevailing make some life style, food eating habits go a complete you turn. It is now nimble with a number of toxins related foods. It is good for the month but may be worse for your life as it empowers external elements from entering into your immune system. It will worsen your immune system in a radical manner. Avoid smoking, nicotine, illicit drugs and alcohol. Go for plenty of sleep and resting time. According to some researches, adults should sleep for seven to nine hours of the night to have a strong and disease free life. During rest, our body releases potent immune enhancing substances that surpass stresses and help to heal tensions.

People with illness should opt for additional testing time for accelerated recovery from illness. Homemakers should seriously consider resting as a daily routine. It will release essential energy to different organs in order to recover from everyday works. In this way, the immune system slowly becomes stronger. Adequate rest and a healthy lifestyle can contribute a buffer energy system inside human organs and that will work around when there is illness and that will help to recuperate illness. Do daily workouts. It improves movements inside body parts. It creates circulation of bloods inside veins. Blood circulation makes each body parts immune and stronger. It galvanizes the brain system and improves immune system functionality.

Smile is the best medicine:

Aim for at least 40 minutes of brisk walks or slow jogging daily from dawn to gain broad powers of a healthy heart and immune system. Avoid a stressful life. Change the topic, or move outside to deviate from a stressful situation. Smile is the best medicine, try to be happy always. While at indoors inside air condition room try muscle relaxation and meditative yoga to remove stress in body and mind. Always stay positive and bring the blessings of costiveness to all near and dear ones to polarize the theoretical thought processes to pacify the undeveloped brain cells to behave positively. According to research, people running a month of stress can catch with allergic cold reactions. Stress stumbles adrenaline an immune suppressing chemical inside the body. Relaxation, hypnosis and meditation skills stress and restore the immune system.

This reduces rumbling thoughts and rejuvenates the mind. Always stay in present time and try to avoid past stressful situations. Eating a well-balanced energized food is to strengthen immune systems that will sterile parasites invading inside human body. Fish, meat, toned dairy products, cereals, peas, beans; lentils are all active with minerals supplements. Foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, cheese, eggs, and livers is filled with vitamin A should be eaten daily. Minerals mines immune system to a stronger bond to fight out with outer external parasites.

Water is life:

During childhood, in classes we have read in detail about the dynamic functionality performed by water. Water is thus called as life. A person can live for many days with drinking water. Water brings essential fluidity to body structure. It converts as lubricants around joints and protects sensitive tissues and organs. It is vital for human life. It makes the essential ingredients that engineered to run evocative function of the human body such as heart and brain.
It is essential to remain well hydrated with water. It will remove heat generating from sun ray. It will protect essential human organs such as back bones, eyes and kidneys. It will stop stones inside kidneys. It will remove all not necessary body fluids through urinations. Drink plenty of water as it will keep weight loss and retain all mandatory elements need to energize body units. All living beings need extraordinary density of water contents. It runs basic human functions in a smooth manner. Research shows human hurriedly losing 20 percentages of body fluid can cause death.

Water whirls around the body to make digestive juices, perspiration, digestions, circulation, and lubrication. Water is the identical transfer route for essential ingredients of the human body such as vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. All these elementary human body ingredients injected to different routes of the human body to make cells. Cells are the principal power through which entire biological versatility of humanity is created. Deficiency of water as diet medium results in regeneration of thirst and dehydration.

Toxics are bad:

Reduction of water is directly proportional to abruption of transport mediums inside of cells in the human body. Direct transport of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates to separate elemental organs is abrupt. It makes molding of muscles. This toughens the elementary biological functioning. It simulates stiffness. Without water, body releases buffer toxics to provide transport mediums to vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates inside cells. Toxics accumulated at different distanced units inside the cell. Toxic accumulate ammonia, uric acids and urea. All accumulative agents slowly shrewd past the immune system of the body and make cancerous cells by eating out healthy cells.

On the other hand, water is essential for transmitting oxygen and mineral inside body. It makes live fluids which act as defense mechanisms for the entire body architecture. Water acts as food supplements and flushes out fat cells and toxic materials residing body. Fat cells are bad for the body. Fat cells contain a huge amount of water and toxins. Intake of water releases extra water and noxious materials from fat cells. If deficiency of water reaches in body, fat cells keep water and with it noxious materials that move to atypical cells creating cancerous cells.

Fiber foods and fat cells:

Water is critical composition for most body compositions. A healthy diet based on cereals, fruits, green vegetables vouches back to fight against edema. Edema is the disease drawn out from water retention, dehydration and constipation. A diet dominated with fiber can help you to redeem weight loss. Fibrous food offers the same calories as sweet and junk foods, but they are difficult to diversion for fat cells. Fat cells can retain water to generate edema. On the other hand, fats and sweets can expand fit size up to ten times that of fiber making a catch twenty two situation foes entire immune system.

If you are diligent with strenuous activities such as running and a long walk, water intake should increase in voluminous folds than in normal situations. On the other hand, more than prescribed limit of water can contribute to a malfunction of the body. It is always advisable a woman should drink nine cups of water as daily habits. Lack of zinc jeopardizes the proper functioning of the immune system. Zinc is the most common mistaken identity. Oysters and pumpkin seeds are rich source of zinc. It involves transmitting of nerve senses from normal brain to body.

Try to avoid pollution, dusts, conterminous gases and smokes. Deleterious materials moved exclusive body to prevent possible and act as art materials as they ate out all vital vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates circulating inside body. Other nutrients such as antioxidants are needed to negate the power of toxics. This transforms our nutritional requirements to higher heels, and fatty cells are constituted in cover for cutting out of toxics materials. This works out to weight gain. Ample supply of pure drinking water winds away toxics materials as well as fat cells.

Nutrients are essential:

According to medical scientific research everyone needs 40 variants of nutrients to stay hale and hearty. The unquestioned and unanswered part of this research is no one can predict probable parameter of how much of the quantity of nutrients is necessary for a person to stay healthy. It needs to be notional on an individual basis and it related to one’s physical condition, biological structure, genetically relationships. That is why it is always abject difficulty in doing a prediction for people’s perfect piecemeal which will create a case for a standard health food. The health of our immune system is all dependent on the basis of implication of ours eating environment which words of very important vitamins, mineral and carbohydrates to body in order to create and care for our internal immune system management.

Due to the advent of the modern form of food distribution such as shopping malls where companies create the channelized route of direct marketing and collecting food items directly from farmers. They stored food in their cold storages, packaged it, scanned it and then apply it to their outstation units. The conveniently packaged canned food contains toxins and troubled vitamins which will all treat immune system. In this approach, the so called fresh fruits, foods are formatted with toxins materials. It is high time to systematically stop already polluted toxins materials from your body. Good vitamins foods absorb toxins and increase mineral solvents inside body.

Bacteria and viruses:

There are some exterior enemies of the environment such as smoke, water, air and sound pollution, food colors and flavors, too much of sugar, salt or fats and stress related to negative attitudes. One should be overly cautious in consideration for all these outward enemies. These can attack and injure the immune system in a rugged manner. A stronger immune system should save you from imminent attacks from viruses, bacteria. Viruses and bacteria create cold, flu disease inside the body. Immune systems prevent parasites in distributing disturbances inside. Lack of proper immune system can make complicated and serious disease such as Aids. A strong and robust immune system has the power to powerless cancerous cells.

Immune system is not static and stationary. Every day it removes disposable materials. It replaces dead cells with of spring cells, bacteria, viruses, toxics and dead bacteria. In a way, it completely defrayments yours body to run rapidly and meet most demands during day and night. A strong immune system can prohibit allergies and serious problems such as arthritis. A strong immune system systematically secures you for a long healthy living life.

Hyperglycemia and caffeine:

Coffees, teas, fruit drinks and stream water works will impact on the immune system. Instead of adding water, it removes most part of water constituents correlated with body. These are diuretics, which remove more body from the water and pose ling stresses to different organs of the body especially the abdominal area of the body. This makes constipation, kidney problems and urination problems. A stress abdominal area with dropping level of water works away with blood sugar imbalances. A severe situation leads to hyperglycemia; a solemn blood sugar related stress fracture. If diuretics continue for a longer time total onset of diabetes is on the cards. Caffeine collected from coffee, can cause disruptions of vital vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron. Drinking more water can remove caffeine from blood and erode ingestion of caffeine made inside body.

Alcohol is an important source of noxious and troublesome unnecessary calories. Avoid excessive oil and deep fried foods. Go for fresh and whole cheese instead of commercially contained junked cheese. Avoid hydrogenated staked foods as it can absorb and upset fatty acids. Fatty acids are basic container of water solvents inside body. Reduction of fatty acids allows for acute reduction of mineral contents carved inside body. When fatty acids reduce, waters of body decrease further, which lead to insufficient water requirements. Mineral be molded to supplement water emergency.

Healthy living standards:

Avoid buying milk from local milk vendors. Most of cows are living with dirty environment. Packaged milk manufactured in machining conditions can cause lesser calcium and magnesium due to process part of heat homogeneity. Listen to your inner body and try to test stamina of your system through rigorous workouts. This will test your basic built and body structure. This will test the immune system. Yours body builds up a well managed immune system. It is your duty to pacify and perfect it through a well balanced diet and healthy life styles. We have a better immune system. We are going to perfect it through healthful living standards.

Medical scientist stresses the importance of foods in building the immune system. According to ‘Prevention Magazine’, “a poor diet is a top factor in making us susceptible to illness.” It lists five food categories such as sweet potatoes, mushroom, meat, tea and yoghurt. These five foods garner essential elements for a stronger immune system. Daily healthy diets make your immune system stronger.

Red meat produces zinc inside body. Zinc is underrated and unattended minerals. Zinc makes white blood cells. White blood cells are instrumental in fighting bacteria and viruses. Lack of zinc inner body will weaken the immune system. Zinc stops cancerous cells from gaining ground inside body. Vegetarians should drink milk and eat cheese, yoghurt and cereals. Ours first line of defense against external aggressions from bacteria and germs are skins. Vitamin A boosts skin tones and protects it from environmental heat and dusts. Sweet potato, carrots and pumpkins are full of beta-carotene. Inside of body, they change to Vitamin A naturally. Vitamin A is good for the skin. Regular eating of carrots and yoghurt can help you to have a nice skin and a stronger supercharged immune system.

How immune system can be strengthened:

According to some contemporary researchers, black or green tea is the source of polyphones. Polyphone is an anti age compound. It ruins radical elements which aim to attack DNA of aging. Start your day with a brisk morning walks, and then washes your hands with detergent and water. Drink plenty of water and rest while you feel tired. Do not touch sick people. Keep your hand away from your face and eyes. Keep practicing intense personal care. It intensifies immune system which defends disease causing microorganisms. Is it a dream to have a near intact immune system? Is it food, exercise and herbal supplements immune system can be strengthened? Immune system is not a single entity; it is a system of systematic complex compounds. There are multiple researches rounding up around the world to work out the intricacies and functionalities of the immune system.

According to Harvard Medical Health Publications, there is no definite cure to build a strong immune system. The researchers are analyzing the traits of absolute diet, exercise, psychological and chronic stress, herbal supplements. The initial attempt to secure your immune system is to maintain a healthy life style. Do not smoke and drink. Maintain a regular exercise, healthy weight and control your blood pressure and blood sugar. Check your health regularly and adopt healthy cleaning habits.

Be mindful of skeptical brands around medical stores claiming to boost your immune system. The number of cells inside immune system is constant. Increase in number of immune system cells could act adversely. Abnormal number of immune cells can cause brain stroke or heart stroke. Athletes, who use banned performance enhancing substances, are nothing but immune cell intensifiers. In the long run, they are affected with various acute health hazards. Scientists do not know which cells of the immune system do which functions. Cells of the immune system are a continuous process of reliable automatic regeneration. Time to time immune system cells maintains a certain number of cells, and removed extra cells attached with it. No one knows about the criteria with which these clean up and recycle functions performed.

Importance of T cells:

Medical scientist can count the number of ‘T cells’ residing inside human body. ‘T cells’ declines further with HIV/AIDS. When these cells come down in immune system, people suffer from HIV/AIDS. High density decrease of ‘T cells’ results in completely shut down by immune-system. Mortal diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS occupy space and completely damage and destabilize immune-system.

What is more surprising is there is no specified base number of ‘T cells’ which can cause panic reactions to immune system. Medical scientists are yet to discover the relation of these cells in the human body. There are no hard and fast rules to count the same number of ‘T-cells’. Sadly, medical science not yet advances to conclude the exact number of ‘T cells’ deduction could cause destabilization of immune system.


Immune system is an army which fights relentlessly with external aggression in the form of bacteria, parasites and viruses. Immune system needs stronger and regular nourishment. This means it depends upon the activities of the stomach. They remain undernourished and weak. Numerous diseases are there with them. Nonetheless, according to research, there is no straightforward connection between malnourishment and health of the immune system. So, the power structure from which the immune system gets its requisite energy is unspecified. So, there is no such relative of connectivity of the immune system with that of nutritious foods. There is no clear cut discovery of what proteins and nutrients would trigger a better immune system. Researchers are on the way to find out immune caching capacity of altered proteins and nutrients. There is some advancement as well as some successes for medical scientists in regard to behavior of micro nutrients.

While walking into the streets in the weekend evening, you will find numerous shops with immune pills at their show cases. According to research scanty number of pills does bolster the immune system a bit but not that much. There is no unequivocal evidence to support this theory. It is highly recommended to utilize herbal pacifier of the immune system. Most medical scientists have gone wrong in taking research samples. They fail to realize that the immune system is unique and it acts different with each person. In order to understand the process of which immune system works, medical scientists should cover individual cases. They should observe distinctive life style, standard of living, nutritious values, stress level, physical conditions. There can be a vast difference of counting of ‘T cells’ between a young person and an older person. A strong older person can have standard ‘T-cells’. A lean younger person can have lesser ‘T cells.

Effects of stress on immune system:

Each person’s biological construction reacts to unique food nutrients differently. The equivalent set of nutrients and standard of the setting of an individual can have an adverse influence on larger groups. Still to date, there are no universally approved research findings on rudimentary functions of immune systems. According to medical researchers, there are clear cut relationships between mind and body. A stressful person can have stomach upset, heart diseases. All these maladies are directly proportionate to emotional stress. Still there are no direct relationships between stress and the immune system. Immunologists failed to define what the perfect measurement of stress is. Stress is relative and subjective. Stress is difficult to measure.

Some medical scientists tries hard to measure stress through number of heart beats per minute as well as blinking of eyes or falling of hairs. Still these are prejudiced and all these actions are auxiliary and do not depend exclusively with stress. Scientists are observing long duration stress such as chronic stress. They are trying to correlate these with the number of functions of immune systems. Stresses arising out of family disputes, work disputes and office environment for longer duration are called habitual stress. Scientists are committing out ‘controlled experiments’ to measure antibodies as the result of chemical reactions arising out from injected chemical to body. They observe the antibodies released from the immune system in adverse conditions. They are observing the amount of antibodies created by a single class cell of the immune system. Many critics would suggest that such ‘controlled experiment’ inside dynamic human body.

Relation between chemical compound and immune system:

There are sundry functions undergoing under a healthy human body. A single chemical reaction runs through different dynamics. The role of a particular set of cells of the immune system could be carried out through innumerable additional simultaneous chemical reactions occurring inside body fitting to different environmental variables. There are numerous difficulties in the experimentation of relativity between chemical compounds and immune system. One school of thought envisages continuous experiment on the same chemical compound on diverse species such as humanoid, animals, birds on long term basis can make a compound of results. Sometimes, similar result comes out from experiment of different species which can be regarded as an accepted principle.
It is for recurrent stress situation affects each part of the human body so as the immune system. What size it hurts the functioning and framing of cells in destroying antibodies is still a matter of immense speculation.

Psychological stress arising out from social condition can implicate far reaching consequences on the immune system. It makes communication barriers between the nervous system and immune system. Generally, nervous system injects hormones into immune system through mode of cell transportation. Nervous system, hormone system and immune system correspond to each other through spontaneous chemical messages. Owing to the advent of stress, these communications break out. All these three systems simulation and sort out blood cell activity with coordination. Without all these, normal blood circulation to vital organs could not be completed.

How immune system can weaken upon dusty and dry elements:

In winter mother would always advise wear a jacket otherwise you could catch cold. Mother would always stress upon staying indoors during cold and flu season. Research shows that, people do not catch up frozen owing to travel outside during cold and flu season. They catch cold by from family by staying indoors. While at indoors, family members remain contact with each other and that can transform cold and flu easily to other members of family. There has been much researched on this subject. People are made to stay as cold and flu season outside to observer organic behavior of theirs. The consequence repeated the continual anticipation of scientists at the people who are exposed to cold and flu outside, surprisingly have a potent respiratory system and less infected inside the lung area.

This goes to give the impression that cold and flu may not depend directly upon seasonal situations. Dryness of air and air pollution could have foremost cause of reaction in their lungs. This shows how the immune system can weaken upon dusty and dry climates. The conclusion from this research shows that one should not need to be worried about exposure to moderate cold climates. According to Canadian researchers, they have advised people to go outside and perform peripheral activities in cold and flu seasons still they are able to deal with unfriendly efficiently. One should not be worrying about immune problems.

White blood cells:

There are some questions about regular exercise and its relation towards building up a strong and secure immune system. It impacts heavily on improving heart functions, lowering blood pressure, reducing weight and improving digestive problems. It improves all functions of the human body and thus immune system significantly shows a huge improvement. Exercise promotes good circulation inside body and that promotes the probable circulation of cells and other essential substances from the immune system in different regions of the body easily. This improves functionalities of the immune system.

On the other hand, some researchers are trying to find out, whether excessive exercising can cause serious problems in the immune system. There are some instances when a successful athlete retires from professional game, within one or two years he is suffering an excruciating nerve related diseases. This might restrict his mobility. Researchers are trying to find out why their immune system is not working properly? They are trying to garner the characteristics of white blood cells and antibodies. Both are responsible for building up a competent immune system. There some derivations saw by researchers but they do not know whether these changes directly affect the immune system functionality. White blood cells are useful for development of cells which help to protect the body from cancerous cells. No one knows whether increase of white blood cells is a beneficiary to the immune system or unsympathetic to it.

Micro arrays:

Researchers could not find the correct answer to this puzzle. Similarly, there is no established set up rules to find whether moderate exercise can improve person’s ability to cope with diseases. But it has been observed that there are some improvements with systematic exercise. Whether it is improving immune system or it is strengthening rudimentary organs are a separate matter. All these are subject matter of researches and are currently matters of significant interest for the medical scientist. Human body is a complex and unique and in order to know its function and other activities multi faceted and vivid research is the need of hour. This matter is in the subject of interest of medical scientists. Though, it is clear that with regular and moderate exercise complex functions of the human body build up goes towards total improvement.

Scientists are opting for more advanced research mechanisms such as bio-medical analysis of human genes through “micro-arrays” transformed into genes which observe thousands of genes specific advancements through behavioral analysis. I this way they try to observe the changes of blood cells of athletes before, during and after exercise and try to find out the correlation of these changing white blood cells and its impact on the immune system. Researchers are very much enthuses about this new tool and hope to catch the change of white blood cell inside athlete’s body before and after working outs.

Innate immune system:

Whenever we do exercise on gymnasium or go to the bathroom bare-footed. Foot is exposed to unfamiliar bacteria, viruses and other forms of deteriorating agents. Immune system is same as antivirus suite of operating system and it relentlessly fights with bacteria and other forms of parasites with equal might. It is our defender against outward aggression. It works relentlessly to remove exterior harming agents. It continuously bugs and patches the critical vulnerabilities inside the human body. Immune system is made of cells, proteins, vitamins, minerals and organs. It defends the body against bacteria, viruses and other external damaging produces. Problems with the immune system lead to longing drawn diseases and infections.

Immune responses of the immune system are a series of complicated processes which comes in a predetermined way to stop external aggression on the human body. Immune system consists of cells which constitute white blood cells which are instrumental in keeping out most of the diseases. Every human is born with unique geological type of immunity which protects and defends his body against bacteria and viruses. This is called innate immunity. It is different and unique. The virus which causes cancer in dogs or cats does not do the same to a human. Innate immunity covers the first line of defense of the body. The skin, nose, throats are examples of innate immunity. They are the first line of defense and they defend external bacteria and viruses from entering into the body.

Here is one such example, while you are playing soccer, someone fouls you from behind and you have a full and receive a cut in your skin. The external defense which is the skin is trying hard to make one new skin from there so that bacteria and other forms of viruses will not get the upper hand from there. It cures the skin quickly in order to defuse a germ attack from outside. It is the primary defense mechanism of yours.

Adaptive immune system:

The second kind of immune system is called adaptive immune system. It is artificial. We grow from child to man. We are taking numerous vaccinations to clear ourselves from innumerable diseases. These vaccinations stay in our body for a lifetime and protect us from such diseases. These are functioning immune system and work best to stop some very unusual bacteria and germs related to some highly critical disease. Adaptive immunity works with the immune system side by side and when it sees the same dire set of bacteria, it is activated and protects the body by removing them all together.

Last not the least, temporary immunity which is there with mother’s milk and it is meant to protect the child from external diseases in his first few months of birth. During childhood infant is prone to infection from external sources and mother’s milk to give the child the source of protection from these upcoming reactions. In short, passive immunity is temporary and it is meant for some duration and it is borrowed from some other source.

Permanent immune deficiency disorder:

Every person’s immune system is different from the other. Children are the most vulnerable as their immune system depends upon passive immunity, adaptive immunity and in this process with their growth their immune system slowly becomes stronger. With the increase of age, the child becomes teen and then matures, it continues to confront the trespass bacteria and viruses and the immune system becomes stronger with these battles. Our body has been educated to capture all these germs and the immune system becomes super action to stop these viruses such as cold flu. In this way, with the growth of the child, so as the maturity of the immune system occurs. It recognizes specific germs and works out a different way to tackle them.

Many a time owing to defective form of immune system, body becomes the slave of numerous diseases. It can be called as the comprehensive failure of entire immunes system. Sometimes a person is born with permanent immune deficiency disorder. It is called primary immune disorder. What is most worrying factor of primary immune deficiency is that during childhood due to transitory and adaptive immunity, this deficiency could not be detected till he touched the age of 20.

Auto immune disorder:

The secondary immune deficiency disorder is due to use of medicine which affects adversely to the immune system. This medicine makes reaction to immune system. It halts its process and stops from doing native immunity functions. Although scheduled for a heavy dose of malnutrition and burns the superfluous kind of immune deficiency can be there. It hurts the generation of antibodies and stops generating of fluids used to drive white blood cells along the root canals of cells.

The most fundamental disorder is an autoimmune disorder. In this disorder, the immune system mistakenly thinks mortal body as enemies and attack and destroys them and it thinks bacteria and germs as friendly and allows them to body. This trend is very painful and a person infected with such immune system becomes susceptible to multiple organ failures. From above all discussions it is evident that our immune system is complex and complicated. Antigens are the compound of substances made of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, parasites. They attack the human body. Immune system shields human body from antigens. Immune system makes antigen response and destroys and finishes all antigens from its roots.

Relationship of stress and immune system:

Immune system is made of protein, cell, organ and tissues. Cells and tissues are related with health of living beings. Immune system grows with healthy individuals by garnering strengths from different directions of the human body. Immune system never takes a break and never goes for a holiday. It continuously works day in and day out. It garners strengths from the body. It is up to individual to take care of their health. Problems can persist if your immune system is too weak or too strong. It is natural for all of us to have a normal immune system.

An American research suggests, a close and intimate relationship among spouses systematically removes stresses from body and mind. It gives a complete level of attachments among spouses. These relieve anxiety and stress. It augments T cells counts which show the health of the immune system. On the other hand researchers from India, tells that stress can be more productive for production of T cells in the immune system. Both of these researches are full of contradictions. According to these researches short term stress is good for the body as it stimulates hormone and active bodily activities with a great deal of force.

This resulted in reactivation of sleeping of the immune system to perform and function according to advance situations. This experimentation was conducted by professors at Stanford University. They take rats of different species and ages and make a simulated situation where they can feel the pressure of short term stress amplification environment. Rats minds are biologically 98 percentages equal as humans. For this, most of these anthropoid related stress tests are conducted on rats. After going through such situations, the immune system cells activated and flow through blood white blood cells to the skin surface and then to divide tissues. It first reaches to skin surfaces which imply that skins are the first line of defense of the immune system. Then it reaches to distinct tissues which are part of the immune system.

How immune system works:

Neural system, hormone system and immune system are activated after receiving hormones through tissues cells. All these in combination tend to protect and built a stronger immune system. The mass distribution of hormones through these systems which are activated after mild stress is significant. Immune system is good for body, but it stays in sleep mode, until and unless it is activated and rejuvenated through the implication of short term stress. It is like letting Hanuman the formidable character of epic Ramayana to know his own strength. Similarly, brain through short term stress, is releasing, hormones and sending a signal to sleep mode immune system.

In brief, stress is bad for you. Short term stress is good for the immune system. It empowers the immune system to fight diseases and preventing infections. Immune system is directly proportional to digestive system of the human body. When digestive system shows stellar performance, immune system stores vitamins and minerals and able to send to all indispensable elements inside the human body. Human immune system is a theatre of miscellaneous defense functionalities in different parts of the body made through separate cells from time to time. Since time immemorial humans are inflicted with genuine ecological conditions. It does dynamically put stress on the human body. Generally, in normal and natural conditions these do not apply to the human body. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions where diseased or elderly people could catch the stress from natural environment.

Terminal immune disorders:

Very rarely its effect accentuates to terminal immune disorders. Medical scientists are unable to find and convey in what specific situations these terminals immune disorders occurred. Over the past 30 years, more than 300 studies have induced that psychological challenges do not depend upon the immune system. It increases blood flow and helps immune system cells to travel faster and white blood sugar transmitted to every part of human body. What is most unique about these stresses is that after over 100 years of study, researchers are unable to find out the real reason behind the backlash of stress. Nevertheless, they have garnered the information about the exact nature of what the human is thinking about when he is inside of a stress situation. It is for sure. He knows that at some point of time the stress will be reduced. The questions are what is the time limit? Even the people who are undergoing stress cannot say it exactly, when it is going to end.

Some analysts feel working with the immune system does extend the duration of stress. Nervous system is the foremost part of the human body. When it feels that the immune system is going in stealth condition, it activates short term stress by implying about stress situations from pending happening in life. Stress is controlled by the nervous system. Nervous system is self sufficient and the person could not control it. Stress continued till the immune system performs normal. Though other set of medical scientists sorted out the minuses for this acceptable theory.

They recalled if the nervous system is controlling every aspect of human life, then how it is not stopping humans from contrabands, junk foods and other negative consumable commodities which can cost immune system. Why, nervous system is allowing degradation of the immune system and then is trying to repair it by introducing different forms of stress from time to time. Both the conclusions consist of some systematic study of the three energy systems of the human body such as the nervous system, hormone system and immune system. Over 100 years of intense and consolidated study failed to reach to a conclusion.

Control of central nervous system:

Most of the times the stability factors of protracted stress relate to external factors such as a serious accident, refugee in some other countries or spouse problems. All these are nothing to do with the nervous system as these problems pose out to people from external environmental situations. All these are instances of intrusive stress. Research shows the affected people do not know about the stability factor of stress and for this, the effect of the immune system from long term stress can be evasive. So, there is divergent approached to start immune responses. Flexibility of immune system shows different approached with the changing ages. Elderly citizens tend to react differently to different medicines. It is due to age related delayed response time of the immune system.

There is one school of thought who believes in some case nervous system can control the immune system and it can negate its effectiveness. On one such day of cold and flu season, at one such hill station, you are on vacation. It is snow fall outside and you could not reach outside and struck inside holiday homes. You are watching your favorite television soap operas and eating voraciously while seating with a blanket. With due course of time, if this habit goes on for a few days of the resultant is that you are consuming more and more facts and toxics elements into body and your immune system is in jeopardy.  In another situation, on Sunday, cricket match is going on and you are sitting in front of the television to watch this match. The deductions, that some researchers’ points out that the nervous system is controlling the basic functions of the immune system are questionable. Here comes the question, what is the further process inside the human biological system which works independently most times from the control of central nervous system.

Immune system of a veracious eater:

Who is controlling principal functionalities of the immune system? Veracious eaters generally consume a large amount of foods. According to research their immune system is better and with increase of age they show a stronger immune system. Generally with copious amount of consumption of foods, the deleterious elements are one prominent as well as a high degree of calcium, magnesium and other minerals could be ending harming your body. Nevertheless, all these principles and research come to utter when taking into consideration of a robust immune system of the elderly person with a decent food habit. This seems to suggest suitable food consumption does not necessitate any prejudicial effect of the immune system. So, from all these deductions it is implicated about the multifaceted nature of the immune system. It is typical and devoid of central nervous system ambit. It varies from person to person. It can be unconstrained, artificial and adapting. It is the single most conspicuous part of the human body.

Microorganisms can enter from food to your body. A veracious eater should have a stronger immune system to fight it out internally. Immune system varies according to the need of the person. According to some research, space weakens undeveloped immune system of human body. Astronauts, who are away into space, pose the risk of developing a fragile immune system. According to research performed on astronauts and cosmonauts, it is concluded that they fell to all health fast and are prone to bacteria attack easily. Samples of immune cells are collected from astronauts and cosmonauts before their space journey in 2011. They stayed for two weeks and returned.

Then, atypical cells are collected from them and stored in a separated container. In an ideal ecological condition, both cells are attacked with bacteria for a few days. After some days, it is seen that the cells which are collected after astronaut and cosmonaut returns from space are prone to disease easily. Half of crew members developed a bacterial infection immediately after their space return. This is important to develop a strong immune system to cope with space scientist and astronauts before venturing into more complicated and complex space journeys.


Your body stands for an amazing and astonishing intricate coupling of the immune system and central nervous system to protect and passive the imminent intrusion of external antibodies such as bacteria, viruses. It is suggestible to system of thoughts which way through your day out. Thought processes teach chemical compounds how to work and behave the entire body architecture. Garner joyful thoughts in order to collect and compound a healthy immune system. Immune system progresses with the possibility of your change of moods which pacify the required chemical contains inside organic structure of humans. If you digest distress and replace with joyful thoughts all those gestures give positive pressure the immune system. Everyone loves enjoyment and happiness, it is better to control the flow of thoughts implied from the central nervous system so that joyful gestures could inject inclined-happy chemicals into the immune system. Yours immune system systematically stops barrage of attacks from antibodies. Secondly, it prepares for this attack with complete coordination of all parts of the immune system through superb execution of planning, coordination and implementation.

This article is based on psychopathology process of study of how immune system works inside the human body. This article has found a correlation between stress, depression and immune system. In this article, the writer attempts to analyze the psycho correlations between central nervous system, hormone system and immune system. Psycho-immunology is possibly the most modern and complicated field for medical scientists. Admittedly, there are some weak points in this article, which works out for future research to rectify or support the conclusion carries out from this analogy.

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